April 28, 2014

{Catching up with Spring}

A quick little review of what we've been up to since the end of February ....

Rails & Ales was held in Downtown Wenatchee. They brought snow into Downtown, made a ski jump, and had freestyle ski jumping. Caden loved it! ... and I loved that he is finally old enough to stay out late (9:00) on a Friday night ;o)
My view while grocery shopping...
LPA fun and Pre-7th birthday weekend fun in Bellevue, of course, at the Westin ...
It rained the whole weekend :-(
Outside fun ~ loving the sunshine!

More Sunshine Fun ...
Seven year well child check...
Hiking Saddle Rock - on a Gorgeous Saturday morning ...
OF course when the house is for sale - the irrigation line to the small parkway totally cracks, the length of the driveway. Mad Dan - Happy Caden!
With the Seven year old's imagination - a "Home Depot Garden Store" opened in our backyard.  He sold hoses, pots, rocks, roofing and dirt. Mom and Dad were his only customers ;o)
Spring Break Fun:
Helping Grammy & Pa-Pa in their backyard
Shopping fun at U-Village and a stop at Husky Stadium
Fun in Bellevue and at Bellevue Park
and a sleep study*. YUCK for Mom, Fun for Caden (goofy kid!)
and a stop at the museum of flight.
Love my tulips and Lego fun
Grammy's spoilin'
Fixing the fence - per the buyers request
Two months gone in a quick little recap :o)

* Caden's sleep study was a titration study with his CPAP on. Basically to check the pressure. He is currently on a 7.  They found he snored less and hyperventilated less when the pressure was increased to 9, but he also had more arousals at a 9.  We are keeping him at a 7 because of the less # of arousals and because we are concerned about the long term effects of the CPAP at a higher pressure and the facial structure of his face. The full face mask applies pressure to his face for 10-11 hours a day.

We also had our first visit with the craniofacial clinic.  We saw four different doctors within the clinic.  They explained jaw surgery options to open the airway more to help with his obstructive sleep apnea. Thankfully they don't think he is a candidate for that at this time (me neither!) - The orthodontist within the team that we saw would like to see Caden back in a year. Caden will definitely need orthodontic work done, its just a matter of figuring out when. We will do a full panoramic x-ray here in June and send it to Seattle Children's so they can review it. There is a possibility they will take a few baby teeth to "buy time" and allow for his permanent teeth, with eventually, possibly removing permanent teeth.  Cha-cha-ching - anyone want to donate to that fund? ugh! I will take the panoramic with us to San Diego to get the Medical Advisory Board's opinion of treatment as well.

April 22, 2014

::Easter 2014::

We had a fun Easter ~ the usual, dying of the eggs. Caden is more independent each year, and the clean up is less. Wahoo!
The rabbit stopped by ...
Ugh - the "pose"  gets under my skin - but the more I say, "stand normal" the sillier he gets.
Cousin Levi came over with his cousins. Levi loves to "tackle" Caden - Caden is "gentle" with him. We'll see how many more months or years that lasts ;-) We had Easter Brunch ...
 then it was time to hunt for eggs
 the race is on
 60+ eggs later, they were all found 
 we tried to get a picture of all four kids looking the same direction - ya, not happening
 he still fits the cozy coupe ... barely
After our Easter festivities, we headed up to where we are going to build - we planned to head back home so I could start Easter dinner and Dan was going to finish fixing the fence.  
However, Caden suggested we go golfing - Dan couldn't say no to that, and I figured Easter Dinner could happen next weekend, ham's last forever, right?
We went home, grabbed the clubs and to the course we went ... 
 Silly Selfies
Happy Easter!