May 12, 2017

::Happy {TENTH} Birthday::

March 17th, our Birthday Boy hit Double Digits!  Leading up to the big day, I kept hearing, "I'm almost double digits". ... and I was trying to figure out how it could be?!
I didn't go all Super Mom this year for birthday treats at school.  He brought M&M ice cream bars to share with his class, and it meant one less thing for me to do, hooray!  
We anxiously awaited for Dad to get home from work so he could open his gifts from Dan and I.

An unusual way to receive a bike for a gift.  Dan had went to the bike shop to attempt to purchase a new bike for Caden, but since our kiddo doesn't fit the average mold, it made it a little more difficult. So we agreed to take him to the bike shop Monday after school.
A very generous check arrived in the mail from Uncle Chris. Chris spoils our boy ... his generosity helps us get to the LPA National Convention each year {love!}.
His "friend" birthday party was Saturday morning.  His request this year was an X-Box themed party. I did the best I could ...
Caden wanted chicken wings and pizza for lunch.  I felt like I was cooking for a bunch of frat boys.  Stop growing up kid!
::Legos, Nerf Guns, Tug o War, and Video Games:: definitely a boys party.
... and {happy birthday to you} he doesn't like cake so we had ice cream sundaes.
After his kiddo party we bbq'd with my parents, grandma and Dan's parents.  I cleaned up from the tornado of a day, went to get my jammies on and came back out to find the book ends snoring.  {I guess that's a sign he had a great day}.
Monday, after school, we went to Cycle Central to buy the kiddo his new birthday bike. If you are local, I highly recommend Cycle Central. It was well worth our money.  Within an hour we were in and out with a bike, with modifications just right for Caden!  {love it!!!}
... home and ready to go!
... within no time he had it down!
... a couple days later his huge pirate ship arrived.  It wasn't released until the day of his birthday, so he was given an "it's coming card". ... it was a birthday that kept on giving.
It's hard to believe how much this kid has accomplished in TEN years!  Happy Birthday Buddy!!!