July 10, 2017

::Spring has Sprung::

{Spring} ... oh I love it so! ... it is the time of year I love living here the most.  I had anticipated our spring break to be a time in which I got caught up on life, Caden would have friends over, and we would enjoy the gorgeous weather ...
Dan was having back pain the week prior to break ... back and neck pain is nothing new to Dan, it comes and goes, all stemming back from a car accident 16 years ago. He went to the chiropractor a few days before spring break, and was gearing up to head there again Monday morning, the first day of my break .... as he was putting on his sock {yes, his sock}, he heard a pop and felt a pain that dropped him to the floor ... needless to say, there went my week of getting caught up and relaxing. Dan was on the couch the entire week, plus another week or two ... we were able to get him to the chiropractor and physical therapy ... but that was all he did .... I did everything else for him ... even bringing him each meal ... sigh!  I had to keep a close eye on Caden, since he runs into a room and instinctively tackles Dad ... Dad was oh so fragile ... don't touch him ... eek!  The pain kept him off work for a couple weeks, which sucks when you're self employed!
Three weeks in, he had an MRI ...the result, three herniated disks in his lower back ... the treatment ... continue PT and let it heal ... sigh! 8-12 weeks of pain.
This whole thing made me realize just how crappy Dan's health insurance is ... a $6400 deductible before insurance covers anything .... I won't get into it here!

We still managed to find beauty in the season ...
A couple weeks into April, Dan was able to cautiously get back into the yard, and get his fruit trees planted that he purchased before the injury. FIVE fruit trees to be exact ... guess what my summers will consist of in a few years once all of these trees start bearing fruit? I'm not so sure it's my idea of fun ;-) ... and cleaning his bike.
... playing at Grandma & Grandpa's with Cousin Levi
Time to dye eggs ... I'm not sure why he felt the need to stick his entire hand in the dye, other then he knew it would get under my skin ... yes, he's that ornery!
... the finished product ...
... a cup full of sugar ...
... hanging out at G & G's, attacking Uncle Chris ... what they do best.
... that rascally rabbit visited ...
... looking for eggs ...
... the treasures ...
{the many faces of caden}
::Gorgeous Spring Weather::
{a neighborhood full of kids}
 ... pirates with Dad ... and not wanting to face another day of school {i don't blame him ;-)}
Apple Blossom time ... Friday night we went to the Classy Chassis Parade with Grandpa, and Abe and his family ... how many Wise men can you get in one pic?!
.. time for the grand parade ... i love a parade ...
Someone hates the smell of the horses, he plugs his nose when they come near, in fear that they will poop right in front of him ... ha.ha
... the Seattle Police Motorcycle drill team ... a favorite ...
{our own little Malaga fire truck}
{fun after with friends}
:: one dirty kid::
no idea where he gets his silliness from 
{hanging out in Mom's favorite spot}
Three teeth pulled, two permanent, one baby ... we are trying to make room in his mouth for all of his chompers.  Unfortunately there just isn't enough room.
Walking up the hill above Dan's parents new house.  Eventually this will all be developed into a subdivision. The views from the top are amazing!
Making smores at Grammy & Pa-Pa's.  Have you ever tried Peeps on Smores? They were actually quite good.
... taking his bike in for a tune up ...
The all city orchestra festival ... over 600 elementary, middle, and high school kids performing at one time in the middle school gym. It was quite impressive what they could pull together.
May 20th, Dan's first active adventure {outside of work} since his disk herniation.  
The snow pack this year was amazing!  The river's were super high. So high that Caden was standing on the picnic tables, that were submerged under the water.  This is the Columbia river ... not warm at all, but of course our goofy kid was in it ... brr!
{a one of a kind sunset}
{our first few apples}
With Dan's parents living here now, Jenny and Chris have been coming over more often. It's been fun for the siblings ... and Caden enjoys it too ... backyard baseball and badminton.
The end of May, his first trip to the driving range since his disk herniation. I thought he did good ... of course he is critical of himself, but considering 8 weeks prior he couldn't get off the couch ... I was impressed.
{how i love my front porch}
{last week of school smiles}
:: pic from his teacher ... swimming field trip::
The latest project ... two days before Dan popped his back, he ordered 16 pallets of bricks.  They ended up having to sit for several weeks. These things are heavy. He is building a retaining wall along two sides of our yard. So much work!
... and that wraps up our gorgeous spring ... and we have a FIFTH grader! ... crazy!
{Happy Summer!}

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