April 24, 2017


We rolled into the new year with cold, snowy, winter weather.  I'm thankful we scored a great deal on a snow blower last fall. We put it to good use this year!
Mid January, and it's zero degrees {over it!}
One of Dan's customers treated us to a hockey game in their suite.  I was hesitant to take Caden, since I didn't want him to see all of the fighting, but thankfully, this league keeps it pretty clean, and there was none.
Caden enjoyed it, much more then I thought he would. 
One goofy kid, imitating Jack Daniels, and eating a dessert, delivered to him in the suite {spoiled!}
We took an overnight adventure to Seattle mid January, to escape the snow, and to see a friend of mine who was visiting the Seattle area from California.
We tried a new {to us} burger place in Redmond, the Tipsy cow. Super good fries and uniquely good burgers.
Caden had fun testing out the workout equipment at the Hyatt House, a good choice after the burgers. You gotta love the towel over his shoulder ;-)
{watching the presidential inauguration at my desk}
{more snow}
{it's pretty, but springtime is prettier ... and warmer}
One spoiled kid! ... complete with his snacks.  If he had his way he would play video games all day.  It's a continual battle, and he really knows how to test my parenting skills.
{a night out at Pybus, just a little guy conversation}
February 3rd, and the snow is up to his waist.
{the calm after the storm}
{a winter walk}
The boys were very excited about the Super Bowl this year. You may remember our trip to Gillette stadium last summer while in Boston?!  After their shopping spree at the stadium they had lots of gear to sport for this years big game.
It was a tough first few quarters.  At the top of the fourth quarter, Caden said, "they can still win, they got time, there's a whole other quarter". In which Dan replied, "no bud, there won't be enough time".  We should know by now that you never doubt anything this kid says.  He's one of a kind, there is nothing better then a nine year olds hope.
... the Patriots comeback was amazing.  I captured both boys excitement.  Caden was so excited, he wasn't sure how to react. He became super hot and ended up stripping down to his unders. Funny stuff! ... and a game the boys won't soon forget.
The winter theme continues ... we had more school delays this year then we have had in the 14 years I've been with the district, even one cancellation. 
{February 11th, and it is still piling up}
{Valentine Goodies for His Class}
{yearly eye checkup - and cool glasses from the prize box, goof!}
{hanging out with his "little sister" ... they are pretty cute together}
We made another Seattle trip the first weekend in March.  Dan nor I really wanted to head over, but it was one of those trips we needed to make.  Our local Little People of America Chapter was having a boys {ages 10-16} day.  Caden doesn't question why he is little, and we truly believe it is because we have always showed him he is not the only little person. ... so we put on our big kid parent pants, and headed over the mountains.
... and it was worth it, there were 6 boys there and 2 adult lp guys. Caden had fun, and that's how we know we unselfishly made the right choice.
{We wrapped a stay at the Westin, dinner with Chris and a little retail therapy in as well}
The snow was just about melted, and Caden was able to break out his "artillery" to share with the neighbor kids.  He's pathetically spoiled!
... all to wake up the next Morning {March 8th} to more snow.  At this point I wanted to head south and never come back!
{homework time}
... and on March 10th, I celebratory, removed them from the side of the garage door, to their home inside of the garage! Hallelujah .... another winter conquered!
{a smiley kiddo}
Caden had his second strings concert the middle of March.  It was fun to see their improvement since the fall.  He may not stick with strings next year, and I'm okay with that.  It's one more thing to battle with him in the evening. He despises all things practice or homework {sigh!}
{just having conversation with Mom and Dad}
{front yard golf practice and two silly kids}
I always say ... I love where we live! ... but I am thankful to have this snowfilled winter behind us!!!

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