November 26, 2014

::Happy Thanksgiving ... & .... A Story, by Caden::

We have so much to be thankful for on this day!  A loving family, a wonderful extended LP family, a roof over our heads, a much better roof soon to come, a healthy {adorable} little boy, a good job, a small business that is doing well ..... and a kiddo who has great teachers!  

I love the most recent story he brought home. It's his longest one yet.  The assignment was to write about something scary:
 The Creepy Gooey Doughnuts by Caden
 Once there was creepy gooey doughnuts. The creepy gooey doughunts followed me to school and back to home. That night they came back. My Dad came running into my room. He looked and there was no creepy gooey doughnuts. My Dad said you must of had a bad dream, he said, now go back
 to bed.  The next morning I got an idea to get the creepy gooey doughnuts away.  I threw the creepy gooey doughnuts into the lake, bu the creepy gooey doughnuts came back to my home. They came with 100,000, 000 more. They were everywhere.   I did not know what to do I got
an idea. I got TNT. I lowered them to the TNT boom the TNT didn't blow up the land. The creepy gooey doughnuts were gone.

... such an imagination!... and pretty funny too!

Wishing you a wonderful day of rest, gratitude and yummy food!!!

... scroll down for the most recent house update, Halloween and daily happenings ...

{New House Update}

Oh, how I cannot wait for this to be my everyday view!  
I feel like we haven't made much progress the last couple of weeks.  To sum it up, our framer sucks! His craftsmanship is good, but his dependability is atrocious! Dan knew of him, wasn't fond of him ... but he came highly referred from one of Dan's good buddies. Dan should have went with his gut instinct! This gem of a guy has two other custom homes going at the same time as ours, and has a small crew. So he's at our house a day, gone a day .... I have no nice words for this guy. He and Dan are lucky I work during the day ~ I do have quite the b***hy side and I often unleash it :-)

Anyway, here's what's new:
Prepping for the garage floor
Plumbing is started.  Yes, we are having a bathroom in our garage, weird, I know ;-) 
Have I told you how much Caden LOVES it here?!  This day, he gathered his own "items" to take to the lot. Complete with Home Depot apron, pencils and his hat ;-)
He makes me so nervous on top of this scrap pile of wood, but he loves it.  He demands that we always have the "pile". He has a rude awakening coming later this spring {he.he.he}.
I love his hat on the stick and his pumpkin - his own little home in that corner of the yard.
Mud Puddles = Fun!
Dad's "Helper" - trying to give Mom a "visual" for the kitchen.

Claiming his room

Finally, we have trusses delivered!
up ... they go ...
.. and we have a garage floor!
Did you know you can use a cement tube to make a truck jump?!
Dan bought Caden his very own "real" tool box. No more plastic tools.
Backdoor Parking...
Take one last look ....
... because the snow arrived ... rgh!
I'm really hopefully, that once the roof is on, things will get moving quicker! Such a process ....