November 28, 2015

::Our Home::

I know many of you that live afar have been patiently waiting for pictures of our home ... Here's what we have so far.  It is still a work in progress, and Dan has a list of "honey-do's" that may never end ... I have zero pictures hung ... still trying to decide how I want them displayed {frames or canvases}. Having a blank slate is exciting, yet overwhelming all at the same time ... but none the less we are thrilled to be here! 

Our back patio .... we have plumbed it and wired it to eventually build a small outdoor fireplace, bbq, and kitchen.  We also have it wired for speakers and outdoor heaters.  However, we've spent all our monies ... so that is all down the road ;-)
Our entryway, with the office off to the side.  
Caden's bathroom - which he loves! The other morning as he was swaying and peeing {why can't little boys hold still?!} he's blabbing away, "I can't believe our house, it's so nice and my bathroom is just my size".  I do love his bathroom.  He can do everything in there by himself, and there are no stools {hooray!}.
Caden's huge bedroom!
My pantry! Love!  I enjoy baking again.  Love my kitchen! I have counter space and all of my ingredients/supplies are easily accessible.
Love my double oven {spoiled!}
The huge TV was Dan's gift for building the house. The mantle is still a work in progress, and the fireplace isn't hooked up yet, but it will all come together in time.
I'm realizing I don't have a picture of how the great room flows into the kitchen.  I will post one in another post.
Our Guest Room
Our Master Bath
Again, modeled after Willows Lodge.  The window/cutout {next to the bathtub} is open. Eventually, Dan will build a slider barn style door to open and close the cutout.
Love the fireplace in the master!  Dan has wood from a tree we cut down in the old house. He is going to use that wood to build a top/mantle for the fireplace.
My side of the master closet.
The bonus room is still a work in progress. Dan needs to do the millwork, and repaint the room {he doesn't like the color}.  
My storage room is awesome, but still needs work!  I have oodles of stuff to weed through.  Our office still needs lots of work, which humors me, because I had assumed it would be one of the first rooms I completed.

During a holiday of giving Thanks .... we have oh so much to be thankful for!

November 13, 2015

{{Halloween 2015}}

Halloween kind of seemed like it went on forever this year.  The weekend before Halloween, we attended the Halloween party at Caden's karate school.  This year, we had an officer on our hands! Of course, the stupid hat that came with the costume was way too small, but that's okay, because we "know people". Caden's 2nd grade teacher's husband is a police man ... and he let Caden borrow a real police hat. Caden was pretty excited that he had a "real" hat to wear.
He had the option of wearing his costume to school this year, but we both agreed it might get too hot and or uncomfortable, so he wore his "bone jammies" to school.
We were behind on pumpkin carving this year {C and I were both sick the week before Halloween. More on that later}, but managed to get it done Halloween morning.
... planning out the pumpkin ...
... and while the boys carved away ... I made my favorite pumpkin cupcakes ...
... the finished "pirate pumpkin"
We had a house full Halloween weekend. Dan's siblings and Uncle Scot came to visit. Amazingly, I didn't snap many pictures.
Trick o' treating fun ... even though Caden doesn't actually fetch out candy.  He enjoys the social aspect. I guess I can't complain that he doesn't love candy {its' a good thing}.
My friend came over with her adorable family, late in the evening. She also happens to be the reading specialist at school ... and only the reading specialist could get my kiddo to chill on Halloween enough to read {love it!}.

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November 12, 2015

::Outdoor Movie Night::

Two weeks before Halloween ... we hosted an Outdoor Movie Night .... we put the "million dollar driveway" to good use.  We gathered the neighbors {because, remember we found the bestest neighborhood}, borrowed the popcorn machine from school, grabbed our IT neighbor to project the movies on our garage door ... and we were set!
{a fun pic of our house, as the sun was setting}
... i love having a house again, space to bake, and an opportunity to enjoy the cute things in life ...
So much fun!
... and oh so many kids ...
"Curious George Halloween" and the classic, "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown"
Oh so much fun ... apparently for the kids as well as the Mom's & Dad's ... it's safe to say we broke our kitchen in!

::Pumpkin Patch::

Another fun thing about our house, is, it's just minutes from the pumpkin patch ...
... we picked a gorgeous fall day, to head that way!
The next morning, we headed out to our "pumpkin patch" in the back yard.  These are the pumpkins from last year, that I tossed into pots on our apartment deck ... and replanted in our yard late in the summer.
I think Dan thought I was crazy to "milk" these plants along ... but lookie ...We grew this many ....
... then it was time to adorn my porch ....
... and oh how much fun it was!
*Happy Fall*