January 27, 2015


January! The Month I despise most in Wenatchee! The weather is gloomy ... and we are in this claustrophobic apartment.ugh! ack! ick! .... I know, I know, it could always be worse!  
We had a sunny day the other day, the sun shining on the fresh snow, it was gorgeous! ... we only have a handful of those days in January.  As we were heading up the stairs after school Caden says, "Mom, I miss in our old house how I could play outside with my McQueen and have fun" {Mommy Fail}.  "I know, buddy, this is just for a short time, remember Dad is building us an awesome new house with an even bigger yard to play in" .... it's effecting us all. Rats!

Here's a wrap up of the month ....

Caden decided over Winter Break that he wanted to learn how to do the laundry. I love his determination!  He was adamant that he was the one to take each piece of clothing out of the washer and put it in the dryer, using tongs to reach.  Thankfully in the new house we will have a front load washer and dryer side by side. Much more accessible for him!
A week after Christmas, all those new Legos/toys and he was having the most fun in the cardboard box Titanic that he created {go figure?!}
The house is coming along ... Finally!  We said adios to the framers two weeks ago.They finally finished!  I encountered the "genius" on a recent visit to the house.  I could barely make eye contact with the guy ... and kept telling myself my Mom's favorite words, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" {sigh}.
I LOVE our upstairs bonus room! This is the reason I wanted a bigger house! A home for the Legos, video games, boys, and toys!!!  I will have my downstairs great room as a room of peace and can send the noise and toys upstairs!
Do you see anyone peeking out the window?
Flat Stanley!  I've been waiting for one of Caden's classes to do Flat Stanley.  He is currently visiting Caty and has quite the travel Itinerary ahead of him ;-)  I also love this because it's become an opportunity to promote Dwarfism Awareness, as several of Flat Stanley's stops are that of Caden's LP Friends.
Winter Fun inside. ... and off to purchase a new sled.  Our other one was no where near accessible in the storage shed. {ugh} Who puts a sled in the way back, behind everything else we for sure won't use while we are in an apartment {I'm o.v.e.r. it!}
Our Master Bedroom/Bathroom. With an opening that can be open or shut to view the fireplace/TV from the bathroom. The concept we love at Willows Lodge.
A roof in progress. Wahoo!
... and wrapping in progress ...
... and windows going in! Extra Wahoo!
Our house from the next street over
My Mom, Grandma and Aunt came over a few weeks ago to spend the day with us. We showed off the house then went into Leavenworth. We never made it up there over Winter Break, so this was a perfect opportunity to do so.  Caden was biting at the bits to go sledding {even though the quality of the snow was junk}.
Showing Cousin Levi how to play on the computer.
my favorite room again ....
... hello down there
Dad working away!
He's kind of cute ... but I'm biased ;-)
Hooray for my slider! I originally wanted French Doors here, but Dan said they were too high maintenance and too much money ... so I came up with this idea, and got the "ok".  Similar concept as a French door, but not quite. Love all the glass ... to someday look out at our pool!
Hanging out in his room
Caden loves it out here! He told me the other day, "Can you even believe how much fun we are going to have living here".
"Uncle Abe is hilarious throwing snowballs at me!"
I snapped this picture of Caden with his bestest bud at recess the other day. I adore that his best friend is the tallest kid in 2nd grade.
My parents came to see the recent house update ... and watched the first part of the game with us. Caden had fun putting out the "football snacks"!
 Celebrating after the Seahawks amazing win ... a true example of "Never Give Up" ... even though Dan says it was luck, whatever Brady Lover {sigh!}
Flat Stanley made it to California!  We have been having so much fun seeing all of his adventures in California. Jaime has been great at sending us updates.
A kiddo messing around ... and Caden's bathtub is installed! We told the plumber we wanted the shortest one possible.  The best news, Caden can get in and out of it all by himself. No stool needed. He is pretty excited.  We will have an adjustable shower bar in there as well.  Our hope is that he will be totally independent in the bathroom of the new house {hooray!}.
My kitchen sink window, with plumbing in progress.
The front porch metal roof in progress ... and all the windows installed, except two.
You Tube. The ideas Caden finds on there. There are days I feel like taking it away from him, but other days he finds ok ideas. The most recent find ... putting Mentos in Cola.  We tried it. Not the reaction he was hoping for, but we know what to do different next time.
... waiting ...
.... bubbling ...
Oh this weather. Rain. Snow. Freezing. Sun. Rain. Snow. Freezing. Warm Up = Giant Mud pit! It is so gross. We used snow shovels to remove the mud from the sidewalk {multi-purpose tool, I guess}.
The front metal roof complete {realizing, I should have taken a closer picture}
Playing with Cousin in the mud ... he didn't love it as much as Caden!
... a little jumpy blog post, but there's a quick summary of January and the much anticipated and much needed progress on the house!