January 2, 2016

... and onto 2016 {Happy New Year} ....

We came home from the Seattle side, last Saturday.  Caden's itching had seemed a little better, but mine had not subsided, and Dan's wasn't improving either. Had it been the allergens from the mold in the tree, I should have been feeling better, not worse.
Sunday morning I realized I had a rash ... and after examining Caden further, I discovered he had little bumps on his hands, and the one bump he had on his back, had multiplied.  With a pit in my stomach I told Dan, I think we need to go to the walk in.  I knew. I knew it was Scabies.  I had spent enough time on Google. I had read that once exposed to Scabies, it can take 2-6 weeks for the symptoms to present themselves, hence Caden's itching since the end of November.  
So, the three of us tromped into the walk in, like some sort of disgusting reality TV show.  They needed to see each of us, I couldn't get by with one co-pay, so the three of us, went into the same exam room, with the same Dr. ... and Yes, Scabies it was.
I debated whether to share this on here .... but it's currently our disgusting reality!  Everything isn't always roses and this crap can happen to anyone.  If you truly know me, you know I am very OCD about keeping a clean home! We assume that Caden picked them up from a hotel we stayed in, possibly in October or from school or karate.
I would advise you not to spend too much time Googling scabies as it causes quite a bit of anxiety.
The reality is, we did our treatment on Sunday.  Monday I realized Caden had them on his head, so I had to call for an oral medication.  We will do another treatment tonight, and possibly a third treatment next weekend.
Our itching is getting less and less ... I am washing bedding, clothes and towels daily, drying on extra hot heat. Our couches are covered in plastic and all of our decorative pillows are bagged up and put away. ... and I'm wearing latex gloves for all the cleaning and changing of sheets.
I am frustrated once again, with our medical system. ... and frustrated with myself for not challenging the pediatrician and allergist, with my gut feeling.
I was fearful last weekend that we would never get rid of these unwanted visitors ... however, six days later I am a little more hopeful!  ... itching can last for two to four weeks even if all of the mites and eggs are dead.  It can very well be a long month plus ahead of us {sigh!}.

So .... poor Caden hasn't been able to have any playdates this week. He has been able to play outside with the neighbor kids, with strict instructions to keep his gloves and hat on and absolutely no wrestling with the kids in the snow.
Thankfully the last few days were gorgeous!  Blue Skies are the best medicine! Still cold though, not above 20 degrees {how long until Spring?!}
{our year ended with a gorgeous sky}
... a little pop it fun ...
... and lime sherbet punch ...
Very determinedly Caden made it until midnight!
hApPy nEw YeAR!  Since we have started our year on such an itchy note ... we know that things can only get better from here!  Wishing you a Merry and Successful 2016!

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January 1, 2016

::Christmas 2015::

{Ready for bed, in our Christmas Jammies}
Cookies & Carrots, for Santa and his reindeer. Caden was adamant that we leave Santa 6 cookies {and Santa ate them all}.
Once again, Santa arrived the morning of the 23rd, knowing we wouldn't be home Christmas Morning.
Spoiled received his very own computer
{One Very Lucky Kid}
The month of December was a blur. Caden began itching around Thanksgiving.  I took him to the pediatrician twice and the allergist.  Between the two of them he was prescribed hydro-cortisone creme, adult strength Zyrtec morning and night, and prednisone. This was all over a months time period. His itching was worse at night. ... and as the days went on, the itching got worse. He hadn't slept through the night in a month ... and I'm exhausted!
Our Christmas night at home, the itching continued ... and I was at my wits end.  Within the week prior I had begun itching, and then Dan the couple days before our Christmas.  I googled, googled, googled, I kept going back to Scabies ... but the pediatrician and allergist assured me it wasn't scabies because there was no rash.
The only thing that had changed between Thanksgiving and the present time was our Christmas tree.  I googled Christmas tree mold, and found that sure enough trees can mold.  I went downstairs, dug into the middle of our tree, and wouldn't you know, the trunk was full of white circles of mold {Dan and I ripped that tree out as fast as we could, alas, the cause of our itching was gone (so we hoped)}.
We awoke the morning of the 24th, to pretty skies, but news that both passes were closed.  Snoqualmie was closed for the day, but Stevens {the longer route} was supposed to open at 10 am, it was later pushed to 11am, then 1:00pm.
We spent the morning packing up, knowing we had to get out of our moldy spore house.  The heppa filters were going full blast, but we knew we had to give it time to clear out.
So, on our journey we went, over the mountains and through the woods to Grandmother's house.
My oh so patient pilot ... the drive was awful ... the route we took, should have taken 3 to 3 1/2 hours, however, because of the pass closure traffic was backed up and stopped, the guy in front of us whose battery died and needed jumped, the road conditions weren't great, downed power lines, two accidents and only one main pass open in the state ... it ended up taking us seven hours to get to my parents :-(  Caden was a trooper!
... but finally we were at Grammy & Pa-Pa's for the Schmidt Family Christmas, and we only arrived an hour late.
We spent Christmas morning with Grammy, Pa, Mark & Deborah .... and of course, there was more spoiling!
We headed up to Grandma & Grandpa Wise's Christmas afternoon.  ... and you guessed it, more spoiling!
... someone loves his Uncle Chris ...
We spent Christmas night at Willows! Mommy's turn for a little spoiling!
Always so much to say, that hand goes and goes.   Ginormous pancakes for breakfast!
My silly boys!
It was a good Christmas. We were so happy to be in our new home!  Sadly, the itching but a damper on the spirit of the holiday. ... but as always, we were well loved!
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We started December with our "halls decked" ...I continually feel so lucky to have such a fabulous house! Here are a few more pictures of our house, including the flow of the great room & kitchen, which I didn't capture very well in my previous "Our Home" post.

EEEK! I finally got a {much needed} new car!  I took the Durango in for new front tires the first part of November.  In which they told me I also needed new shocks, ball joints and an alignment.  Over $2,000.00 ... the car isn't even worth that much.  Dan and I agreed we had to get a new car and financially we would find a way to make it work.
We ended up with a Mazda CX-5. Not my dream car. However, practical and affordable ... and so far we love it!  .... and at 39, I have my first ever Brand New Car!
Our first adventure with the new car was none other then a trip to Bellevue ... Caden had a sleep study and his yearly skeletal dysplasia checkup, as well as an OT appointment.  We threw an extra night in and stayed at the Westin.
We watched Snowflake Lane {in the pouring down rain} from the balcony at the Westin.
A couple of extremely goofy boys!
On his way up to the Sleep Study.  I think this kid is one of the only ones that loves the studies. In fact, the tech we had this time, we also had when Caden was three.  As she was reading through her notes, she said she had noted that, "Caden was very cooperative and an easy going child".
His yearly Skeletal Dysplasia check up went well. The Doctors were pleased with everything they saw. No immediate concerns {hooray!}.
His OT appointment went good. We saw her to discuss handwriting, as Caden's teacher is concerned with his penmanship.  She gave us a few good pointers, and accommodations.

Back to the "every days" ... on the way to work and school. Pull in the drive through for our morning coffee, only to see this kiddo asleep in the backseat. I agree, morning comes way too early!
Sharing/reading his 1st trimester report card with me. No worries, we were extremely pleased with his progress.
I love that he notes "play" in his planner for the weekend!
One silly kid!
We ventured up to Leavenworth, to see the lights and have a wonderful dinner at Visconti's ... in which we scored the perfect seat!
Fourth stripe earned!
Classroom Holiday Fun! I love that his teacher makes time for the kids to have "fun".  With the ridiculous state standards, that isn't always easy to make happen. He said he made the snowman small just like him {love it!}
Pajama day at school ... as well as bring your blanket and pillow ... and your PE shoes ... kid needs a U-Haul!
... watching the Polar Express ...
... and that officially kicks off Winter Break!
{Home sweet *snowy* home}
A "pull" around the neighborhood
Sorry Dan, no golf anytime soon
Cousin Levi & Caden, with his "transporter" ... in other words, a wagon full of junk!
We have SO much snow! Mother Nature is making up for the past few winters, where we had very little!
A little snack break at Pybus. In which he told me out of the blue, "Mom, I wonder where Elf has been this  year?" {Crud, Mom fail-quick call to the North Pole}
Miraculously, Elf showed up the next morning. Complete with a note explaining that he had been busy visiting other kids that have never had an Elf visit their house before. {whew}
Elf left Wiper Goggles ... Say What?!
Guess I wasn't paying attention while shoveling the never ending sidewalk.  Hardly a straight line ... and who's idea was it to buy a half acre corner lot anyway?!
Notice how the snow keeps getting deeper and deeper, as the days go on ... sigh!
With that, we are onto Christmas!

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