April 12, 2016

{Spring Break}

{Spring Break} was last week and oh how lovely it was!  Two hours into my work day yesterday, I realized I should have enjoyed break that much more {sigh!}.

We made a quick 24 hour trip to Seattle to celebrate my father in law's retirement {congrats Grandpa!}.  ... C stole Grandpa's hat and the kids love Uncle Chris, he makes a great "chair"!
{three clowns}
Our trip over was quick, as we were anxious to get back to our gorgeous weather!.. and Dan had to get back to work ~ Sadly, he didn't get to enjoy the week off with C and I.
{lots of walks were had}
{because, really, who can pass up all this "pretty"?!}
{the boys measured the yard}
{science experiments were done and resting actually happened}
{ball was played}
{and dinner was ate outside}
{lots of "yard" shopping happened}
{and lots of "porch sitting" with the neighbors}
{the Bobcat arrived}
{and lunch was ate outside}
{monkey see, monkey do}
{Dan worked and worked ... 14+hours in that Bobcat this weekend}
{and C kept the dust down}
{of course with some "drama"}
{two peas in a pod}
{C porch sat, while Dan dug the trenches for irrigation}
{water gun fight, complete with goggles}
It was a GREAT week! We moved in in late September, made a house a home, had a winter with tons of snow, were miserable over winter break with "illness", and we have been busy!  It was nice to have  a week to attempt to get caught up on "life" {bills were paid, taxes were done, more unpacking was done, dinner out with friends, garage sale items were sorted,  and mommy juice was consumed!}.  
I love our neighborhood! Not {once} over break did I hear, "I'm bored" or "what should I do".
We are {lucky}!

.... 42 school days until summer break {but who's counting} ... Cannot Wait!

April 5, 2016

::Life With a Third Grader::

This kiddo!  His attitude lately, whew! Apparently at nine years old, he knows e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g!  ... and he still needs his sleep.  10-11 hours a night.  12 hours is ideal, but unrealistic with everything else going on.  

These past couple of weeks of school have been busy.  I walked into class one day, to find him sitting at the tallest desk in the classroom. They take turns, and kids can choose to sit there. Cracked me up, clearly, his size means nothing to him. These desks are a trial in the classrooms for active kids. They have a bar that swings back and forth underneath for fidgety learners.  
{they got to bring home a cabbage to grow}
They've been reading Fable's in class, and then wrote their own. Below is Caden's story of the "Worm and Seagull".
Math Olympics took place the past few weeks. Math Olympics is Math Facts {+,-,x,--/}, 42 problems of different levels that need to be completed in two and a half minutes.  Based on level of completion they can earn a medal. The medal was a huge motivator for Caden. He put in lots of effort and earned a bronze medal.  Only 33 of the 105 3rd graders earned medals. Good Job Caden!
His music program took place last week. We are gifted with a wonderful music teacher at our school. What she can do with these third graders is quite amazing!

On Friday, they took a field trip to the furniture store. It was a walking field trip and C chose to walk the 1.5 miles each way {rock star}.
Their assignment was to measure furniture. They had an iPad app that they took pictures with then inputted the dimensions. When they got back to class, they each had a "room" on paper that they had to place the furniture in.
He received his 2nd trimester report card and is doing well!  He meets grade level standard in most areas. His teacher says, "he's always engaged and works so hard to learn. He is truly a model student to all of his peers" ... It's good thing he is good at school  ... because home has been a challenge lately. 

Thankfully I have these awesome views: 
{in the morning}
{on late afternoon walks}
{and in the evening from my front porch}
... when I need a break from the child, who knows it all {sigh!}. ... have a I mentioned our principal is convinced Caden is going to be a lawyer ;-)