January 8, 2017

::Happy New Year::

Our week between Christmas and New Years was heavenly. We hung out at home and kept it low key. Dan even took the week off of work {say what?!} ... and everyone was healthy!
... we had a few gorgeous sunny afternoons ...
...and the side walk was clear enough to get the scooter out ...
... Lego fun ... and making slime ...
We kept New Years Eve low key. Caden popped poppers in the garage, entertained us with his little guitar and made it to midnight {he was determined}.  We watched the fireworks on TV, but also had fun watching them around our valley, out the upstairs window.
We headed back to work and school last week {yuck!}.  While we had many gorgeous days {from inside}, it didn't get above 20 degrees all week, a couple of the days it didn't get above 10 degrees.
It has been snowing all day today.  I miss our sunny warm weather, and eagerly anticipate the arrival of spring! Mother nature is not my BFF right now!

2016 was a good year for us!  Not much illness, not much debt, happiness in our new home and business is good ... hopefully 2017 continues on the same path!

Happy New Year! 

{I'm finally caught up on this 'lil old blog .. if you haven't been around for a couple weeks, scroll back, to get caught up from fall on}

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LM said...

I know it is a great deal of work for you, however I so enjoy catching up and seeing the fun that Caden has and the experiences you share with him. How cool that he made the slime ..... Wishing you a great 2017 filled with lots of fun and laughter.