July 10, 2017

{Sunriver & Bend 2017}

We finally made a trip to Sunriver this year.  It had been five years since our last adventure. Between the LPA conferences and the selling and building of our house, we haven't had the money and or time to head down there.  Dan really wanted to make the trip this year ... so we did ... just two days after school was out.

We loaded up the car {this was the first big adventure since getting our new car ... we packed it full!} ... packed up the bikes {Dan and I got new bikes a couple weeks prior ... we are now a Trek family ;-)} met up with our favorite friends, and headed six hours south for six days of fun!
{ice cream in the village}
{an afternoon ride}
{i dropped the boys off to golf with Dan's Uncle, Erv}
A visit to one of my favorite shopping areas, the Old Mill District with lunch at my favorite place in Bend, Oregon, Flat Bread Pizza {so yummy!}
{out for another ride}
{he thought he was too old for the slides, but we convinced him otherwise}
{an afternoon canoe trip}
{i could stay out there all day}
{mini golf, with a goofy kid}
{ornery, but cute}
{bubbles and hot tub fun}
{checking out a deer, just feet out our front door}
{vacation is exhausting, out before I could even get his cpap on him}
{bumper cars ... he's relentless}
{a day at the water park}
{an adorable diner we stumbled upon in Bend ... "Drake's" ... so cute and good too}
This was the first trip to Sunriver/Bend we spent a considerable amount of time exploring Bend. Bend is about 20 minutes from Sunrviver.  Sunriver is much more touristy and where we spend the majority of our time.  ... however, this trip I fell in love with downtown Bend.  Super cute houses, clean, and tons of parks and bike trails ... I could live there!
The boys went on one last bike ride while I "tetris" packed the car back up to head home.
It was a fun week!  I'm glad we made it happen!

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LM said...

Love catching up on your activities. Look forward to seeing the LPA convention recap.