August 7, 2014

:: Since We've Been Back ::

In the 3 and a half weeks since we've been back from San Diego we've only spent a handful of days outside. Serious cabin fever here! We returned from San Diego to Smoke :o(  It's wildfire season again. Some years are worse then others. This year has been pretty bad, not the worse, but definitely not the best.  The first few days back from SD the smoke was so bad there was ash in the air, as seen on my plants below.
I'm hoping mother nature sends a good rain storm soon - with NO thunder and lightening.
Let's go fly a kite....
We had tooth number two pulled - he handled it like a champ!
Waiting for Gram & Aunt Lori to come visit ..
Silly boys at Pybus
It's getting closer and closer to being a reality!  We received our closing letter, then our lender called last week to say our home appraised much higher then we all anticipated, giving us quite a bit of instant equity {wah-hoo}.  So we went back to the drawing board on the type of financing we were going with. It has delayed us a couple weeks, but will benefit us in the long run, hopefully we will sign in the next couple weeks. Plans, estimates and permits are finalized!  As soon as we close on the loan we will break ground. ::Cannot Wait:: {remember the cabin fever I mentioned above? - ya?!}
I love that Caden is confident in the water!  The last day of his swim class they got to jump of the diving board. He loved it!
Dan's parents celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary a couple weeks ago. It was fun seeing the relatives from afar that we only get to see every couple of years.
Caden clicked well with his second cousins who he hasn't seen for two years.  Total cuteness.
We've had fun taking a science class out at Rocky Reach Dam. 
 More kite fun ...
Last weekend we escaped the smoke and headed to Seattle {yes, two weekends in a row}. Because of budget cuts, the Blue Angels didn't perform last year, but returned this year {yeah}. Caden wasn't as much into them as years past - but the rest of us enjoyed the show.
After the Blue Angels, we headed to the Westin. He won over the lady at check in, and she sent him chocolate chip cookies and milk **Spoiled**!
 A breakfast full of sugar then the arcade with Dad so Mom could sHoP! {Wahoo!}
 We watched the Blue Angeles from the Westin on Sunday - on TV and from the deck.
I was in no hurry to get back home to the smoke.  So we detoured to the park and then Spuds.  If you are from the Seattle area, you know Spuds. I grew up eating there, but it had been years since I had been.  Dan and I were flabbergasted that it was $46.00 for the three of us {no alcohol either}. Ridiculous for fast food - and sadly it wasn't as good as the memories.
We have switched to Private Swim Lessons. They seem to be working better for us. It sucks that Caden doesn't get the social interaction with the other kids, but I was tired of driving to Cashmere 4 days a week, the smoke hasn't been the best for C's asthma, and private lessons are only 2 days a week with one on one instructor attention, rather then sharing one instructor with four to five other kids. It's a little more money, but worth it ~ and the best part is Caden really likes it!
We were happy to be able to see AJ {from California} while he is in town visiting his Grandma.
Less then three weeks until I return back to work and less then four weeks before Caden starts 2nd Grade {Eek} ... off to eat up these last couple weeks of break - and hopefully find clean air!!!