February 19, 2014

{Happy Heart Day}

I had fun making Caden's Valentines this year.  Clear cellophane bags, Sweedish Fish in bulk, a little Photoshop, card stock and a stapler.  They read: "You're the funniest fish in the school", "You're the coolest fish in the school", "You're the nicest fish in the school" and "Valentine, I'm glad we're in the same school" :o)

It was quite the process to get him to write all 26 names on the little bags - it's amazing how he turns a simple task into such a "chore". 
A cute "kid" delivering his Valentine to the Principal. 
Classroom Valentine Party
... and the cutest Valentine!


Winter has arrived late this year ... We went quite a while without snow.  Honestly, as much as I didn't miss the snow, I was starting to get a little worried that we would dry up this summer.  Even the mountains had very little snow. 

The worries were froze away a few weeks ago - the snow arrived - and Caden couldn't be happier.  The mountains have plenty of snow now.  I don't think we need to worry any longer about the snow pack.

Our first sledding outing of the year was an impromptu outing.  We were leaving work/school when Caden saw a couple of his buddies on the sled hill. He wanted to join them - so we did. His friends left, we stayed, more kids he knew showed up, so we stayed, they left, and we were still there. I was ready to go. He, not so much. 
His guilt trip was, "Mom, this may be the only snow we get this year - this may be the only time I can go sledding when I'm 6 years old". I'm a sucker and he's a lawyer - bad combination ;o).  We left two and a half hours later - frozen!

Thankfully, for Caden it snowed a few more times after his first sledding event of the year.
He had fun building a snow fort in the front yard ...
... it became even "funner" when Dad got home to help ...
He worked on it the next day after school - he is determined!
... and it snowed more!
This past weekend we headed up to Leavenworth for dinner with my parents and a little sledding fun up there.  Caden had a blast!  No sledding pics, since I was at the top of the hill helping and it was dumping wet snow! 
Mother Nature has done her thing now ... she can take Winter away! I'm ready for Spring {Sun & Tulips!}

The Last Month ....

Things are good here. Crazy busy as usual!  With all the social media outlets available, I find it easier to let the blog slip .... its easier to "throw it on Facebook" ... but I keep reminding myself to keep on with the blog because this has become a virtual scrapbook - after all the time and effort I've put into, I can't stop now. So here we go ....

Here's a quick little recap of what's been going on the last month:

Caden's buddy AJ (from California) spent a week in Wenatchee visiting his grandparents. The boys got to play together twice during that time.  A little Minecraft (Auntie Julie bought them their own pick-axes) and a game of bowling. Fun times!  Caden wishes AJ lived here all the time.

One of the little girls in Caden's grade has been hanging out in the office during recess (she has a broken leg).  I about died when she showed me the picture she "drew" Caden on the iPad. Adorable!  Even more cute because Caden no longer acknowledges her since he has a huge crush on her. Love it! It starts so young!

Like the rest of Washington .... we watched the Super Bowl. Game Day morning was spent scouring the stores for Skittles - found some at Target. Wahoo!
Caden only cared "1/2 about the game" - he spent the other half of the time playing with his Lego's with one eye on the TV.

We've been busy publicizing our recent School Bond in Wenatchee.  Our facilities are aging - and our school especially, needs to be rebuilt (it's 60 years old) -  The two previous bonds in Wenatchee have failed.  We hoped it would pass - but weren't sure it would.
This adorable kiddo stood on the street corner with me to "sign wave" .... and thankfully - on election day last week - 68% voted approved. So exciting!  Caden will have a new school for 4th and 5th grade and Mommy will have a nice new building to work in.
We taped a "Thank You" to our yard sign for the weekend - don't worry he didn't stand behind the sign the whole weekend :o)

More to come soon ....