March 20, 2016


{Nine} .... We've spent the past few days celebrating one well loved, ornery, spoiled and yet sometimes sweet child!
His birthday fun began Wednesday, with cards from extended family arriving in the mail.
Thursday {yes, St. Patricks Day} was the real day. He was quite excited and woke up at 3am, anxious to begin his day. I promptly sent him back to bed.
{carrying his goodies down to class}
This year he wanted to bring a treat with "gold" since he is a "leprechaun" {his words}.  This was the best I could come up with ... skittles, in rainbow order, with a Rolo at the bottom.
... he also brought ice cream cups ...
Thursday night he opened his gifts from Dan and I and opted not to go out to dinner. He wanted eggs and hash browns at home for dinner {silly kid}.
My parents came into town Friday night .... which also meant more spoiling.  Opening more gifts from extended family {thank you}!
 {a little happy dance}
He had his friend party on Saturday.  This year he wanted to keep it small {which I was grateful for}. He only invited kids from school, we opted out of inviting friends from karate and the neighborhood. as the guest list was getting too long.
 My dad made Caden his own adirondack chair {on the left}.  
 {my favorite part, the decorating}
These boys were c.r.a.z.y! It was impossible to get them to stop to eat or open presents. They ran around {inside and out} up and down the stairs.  Played video games and Legos.  ... and ran more until they were all sweaty, smelly, little boys!
{can't even be serious for a picture} boys!
 {can you feel the energy in these pictures? Rowdy!}
 {Happy 9th Birthday}
 {they made their own banana splits}
 After the fun of the party, and his friends were gone .... he had enough energy to play outside. All of us adults were dumbfounded as to how the energizer was still going?!
Today, {Sunday} we laid low. He opened more cards, played his new games, and built Lego's with Dad.
 ... and ended the day with another banana split.
He is one well loved kiddo!
Happy 9th Birthday Caden!!!