September 2, 2014

::Second Grade::

We have a SECOND grader! .... although at the rate we're going, we may not make it to third grade.

Caden has decided "summer is not long enough", "school goes toooo slow", "why cant we just learn everything in one day and be done with it", "what if I cant find what door to go in after recess?", "all the teacher does is talk and I stare at her", "there isn't enough time to play after school, before bed", "I don't have my plan laid out for recess", "when will I build my Lego's?", "I already know enough", "I don't like President Obama because he makes us go to school", "why can't you just home school me?", "it's too early for bed - its still light out" .... are you exhausted yet?  I AM! That was bedtime last night!

He was fine this morning, a little pissy, but I was only with him a short while before I left for work. I had secretly hoped he would still be asleep when I left for work, then Dan could deal with him, but no, of course he woke up way early! I attempted to get a picture of him before I left, but this is what I got. Oh, isn't he a gem!
 He was fine when he arrived at school ... fine when I saw him at lunch ... fine when I saw him at recess {giggling away as two girls were chasing him (imagine that?!)} ... fine after school when he got to hang out with me at work.
{Arriving at school - a quick snap, in the hall at lunch, heading home after work/school}
He was a little crabby when we got home and I told him he only had three hours until bed ... and at bedtime, it started all over again ... to a lesser degree, only because I cut him off, raised my voice and said "enough is enough. This is life and this is how we live it. You go to school, Mom and Dad go to work." ~

Ay.ya.ya.  I think he is way too young to already have such a dislike for school. I hope as we get rolling with the year, he will get back in his groove, have fun, and once again love school.

I am thankful I was able to snap some 2nd grade pictures this weekend.  It "cost" me a new video game, but I guess that is cheaper then paying a photographer ;-)
Only 179 more wake ups :o) I think we can do this!

September 1, 2014

{Adios Summer}

Just like that ... 10 weeks have come and gone! Caden says it goes too fast, and I agree with him.  We've wrapped up our summer doing the following:

Dan has been ridiculously busy with work - so we recruited Pa-Pa to take Caden fishing.  Caden's attention span actually lasted longer then I anticipated.  ... unfortunately he didn't catch a fish, rats. It was a gorgeous day nonetheless.
Caden has a buddy whose Mom hosts awesome playdates for the kids.{she seriously puts the rest of us to shame ;-)}This day they made an "invention" - total cuteness!
A fun morning at Anjou.
We have officially signed off on our loan and broke ground ::Wahoo!:: 
Caden is loving this adventure!  He friended the neighbors cat and named him "Awesolots" ... we later found out the cats name is "Socrates", but Caden still calls him "Awesolots". The cat is constantly under the boys feet, he is very friendly.
Caden has already expressed frustration that he wishes he was older so he can help build the house. Dan is going to have to find the fine line between letting Caden "help" and not getting frustrated because C is constantly in the way {those of you that know Dan, know that, YES, this will be a test!}.
While the boys "played" in the dirt - they were hooking up the irrigation line, I went on my first walk in the neighborhood.  {Our apartment isn't in the best neighborhood for walks. There are very few sidewalks and the clientele of the area isn't the best. I've missed my evening walks this summer.}It was a gorgeous evening.
I wont have any problem getting used to living up here. Gorgeous views, the golf course and it's so quiet!
Caden found the mudpit across from our lot. TONS of fun for him!
.. until he got his tractor stuck ... and I got stuck knee deep in mud, helping him out. Dan says, "way to welcome yourselves to the neighborhood" {Wah, ha, ha!}
Borrowing the neighbors hose to clean up.
We celebrated Levi's 2nd Birthday! What a mischievous little guy.
Cousin Caden showing him all kinds of new "tricks".
Showing Grandpa our lot.  Hopefully the foundation will be poured in the next couple of days.
Wahoo! Mail from Great Grandma {a fun pack - Thank You!}
::We Survived:: Summer in an apartment.  It wasn't terrible, but I am eagerly anticipating next summer.  I miss having a yard and a neighborhood! Believe it or not, I miss the gardening and mowing ... and sitting out in the sun. I'm tired of the neighbors who constantly slam their door and smoke on their deck-It stinks! ... I am thankful there is a very bright light at the end of this tunnel!

... and just like that ... tomorrow we have a SECOND Grader!