November 24, 2013

{It's Raining Leaves}

Whoa! The leaves this year were a little atrocious! I'm not sure what we were thinking when we planted 3 Maple Trees 11 years ago {We have since cut one down} ... I guess we were just following the covenance ... Those two trees drop a lot of leaves, not to mention we are at the end of the street so we get all the ones that blow down the street.
*but a certain six year old loved the leaves! ... and I love the blue skies! 
... I love that his snow shovel also serves as a leaf scoop.
I think he was a wee bit sad last weekend when I finally got all the leaves bagged up. 
 Not looking forward to what's next ~ shoveling snow ~ sigh!

November 9, 2013

*The Capitol Christmas Tree*

The Capitol Christmas Tree came through Wenatchee Wednesday night.  Caden and I headed down after work/school. It was set to arrive at 4:00 ... but was running a wee bit behind. We were able to watch the police escort block off the roads, the huge truck back in, etc. Caden loved the production, as did I.  I explained to him that this tree was cut near our house and was going all the way to Washington DC to be displayed at the Capitol building.  The Capitol was Caden's favorite building on our trip this past summer. It was neat that he was able to understand where and how far the tree's final destination was.
They didn't uncover the truck ... but they had windows for the kiddo's to look through to view the tree.
It was a fun, festive evening complete with Christmas music.  When we left Caden proclaimed that he is ready for Christmas now because they played music and he saw the tree ... when we got home he got out his Polar Express Train, turned on the Polar Express movie ... then asked if we could make a Christmas tree ... Whoa, hold on buddy ... let's remember the Pilgrims first :o)

:: Happy Halloween ::

Our weather the week of Halloween was awesome!  ... My days of Caden posed on the front porch for the annual Halloween picture are long gone. He's even figuring out my "tricks" to getting the good shot (sigh?!) ... So this year, you get to imagine :o) Cute picture of the kid ... empty front porch ... put the two together.  That's the best its gonna get ...
.... Festive Treats ....
Watching for the first trick o'treaters ...
As was last year, Caden didn't want to go trick o'treating this year.  He doesn't love candy ... and is shy about going up to peoples doors.  He went out with Cousins Lilly and Levi but waited at the end of each driveway while they went to the front doors. At one driveway there were people handing out candy to the trick o'treaters and Caden responded with no thank you. Not your average 6 year old?!?!
Caden put his head lamp on his tractor and lead the way ....
Checking out the "haunted house"
The rest of our Halloween weekend was spent enjoying the weather ... as well as a spare the moment outing down to Pybus with a yummy lunch at South!!! ... we also found Levi down there with his cousins.
... cause really, how hard is it to get a good picture of this kid?! 
A fun fall Halloween weekend!