December 31, 2014

Christmas 2014

Caden really looked forward to Christmas this year.  Every little aspect {seeing family, Santa, the reason for the season, elf, gifts, etc}. We tried to enjoy every little piece of it, since we know he is growing up way to quick and may not always {believe}.
He received an e-mail from Santa, (click to read) the day before his arrival, informing Caden he made the nice list.  Caden gave a huge fist pump over the news.
We once again juggled the days so Santa could come to our house before we headed West. It sure is nice of Santa to make a special trip to Wenatchee, two days before his scheduled arrival, and at his busiest time of the year ;-)
Caden drafted the note to Santa all by himself ... and I had a huge Mommy fail.  I hadn't done my Christmas baking yet, so we had no cookies to leave for Santa. Caden improvised by finding other junk in the pantry, and decided that Santa might get tired of cookies.  I also, only had two carrots, and Caden informed me Santa needed 8 (one for each reindeer - mommy fail #2) so he decided the head of lettuce would be better, complete with the plastic bag. {we're making memories, right?!}.
My attempt to get one picture in front of the tree before bed.  However the series is quite comical, so enjoy them all.
Caden willingly went to bed early, he wanted to go at 6:00, but we held him off until 7:00. However, It took Caden forever to fall asleep.  He was far too excited!  
{Santa Arrived}
I woke up at 1:00, with Caden tapping me on the shoulder, asking if it was morning. NO, its the middle of the night, go back to bed. He woke up again at 4:00, 5:45 and 6:15. Finally, at 6:30 I gave him the iPad in his bed and agreed to turn on his bedroom lights. We hung out in there until we could wake Dad up at 7. {whew!}
Spoiled! Doesn't every 7 year old need replacement tires for his John Deere? ... and the Santa gift this year.  I think the only reason Dan approved of the $ amount, was because he wanted it too ;-)
New Toys = Fun
Christmas Eve day, it was time to begin our journey. {Each year, we say, next year we will stay home.  Then the time gets closer, and we start to feel guilty, and decide, okay, one more year. ... It took 3 hours to pack and gather all our gifts, etc. ... and I again began to think, next year we are staying home ... and next year ... we will have our new house ... so maybe?! ... but then we see how much fun Caden has - and I think okay maybe not.}
We brought Uncle Abe with us, and dropped him off in Issaquah, his family had headed over earlier in the week. Levi & C absorbing sugar before the family festivities :-)
We enjoyed Christmas Eve night with my Mom's extended family.  Caden loves hamming it up for everyone and is well loved! Thank You!
We then headed south to sleep at my parents, and to spend Christmas morning with them. I think Mom went over board on gifts {naughty!}.
The much wanted & anticipated Maersk Lego Boat
The boys both received push golf carts.
It was a gorgeous Christmas Day, which allowed Caden to play outside with a few of his new toys. He chased this RC motorcycle all over my parents street.
Christmas afternoon we headed North, and quickly checked in at Willows. I love that we have made this a yearly tradition. Dan and I don't exchange gifts, and allow this to be our gift to one another.
After checking in we headed over to Dan's parents for festivities with his family. Once again, the boys were spoiled.
We spent Friday at Willows. It was nice to relax and regroup {and build Lego's}.  This trip was even more fun, then previous years. We love the architecture of Willows and are incorporating several of their designs in our new house.  Dan brought the tape measure and note pad {hooray!}.
Attempting to get a picture - not happening.
We checked out Saturday afternoon ...
...and headed to Uncle Scot's.  We had planned to head home Saturday, but for various reasons, Dan decided he wanted to stay one more night on the Seattle side. He sold me by saying we could stay at the Westin in Bellevue {Willows was toooo expensive for a 3rd night} of course I couldn't say no, so we booked a room at the Westin.
... which led to retail therapy on Sunday :-) ... and a trip to the Lego Store, someone had money burning a hole in his pocket. I made him save 3/4 for St. Louis ;-)
We scored a nice view room
This is Sunday afternoon at 1:00. Neither of the boys wanted to head home. Dan is so fed up with our framers, it was a nice escape for him. But the reality is, we can't avoid it, and we had been gone 5 days .... we finally headed home around 2:30.
It's too bad this kiddo didn't receive any Lego's for Christmas - SPOILED!
It was a Wonderful Christmas.  We were well taken care of!

It's amazing that 2014 has wrapped up.  2014 was a healthy year, and a year of great change.  We are eagerly anticipating the completion of our house, and know that 2015 will fly.

Wishing you a Healthy, Joyful and Successful 2015!