June 30, 2016

:: The Yard::

This glorious yard, has turned into a four month project ... here's the latest:
{getting the cement poured for the light post}
{rented a tractor to level the ground {more} and add topsoil}
{just a little help from a friend}
{are you tired of hearing me say, I love where we live?!}
Dan spent 25 plus hours on the tractor that weekend. Moving dirt, leveling, raking ... seriously, the neighbors all saw his {perfection} personality come through that weekend.  I had to go inside, I couldn't take it ... in my eyes it was perfect, in his eyes, it wasn't flat enough, there were too many rocks ...etc.  After all the hours on the tractor, he hand raked the whole half acre ... I was over it. Seriously, people say building a house is tough on a marriage ... the yard just may be worse ... maybe I wasn't mentally prepared {sigh!}
My brother in law took this picture from the air.  Our house is on the left, the huge oblong lot with all the dirt. What were we thinking, our yard is huge {but will be worth it when we are done}.
{getting the garden boxes ready}
{three wise men}
{a garden}
{level lot}
{so much weed mat to put in}
{working on the cement curbing}
{not sure what's up with the winter coat in the middle of summer}
Dan has put in oodles and oodles of hours in the yard. It was pretty much dark in this picture. He has been out there every night after work. {Planting our first tree}
{working on the irrigation, with a little help from the neighbor cat}
{amazing clouds with an upside down rainbow through them, no rain in sight}
... and we have rock! Thankfully, Dan hired his part out.
{notice the curbing on the left, lots of hard work on Dan's part, but worth it}
{more rock and tree number two}
{flat as a pancake dirt, ready for ....}
{hydroseed - hooray!!!}
{the hydroseed guy complimented Dan on how great the dirt was prepped}
{taking it all in}
Look! a level half acre yard with sprinklers, trees, weed mat, curbing, rock and grass seed. A long time coming, but so so worth it!!!
{watching the sprinklers}
A blowout {sad} Mud everywhere!  Sadly, in the crazy install of the sprinklers, Dan forgot to glue two of the many pipes together. A mess! ... but thankfully an easy fix, but sadly, another thing on the to do list.

{love my garden boxes}
... and wait ... within six days, if you zoom in, we have grass growing {wahoo}
... i wanna live where the green grass grows ...{hum a little Tim McGraw}.  Our oh so expensive yard is almost done {love it!} ... as time goes on, we will fill in the rock with plants and fruit trees.

... keep reading down for three more new posts...


We are well on our way into summer .... before we wrapped up the school year, Caden tested again for karate, and received another stripe on his belt.  
... and within the past few weeks, he has moved up from the little dragon class to the big dragon class. A little tougher curriculum and older kids.
{the perfect way to spend summer}
"Mom, I thought I saw the moon, but then I realized it was the cement" ... Might be a long summer!
{first Applesox game of the year}
{summer chores}
{can't imagine why I have a headache ... playing the recorder, in the car}
{Happy Fathers Day Lord Business}
{Father's Day Applesox Game}
{love where I live}
{too many ideas from You Tube}
{a quick Seattle trip}
{technology - it gives me a headache}
{lunch with friends}
So much happening!  ... but so very thankful to have the summers off!