March 17, 2014


Seven years ago ... Caden came into the world five weeks early, stopped breathing on his second day of life ... and has kept us on our toes since!  He is ornery, stubborn, very spoiled and sarcastic - yet he is also hilarious, sweet and loving! He's a pretty awesome kid!  Happy 7th Birthday Caden!!!!
Since we knew way back when that the Lego movie was coming out late this winter - Caden had it on his radar ~ he knew he wanted to have his birthday at the movies.
The party package was valid for 10 kids.  I allowed Caden to have a guest list of 15 - because not everyone comes right?! Oh so not the case this year ... 14 of the 15 kids RSVP'ed. Yep, 15 1st graders to the movies!
I gave each kiddo an envelope with 8 quarters to play the pinball machines.
"Happy Birthday to You"
Way tooo many presents!
Goofy Kid!
Have you ever tried to get 15 kids into the movie theater quietly, seated, and with popcorn and pop?  (I purchased plastic popcorn containers from the dollar store, and bought large popcorn's to fill them - cheaper then buying individual popcorn's at the theater). We only had two pop spills and three popcorn spills.  :o)
Caden and a few of his buddies ended up laying on the floor. The stupid movie theater seats flip up with Caden's short legs. He doesn't have the weight/leg length to hold them down. Usually Dan or I sit next to him at the movie and hold the seat with one of our knees.  I asked if they had boosters and the guy told me no.  I asked if they could sit on the floor in the front and the guy told me it was a safety issue. I asked how they could accommodate my son? All the sudden they could sit on the floor ;-) They were pretty cute down there.
Have you seen the Lego Movie? I *Loved* it!  I had no clue going into it that I would end up cracking up with tears coming out of my eyes. That movie is MY life.  Will Ferrell is totally Dan!  "but Dad we bought them at a toy store?" ... "it says ages 8-12" ... "that's just the suggested age". Seriously!  Lord Business/President Business and Emmet/Finn live in my house! ... "everything is awesome"...

After the movie, pig pile .... After four hours, it was quite the chore to keep these kiddos inline while we waited for their parents.
Playing with their goody bags ..
I wasn't planning on ordering Caden a birthday shirt this year - but when I found this idea, I emailed my girl - and the cuteness was on its way "1980's something astronaut guy - Benny" :o)
All cleaned up from an amazing day!  One well loved kid!

That rascally Leprechaun made a visit this morning ...
Caden wanted Leprechaun cookies with "gold" for his class today ...
... we ended the day with opening all the cards that came in the mail from our family!
Thank you to each of you who continue to spoil him rotten!  He's one lucky kid!

March 12, 2014


Hooray! I think we officially survived another winter!  I hope I'm not jinxing it - this week has been gorgeous! We are loving it {Sunshine is the best medicine}.
After school and work today we played outside - while Caden was "working" in the garden - this little buddy showed up.
They play nicely together now ... however I think within 5 years they will be wrestling each other ;o) 
 Looking forward to more outside time and sunshine!