October 30, 2013

{{Wrapping Up Dwarfism Awareness Month}}

As I mentioned in my Dwarfism Awareness post a few weeks ago - I tend to forget that Caden doesn't fit in the average mold ....

... however at the same time, I feel it is my job to educate .... it's sometimes tricky to find the balance. 

As I was typing that post a few weeks ago,  an idea starting brewing in my head.  I knew we had an upcoming all school read in ... my creative hat was put on ... and with our Principal's permission .... 584 of these adorable bookmarks will be given out to each kiddo tomorrow (Kinder through Fifth Grade) during our all school read in.
Subtly educating one day at a time ... I love it :o)

October 28, 2013

::Thinking of You::

My Grandma & Grandpa (as well as the rest of my extended family) have had a rough week.  Even though we are 3 hours East ... we are thinking of you all!
 ....rest up Great Grandpa .... Love three goofy kids!!!

... More Fall Fun ...

Caden rocked the pumpkin carving this year. This was the first year he has done most of it by himself (I helped him get the top cut off).  He came up with the design all by himself ... and drew and carved away ... until he was content with the outcome.
Dad even got in on the fun ...
the finished product ....
This has been best October I can remember since moving here 11 years ago ... the weather has been awesome!
 Seriously ... who needs brothers ... when you have a Daddy & Uncle who haven't grown up?! :o)
Caden and I spent some time down at Pybus and the loop trail on Saturday. Spectacular! I could have stayed down there with my camera all day!
... yes, we brought the tractor to the loop :o)

... the forecast is changing ... I'm not ready for winter!  Off to absorb the sun and pretty trees for a few more days!

{Pumpkin Patch Fun}

The weekend before last we headed to the pumpkin patch out in Malaga.  If you are local, and haven't visited "the Patch" I recommend it.  It is simple family fun and isn't nearly as crowded or "touristy" as Smallwoods.
To say that Caden had fun - is an understatement. He LOVED it and didn't want to leave.
Tons of pumpkins to choose from ....
and even a corn maze!
Our October weather has been nothing sort of spectacular!
We're already counting down the days till next year ... to head back to "the Patch".

... a little iPhone Dump

Caden is digging being able to stay up late on the weekends to watch movies with Dad .... The clip below is him watching Pirates of the Caribbean ...
making sure he gets every last drop & the pumpkins are harvested time to destroy the garden
Candyland (imagine that - a non-electronic game) & a Lego battle
i spied a cute boy on the playground & we finally got rid of the five point harness (eek!)
these obnoxious flatbed carts make the perfect ride for Caden  & Yummy Cookies
silly kids & fresh air!

October 21, 2013

::Fall Conference::

Dan and I had Caden's fall conference last week. Now that Caden and I are at the same school, I find it a wee bit difficult to balance the employee/co-worker relationship with the parent-teacher relationship.
Caden's teacher has stopped by my desk several times to tell me what a great kid Caden is ... but I had yet to actually sit down with her to discuss in details how first grade is going for him.

To sum it up, Dan and I are very pleased with Caden's progress.  It is so refreshing to attend a conference and be told that your student is a great kid and so fun to have in class. There are more then a handful of times during the week, I think, oh geez - I've failed - he's rotten.  I've always told Dan, "As long as he is good at school - he can be ornery at home". - Seriously, when I do peek in on him in class or see him in the hall I think, "who is that kid? he doesn't follow directions like that at home" ;o)

Academically Caden is doing well.  He is at at standard for reading. However he is receiving extra reading support for phonemic awareness. Huh, what -ya I know - click here for a definition. This delay is quite likely because of his hearing loss and not getting him going with his FM system until February of last year. I'm not stressing though ... remember, this is the kid that didn't start walking until 29 months ... look at him now.

He is at standard for Writing, above standard for Basic Math Facts, at standard for Numbers and working toward standard for Math Problem Solving.  His Citizenship (does what is expected, does the best he can, respects the learning and safety of others), Effort, Work, Study Skills and effort at Number Corner (Calendar, etc) are all Outstanding.
Gotta dig the sweaty hair (eww) in this picture - clearly it must have been right after recess!

I am so thankful we haven't had any "hiccups" this school year. Crazy enough the homework in first grade is quite a bit less then the homework he had in kindergarten.  Hoping the year continues on seamlessly.

.... and not toooooo much faster!

October 19, 2013

Fun with the Camera

It's been a while since I've taken out my camera and just "clicked.clicked.clicked" so that's just what I've done a couple times this past week:
Last Sunday, Cleaning out the garden for the year ....
  ... and capturing a gorgeous fall Thursday ...
 We could not ask for better fall weather this past week!
I adore the flags he taped to the front of his tractor.
Have a Great Weekend!