May 6, 2014


Sadly, my Grandpa passed away late Sunday night.  He had been in pain for quite some while.  Grandpa was one of Caden's biggest fans from the beginning. He loved reading the blog, and for quite some time he would print out each entry - till he realized how much color ink he would need ;-)
I always loved when Grandpa would leave comments on here - because seriously, how many 80+ old men can navigate the web?!
My favorite child hood memories of going to Grandma & Grandpa's was their basement (well half of it anyway - the other have had the scary doll in it).  Grandpa's side of the basement was his man cave (I didn't know that term back then).  Grandpa, my Dad and Uncles would watch sports down there, play poker and eat their snacks at Grandpa's bar.  While us kids would play in Grandpa's phone booth and drink numerous Shasta Colas :-)  
Grandpa was witty and funny!  My all time favorite Grandpa Story: Several years ago I went into his back yard. His string beans (or peas, cant remember what they were) were growing quite nicely.  I said, "Wow, Grandpa, look at how well your beans are growing". He replied with, "Ya, Trish, I've been giving them their Viagra" :-)

Grandma and Grandpa left quite the impression at Dan and I's wedding.  They really knew how to have a good time ~ our friends talked about them for weeks after.  
As a child, I loved playing the organ with Grandpa (I'm sure my Mom has a similar picture of Grandpa and I somewhere).  We were fortunate that Caden was able to play along with Great Grandpa as well. On one of our last visits with Grandpa, he and Caden played games on Great Grandpas computer - I guess that is more technological appropriate in 2014 :-)
I am thankful we got to spend so many years with Grandpa! He had 86 good years! I have no doubt that he is watching us from above, while playing poker with his buddies and telling his ridiculous jokes!

We love you Grandpa!