December 31, 2013

::Christmas 2013::

As always, Christmas came and went super fast this year ... It seemed as soon as the "halls were decked" - the big day was here - Must have something to do with Thanksgiving being late this year.
Getting ready for the big guys arrival. This year Caden chose to put out *eight* carrots. He wanted to make sure each reindeer had their own.
Once again Santa came to our house a few nights early this year. We've wondered how many more years we would be able to pull this off. When I told Caden Santa was coming on Monday he said, "nu-uh, my teacher said Christmas is on Wednesday". I was thinkin' o shoot - we've blown it.  I quickly pulled out ...

"well I text Santa that we wouldn't be home on Christmas and he said he had a couple other stops to make for kids who wouldn't be at home and he could probably include us".

Whew - it worked.  He quickly became excited that he was the only kid in his class that got to have Christmas early ;-).

Caden was so excited to go to bed the night before Santa's arrival. He actually asked us if he could go to bed - that never happens.  We read the Night Before Christmas (that Elf left) and he was fast asleep.
He didn't wake up too terribly early (6:45 ish) - I thought it was so cute that he chose to hand out his gifts he made at school to Dan and I before he dug into his gifts (awful pic - but too cute not to include) - Dan and I were a little shocked by his patience and kindness.
Caden has been pleading for the Disney Infinity game system for months (the thing turns out to be a money pit - whoa!) ... we bought him a Razor scooter - it wasn't on his list - he ended up loving the scooter more then the Infinity. Hooray!  He is picking it up quite quickly. I'm hoping he has it mastered by July so we can take it to the National Conference with us.  It will "save" his legs a little.
The next day we headed over the river and through the woods ...
to Grandmothers house (Grandpa's house too) ...
After the festivities there (not sure why I didn't take many pics?!) we headed to my parents to spend the night and have Christmas morning with them. Caden was spoiled with his very own mini iPad {Hooray - I can have mine back all to myself}. It really is the perfect size for him.
He also received a globe.  A gift he has needed for awhile.
We hung out for a wee bit longer -
... then headed North to Dan's parents. - Again very few pictures?!
After Dan's parents it was time for my gift - Willows! I love that this has become a tradition for us.  This year I was able to talk Dan into staying two nights!
We were able to wind down from all the hustle and bustle of work (Dan has been working tons of hours), traveling and visiting with our family and just Relax!  We ventured out to the mall (wonderful bargains the day after Christmas) in the afternoon and returned "home" for our second night.
Caden and Dan watched the Lone Ranger movie ... and someone even watched part of it from the bath :o)
We brought the new game system ... he was plenty comfy on his roll away bed in front of the fire - spoiled!
I absolutely love Willows - the comfort, the memories, everything - I didn't want to return to reality!
I could live there ...well maybe ... the weather and traffic would wear on me quickly, I'm sure.
Hoping you had a Wonderful Holiday!

December 25, 2013

December 24, 2013

{Lollipop} Elf 2013

We had another fun year with Elf!
He arrives. Stuck in the toaster. An M&M "C".
Stuck in the candle. Minecraft Elf. Elf Camping.
Marshmallow Bath. In the tree. Stuck in TP.
Ziplining. Construction Work. Self Portrait.
Slumber Party.
Leavin' Goodies. Turned the milk green. In the Car.
Photo Session. Arriving on the Polar Express.
A Scavenger Hunt ... with a Gingerbread House @ the end.
Rudolph Pictures.
Candy Snowman. Flying with Style.
Another treasure hunt with an XBox Game @ the end.
... and finally, "The Night Before Christmas".
I keep waiting/anticipating Caden to start "questioning" the logistics of Elf .... I thought this would be the last year with our house guest ... but I'm thinking he will get to return again next year. Wahoo! Yes, I am "that Mom" :o)