June 20, 2014

{{Adios First Grade}}

This school year went SUPER fast!  I feel like I didn't "capture" much of it. Maybe because I was just down the hall, so things didn't seem to stand out, or maybe because "time flies when you're having fun"?!

Most Wednesday's Caden's class would have parent read in's - a 30 minute window to read with the kids in the classroom.  One week while I was in there for parent read in, I had fun glancing through Caden's journal. Here are a few of his entries:
"Yesterday me and Mom went to Pybus Market."
"I tell you a joke. Knock knock. Who's there.  Orange. Orange who? Orange you gonna let me in?" ... With a picture of he and I.
"I am going on a trip with Mom and Dad, to Bellevue today. We are staying at the Westin."
"I got a Playmobil Airplane. I had so much fun. It has a bathroom. My other planes don't have a bathroom.  My Playmobil Airplane is so cool. I got it at hooked on toys, in a big box."
"I like Easter because I get to find the golden egg. I wonder what is inside. I get to find a lot of eggs. Sometimes chocolate is inside. I hope that I get to find it this year. I like finding eggs."
"After school I am going to the office. I go every Friday. My Mom works there. She used to work at Foothills. Now she works at Washington Elementary School."

I love the phonetic writing. He's gotten better at writing and I've gotten better about figuring it out. You don't really realize how messed up the English language is until you have to help a child understand it!  A few pictures from the weekly read ins.
I had this adorable delivery to my desk from Caden's class. My favorite page read, "Mrs. Wise likes me because she is my Mom. By Caden Wise" Wah.ha.ha :o)
Caden had very little problems this year because of his size. I know a lot of LP parents worry about their kids getting teased, etc.  For me, this has never been a concern.  Sadly, a majority of kids get teased for one reason or another.  Caden is lucky to be in a learning community that accepts him and educates all of their students on differences.

First grade was quite a bit easier for us then Kindergarten was. We had far less tears, far less homework, and I think me working in the building, made it a wee bit easier.  His teacher was equally as awesome as his Kinder teacher - both wonderful ladies!

A couple of quotes that I jotted down from Caden the last few months, regarding his "size":

"Mom, I have lots of friends because I'm a little person.  I'm the one that got chosen to be the only little person in Wenatchee.  Just because, I'm the one"

"Im the boss at recess because I'm the smallest kid.  I'm a little person and the only one that's different, so I make the rules" ... oh boy, we have some work to do on that one ;-)

Everyone knows him - he has tons of friends - he is doing great!
So, before we knew it the last week of school was here, and it was time to thank his awesome teacher!
Caden made this card all by himself:
Caden despises reading at home - however, on the night before the last day of school, he willingly decides to read on the deck - anything to delay bedtime - and soak in the excitement of "Can you believe tomorrow is the last day of school?" ... I heard that for three hours straight :o)

One Terrific Teacher ...
... and one Terrific Report Card. Caden is "at Standard" in most areas.
As I was putting Caden to bed the night before the last day of school, he said, "we should have a celebration tomorrow night". I asked him what that would consist of and he said, "staying up super late and playing video games".
I called Dan from work mid-morning to ask if he would have time to stop at the store and grab some balloons and cookies for C's "celebration". I thought for sure I would get a "are you crazy, I have enough to do" ...but instead Caden got this:
Way to go Dan - he bought balloons and tons of "junk food". He made signs (with a few misspellings ;-)) and set out the video game remote controls.  One awesome Dad and one spoiled boy!
Next Stop - SECOND Grade {Crazy!}

June 12, 2014

::Field Day & Story Sharing::

Whoa - I don't think I've ever posted so many "posts" in a one week period - {if you're just tuning in, there are several new posts within the last few days}

Caden's field day was a couple of weeks ago - he was so excited for the day and loved every bit of it!  The night before he told me he couldn't fall asleep because he was so excited for field day.

As a Mom of a little person, I feel so lucky that so far he never feels "defeated".  I was able to watch him do several of the activities - so many of the events weren't made for his size!  Its easy to feel sad for him ... but then I look at that smile and remember he is just fine! He gets out there - has fun and laughs the whole time.  .. and recess and PE are still his favorite times of the day.

Caden had his all school BBQ and Story Sharing last week! For me, the day was an absolute zoo! ... but for Caden it was a day of fun! Dan came to celebrate with Caden, since I knew I wouldn't be able to stay for all of the festivities.
Caden was so cute sitting in the teachers chair reading the book he published to his class and the parents!
It's hard to believe we are wrapping up first grade! Crazy!!!

1st Grade Music Program {Seasons}

Caden's adorable first grade music program was May 15th - yes, two days before moving weekend {busy!}. The theme of the program was "seasons". His music teacher does such a wonderful job with these kiddos.
My little buddy loves to be up on stage!
My Mom and Grandma made the trip over and back in the same day to catch the cuteness {They are true fans}. Below are a few snipits.

If only they didn't grow up!

{Daily Happenings}

We've been lucky to have a gorgeous early summer! At times it's been a little too warm for May/June - but we wont complain!
Getting in one last rolly poley hunt at the old house (oh, how I cant wait to have a yard again!)
We drove to Bellevue Mother's Day morning - Grandpa's service was the next day - we were able to add a little fun into our trip over.  Before leaving the house Caden gave me this cuteness {I love school projects}.
Bellevue Square,  gorgeous artwork by C which was inside the green paper (above), lunch at PF Changs and the Lego Store for the boys ~ A perfect day!
I love when we stay at my parents house and Caden pulls out this ride on toy.  It was my brother's and I when we were kids - C is clearly too old for it ~ silly kid!
Celebrating Dad's Birthday and hanging out at the river ...
Being Silly at Pybus
... and more river fun!
Yummy lunch at South while checking out the Lego-Land website {San Diego is less then 20 days away!}
Golfin' Boys
Bubbles in our "yard" - the empty lot next to our apartment.
Each day with Caden is an adventure!

June 11, 2014

{Caden's Mouth Pain}

More unplanned "fun" while trying to pack a house ...

I was at work, when Dan text me to say that Caden's mouth hurt and what should he do? Caden never complains of mouth pain - so I was a wee bit confused. Once they got to school, Caden was in tears, and didn't want to go to class (which is unlike him to not want to go to class).  I had him show me what was up - he had a loose tooth that was causing him pain. He said when he was eating his Eggo it hurt really bad - again, it isn't very often Caden cries big 'ol tears over pain, his tolerance level is pretty high.  

I was able to get him into the dentist within a couple hours.
They took an x-ray - and the x-ray clearly explained the pain. The permanent tooth coming up had split the baby tooth next to it in half and the nerves were exposed. We kept ibuprofen in him, and scheduled an appointment to go back the next day to have the baby tooth pulled. The gray area below is where the tooth is "floating" in half.
Of course after the appointment, when Caden went back to school he had to share his x-ray on the projector, with his class.
He did great with the extraction and had zero pain afterward ... this unplanned extraction opened up a process sooner then we had planned. The orthodontist at Children's wanted to see us back in April 2015.

We met with the Orthodontist here in Wenatchee a couple weeks ago - and will start serial extractions once we get back from San Diego. I want to talk with a couple of the doctors at the LPA National Conference before we move forward with the plan of our local orthodontist and the orthodontist at Childrens.

Caden's mouth has zero extra room - there is no way all of his permanent teeth will fit. Proof was given when the permanent tooth split through the baby tooth next to it.  Below is Caden's x-ray from a couple weeks ago.
Serial extractions consists of removing the baby teeth before they are wiggly - he will have three teeth removed in July ... then wait a year, and have another four removed. Two top and two bottom - in order on the left and right side. The extractions will continue until all of his baby teeth are out, and then eventually he will have four permanent teeth removed along with his wisdom teeth.

Money. Money. Money ... Sigh!