April 22, 2014

::Easter 2014::

We had a fun Easter ~ the usual, dying of the eggs. Caden is more independent each year, and the clean up is less. Wahoo!
The rabbit stopped by ...
Ugh - the "pose"  gets under my skin - but the more I say, "stand normal" the sillier he gets.
Cousin Levi came over with his cousins. Levi loves to "tackle" Caden - Caden is "gentle" with him. We'll see how many more months or years that lasts ;-) We had Easter Brunch ...
 then it was time to hunt for eggs
 the race is on
 60+ eggs later, they were all found 
 we tried to get a picture of all four kids looking the same direction - ya, not happening
 he still fits the cozy coupe ... barely
After our Easter festivities, we headed up to where we are going to build - we planned to head back home so I could start Easter dinner and Dan was going to finish fixing the fence.  
However, Caden suggested we go golfing - Dan couldn't say no to that, and I figured Easter Dinner could happen next weekend, ham's last forever, right?
We went home, grabbed the clubs and to the course we went ... 
 Silly Selfies
Happy Easter!

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Emily Camenga said...

Caden looks soooo grown up in these pictures! Handsome! Hope it was a very Happy Easter!