January 8, 2019

{Christmas 2018}

Christmas 2018 ... "the halls are decked" ...
Once again, we celebrated Christmas at our house a few days early... and while, the tween no longer "believes" he still gets a stocking ... because that's part of the fun of the holiday.

This year, Caden finally got the gift he's been wanting for a couple years.  A Steam HTC Vive headset {a virtual reality headset}.  Dan and I  have refrained because they are pricey and we worry about the long term effects of the the screen being so close to his eyes. ... but when the kid has everything, and he continually wants it ... you give in.

... and it was worth it. He truly was surprised and beamed with happiness ... something we don't see much at 11 years old, because he always has to be "cool".
{well loved :spoiled: child}
...cute boys ...
"the gift"
The VR headset in action ... seriously the funniest thing to watch.  He's definitely in his own world.  Myself personally, I can't have a screen that close to my face, it makes me dizzy.
Whoopie Pies, from the Magnolia cookbook {love!}. We had my parents and Dan's parents over for dinner a couple days prior to Christmas ... and a spoiled kid, received more gifts. 
Two peas in a pod ... these shirts are a perfect fit for their personalities.
The annual Schmidt Christmas Eve gathering ... and you can't leave until you give Aunt Deborah a hug goodbye, which meant, being tackled to the ground. Ornery kid!
Since my parents are now living on our side of the mountains, this year we spoiled ourselves with two nights at Willows Lodge.  Upon arrival to our room we were greeted with cookies and a kind welcome back card.
Quite the conversation at breakfast ... this kid sure has some Italian in him. That hand :-)
My husband. He tolerates my sillyness.  The middle pic is the exact spot we said "I do" 15 years ago. .. another reminder I'm no longer 29 :-)
It was a relaxing Christmas Day!
Back home! The holiday behind us ... and I finally found time to watch The Grinch.  
The VR headset turned out to be more expensive then we had hoped.  His {three year old} computer ended up needing a new video card, which then resulted in needing a new power supply.  Technology is changing so fast!
Our family gift this year was Ancestry DNA. This was Caden's wish.  I didn't really want to spend the money on it, but the boys convinced me otherwise.  We spit in a tube and mailed it away ... I'll let you know in 6-8 weeks what our heritage is.  Caden was worried that he may not have "any Dan in him" ... lets hope he does. Otherwise we have a huge problem {ha!}
That wraps up our Christmas Holiday!  The weather has been unseasonably warm.   A huge gift from mother nature. We have been savoring the blue skies and zero snow ... although, as I type this, snow is falling {yuck!}

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