August 29, 2017

... Summer 2017

::Summer 2017::
{I love to start the morning, or end the day, or sometimes both, on my front porch  ... really, I could sit here all day, but then nothing would get done}
:: it's not all fun and games ... sweeping the floor"
{please, don't spill the milk!}
{a very expensive trip to Costo ... that's why I like to leave him @ home}
{the never ending row of bricks}
:: my favorite flower ... and a silly kid::
{the view from Martin Scott Winery}
:: a fun day in Chelan visiting friends ::
{can i stay here all summer?}
Since we were delayed in Denver on the 4th, Caden missed fireworks.  He made up for it the next evening with a few poppers in the driveway.
I love my garden! fresh lettuce from June - September ... it really taste different then what you buy in the store. So much better!
{bowling with Mom}
.... lazy summer days!
{traditional summer nights}
Summer isn't all fun and games. Two more permanent teeth pulled. Hopefully there will be enough "room" in that mouth now, and no more permanents will need to be pulled until his wisdom teeth.
When walking down the hall to the dental room, the hygienist asked Caden what he had been doing this summer.  His reply, "nothing" ... hello?! at this point in summer we had been on two trips and had done all of the above, and the bank account was oh so low! Spoiled kid! ... I should have told them to pull a few more teeth, just for being ornery {kidding}.
{the never ending brick wall}
{the many faces of ornery}
Friends ... this was after having two buddies over ... in 30 minutes they managed to turn my living room into a war zone {ack!} ... I sent them outside!
{sights of summer}
Camping in the backyard with Mom ... oh where was Dad? Inside in the comfy bed ... sigh
cookie makin' and transformer makin'
I found a new favorite in Washington State ... Gamble Sands ... I'm in love! ... and I don't even golf ... but the scenery was wonderful.  Give me a book, I can sit on the balcony all day and the boys can golf. All of the rooms have views and access of the extraordinary putting green.
After our night at Gamble Sands we headed north to Republic so Dan could do an estimate on one of his customers summer homes ... Caden did a little fishing before we left.
{yard work, pool fun at friends, and the driving range}

... fun at Ohme Gardens and sitting in favorite spot {my porch}
{starting him young}
sleep study number TEN!
Blue Angel fun! This year we watched the Blues from the fire station at Boeing Field, right on the run way, thanks to my parents neighbor.
{the museum of flight}
{fun in Uncle Marks jeep}
{garden treasures}
{a fun evening with friends at Malaga Springs winery}
we're into the middle of august ... and I'm still loving my porch ;-)
... just hanging with the neighbor cat. Notice the smokey skies :-(  no fires super close to us this summer but still had smokey skies from fires nearby.
... five years of old school supplies ... ridiculous!
Ten is a weird age, not really a kid, but not really a teenager.  We took a day trip with friends to the Seattle Children's Museum ... I was relived to see Caden wasn't "too cool".  He had a fun time, and let his inner kid out ;-)
Craziest play structure ever!
{our first apple} ... have I mentioned before, that Dan has planted FIVE fruit trees.  We shouldn't get much if any fruit the first three years. ... which is good, I need time to mentally prepare. Have you ever seen how much fruit one tree bears ... yikes!
... annoyed with me and my selfies {ha!}
I went back to work last week, Caden still had a week and a half of summer .... I had to "farm" him out for 7 days. Most mornings Dan took care of getting C to where he needed to be.  An hour and half after I was at work on the first morning, I have this "conversation" with Dan ... I was dying ... Eggo's how hard can they be?!
We celebrated 14 years ... amazing! ... fun looking thru our wedding pics. Caden didn't recognize several of the people in the pictures ... funny stuff!
{back to school night} ... his relationship with our principal is humorously awesome!
{tough day, while Mom works}
... golfing with Dad.
Crazy things are happening in Lego City ... a bank heist and fire all in one day, whew, stay away!
Apparently Dan spotted a snake in the pumpkin patch ... Caden got all "geared" up and was determined to find the snake ... they never did.  Eeek!
throw in Sunriver, Bend & Denver ... and just like that, 11 weeks of summer done! ... Fifth Grade starts tomorrow!

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LM said...

Wow, what a busy summer. I can see why you love your house, it is great. I cannot believe your garden ....... Impressive. Enjoy your school year.