March 17, 2015


Our Witty, Soft-Hearted, Ornery, Sassy, Goofy Kid turned Eight Today! However, we started the birthday fun on Saturday, with his kiddie party.
It was tricky finding a location this year - we are kind of homeless, we've done bowling, movies, etc ... gymnastic/bounce house places aren't good for C - but we did find the YWCA Game Room. I was a little hesitant about the facility, but when we toured it, Caden was hands down, adamant that he wanted his birthday there - so the Y it was.
The kids had a great time playing the various games - and were o' so sweaty after just 30 minutes of play. I love C's expression in a few of these.
 "Happy Birthday to You"
 Present time!
 I adore that Caden took time to read each card he received out loud.
My Parents, Grandma and Father in Law came over for the fun!  So, after the party we headed out to the new house. Caden asked if he could open presents in his new room {Silly Kid} - he opened Grammy & Pa's gifts there.
 ... and of course had to get dirty while we were there!
By the time we got home for presents from Dan and I - he was tired! But of course, wouldn't acknowledge it ... and kept on going.
The head back (missed the fist pump), hooray for THE present!
One Spoiled, Well Loved Kid!
Sunday, Dan worked on the house, and I helped C put together the humongous Lego (it was a 3 day project - sigh!)
Today, for his school birthday, he wanted to bring "leprechaun cookies with gold" - this was the best I could come up with. I'm so unmotivated to do anything in my small kitchen!
Seriously!  How lucky are we?! Happy 8th Birthday CADEN!!!!

March 11, 2015

{House Progress}

Seriously?! This custom home building stuff is crazy ... and with husband doing a good portion of the work, it's taking longer then usual to build a house! ... but we are saving big bucks by Dan doing the work ... however, then I think about the work he is missing out on from his own business and how much could he be making there, versus how much we are saving by him doing the work on our house ... oh, the economics of it all ... my brain hurts! Bottom Line ~ I'm ready for it to be done! {Good things come to those who wait}.

We are actually doing quite well - I figured we would have 15 billion arguments and wondered if we would make it through this process still talking to each other in the end.  To sum it up, he's only called me "princess" a handful of times ... and I've only started conversations with, "I'm not trying to start an argument, but ...." a handful of times. :-) HA!

Here's a run down of where things are ... 
the fireplace in the great room framed in
as well as the fireplace in the master framed in
plumbing is in, and done for now
HVAC is in and done. Hard to "show" HVAC and plumbing in pictures.
LOVE my double sliders in the great room, that will eventually open up to a pool.
fireplace in
front metal roof complete
... complete with a c.l.o.w.n!
back metal roof complete
Caden has been dying to help Dan. He asks Dan almost daily, "do you need any help?". Sadly there aren't many jobs at this point for Caden. He did get to help put together the shop lights.
Built-In's done in the bonus room, for the LEGO's {squeal!}
electrical in progress
front view
side view - two garage doors hiding under the wrap
other side view
back view (broke into three shots)
Cannot wait to look out my office window at this!  Maybe I will be more motivated to keep up on the blog. {Maybe} 
Admiring his work
Our appliances have arrived. Too bad I just have to look at them in boxes for the time being. Have I mentioned the washer and dryer in our apartment suck?!
... electrical is finished for now and the electrical inspection passed today (hooray!), we have a few more inspections to pass this week. Hopefully insulation first part of next week, then sheet rock after that. While the insulators and sheet-rockers are working on the inside, Dan will be working outside on putting up the siding.

The other half of this post is a reflection of the fun Caden has at the new house!  Loves it! Here's a rundown of his recent shenanigans.
Our weather has been gorgeous the past two weeks!!! We were blessed with a mild winter! and our March so far has been way warmer, sunnier and drier then usual. We are loving it! I broke out the flip-flops Sunday!
I love the walking opportunities!
Another new house is going in a few lots down from us and they have dirt to get rid of. We need dirt. Perfect! ... and even more perfect because it's created a temporary playground for Caden!
On Saturday's we bring Dan lunch and eat out back - it's fun to pretend like we already live there.
Have I mentioned our new neighborhood has tons of kids! 
Check out this middle picture - the drama!
I think it is disgusting that he loves to roll in the dirt {Crazy Kid!}
The bathtub loves him!
I'm caught up again ... scroll down for a Karate post and February recap {Happy Reading!}