January 20, 2014

{Everything is a Comedy Act}

We are good ... busy, but good .. just routine. We enjoyed our three day weekend. Caden played - I tried to get caught up on "life" {once one becomes a parent, is that ever possible?}.

We have ZERO snow - which is good! I don't love the snow - however on the other hand Caden is bummed he hasn't been able to make a snow fort this year - and I'm starting to freak out that we are going to dry up this summer and have a ton of forest fires. Eek!

Caden is silly! Every opportunity he has to be silly - he is. Often times I get annoyed with it - I'm in a hurry and don't have time for his "games" ... but when I do stop to enjoy it, he really does crack me up.

We (I guess I should say, "I"} had fun with the camera a couple weeks ago. Caden is annoyed with me and the camera - but I will take what I can get.
 Hey - how did he get in here? Caden thought it was pretty darn funny!
Caden's newest kick is "knock-knock" jokes ... they don't make sense ... he makes them up as he goes. Here is one from last night. I tried to get another one recorded tonight and he told me, "Mom, that just isn't my business" ... like what, being an actor? Guess he isn't going to Hollywood anytime soon.
Have a great week!

January 6, 2014

{Yearly Bone Check}

We just got home from a quick 24 hour trip to the Seattle side of the state. Caden loved staying at the hotel and having his "noodles" {instant noodles, from the little store at the hotel - it's all about the memories for him - he only wanted the noodles because he had them last time we stayed at this hotel.  These same noodles can be bought at Fred Meyer for $1.00 but he would rather by them for $4.00 at the hotel - love my kid, sigh!}, he also had M&M's and water in a wine glass.
Gotta keep these trips fun ... so he continues to think it is fun to go to the doctor.
Today, he had his yearly checkup with "the bone doctor" as he calls it.  I love the Orthopedic team we see at Seattle Children's. ... and I think they equally enjoy watching Caden grow up.
On the achondroplasia growth charts Caden is in the 50th percentile for head, height and weight.
He is still "floppy" in his knees.  Hopefully as he continues to grow up the laxity in his knees will strengthen. The laxity is what causes his occasional leg pain.
The doctors are concerned about his speech. I explained to them that we have had him tested several times in our school district and he doesn't "qualify" for speech services.  They would like us to see the speech clinic at Children's. They are hoping that the clinic at Children's will "qualify" him and then they could use that as a persuasion to get him services here in Wenatchee.  I don't think they've "met" our Special Ed department ... but if I need to, it is a battle I will fight with the district.
We will also begin seeing the cranio-facial clinic.  Caden has crazy crowding in his mouth (common with achons). We've seen an orthodontist here in Wenatchee, but they as well as I feel it might be better to see someone who is familiar with an achon mouth. They would also like cranio-facial to evaluate Caden's midface and how the CPAP mask is or can affect his facial features long term.
We have another sleep study scheduled in a few weeks.
Overall it was a good appointment. Caden hammed it up and had plenty of "stories" for the team. Below is his pirate ship he drew while we patiently waited.
Last night on FB I mentioned Caden having an appointment tomorrow.  Come to find out Ayden also had his yearly checkup at Children's tomorrow.  We were able to squeeze in an hour of play between appointments. What fun for these two!
 Looks like their ready for a little DAAA Football :o)
Tomorrow we return to school after having 17 days off ... yes, we are spoiled :o)

Have a Great Rest of the Week!

January 1, 2014

Happy New Year *2014*

2013 started out a wee bit rough (Caden had the flu, my car had issues, neighborhood security and kindergarten issues) but thankfully the year turned itself around.

*It was the easiest year of being a parent so far. It was Caden's healthiest year yet. School is going good for him. He's spoiled & ornery - Good thing he's cute!
*Business was great - almost too great - Dan worked and worked. {Thank You!}We were able to begin chiseling away at the "damage" from the few previous years of slow business.
*I made a much needed job change.  I miss a few of my co-workers ... but not the kiddo's - I don't miss the middle school attitude and disrespect
*We had fun adventures - and were lucky to once again attend the Little People National Conference.

We wrapped up 2013 with a little sunshine ...
... and a few Poppers!
2014 could bring big changes for us - {I don't love change or risks}- but I know the end result will be worth it. We will see where the next couple of months take us!

Happy New Year!