September 3, 2013

{First Grade}

Yes, I just typed "First Grade". {Crazy!}.

Caden had a good first day!  I saw him 4 times through out the day (makes my job change worth it) .... The final time of the day was with his after school sitter ... he was busy telling her that he didn't drink water all day (what?! - it was 85+ degrees today - he's a little person - he sweats - he needs water!)  Once we were home he told me he couldn't reach the drinking fountain :o(  We will fix that tomorrow :o)

He thinks it was a good day because; he doesn't have homework, he found his core group of friends (who aren't in his class this year) at recess, he had an assembly and he had art.  Mhhh?! None of the academic parts of school were on his list. Go figure! 
 ... and to show everything isn't "Pinterest Perfect" over here (sidenote-I have yet to join the Pinterest "fun" - I think it would consume me - "just say no"} here are a few of the many outtakes ... in no way is my little "angel" perfect :o)
... yes, I know you would like to be that person in the corner of park watching the free entertainment ;o)
Here's the first day pictures from this morning ... Courtesy of Dad ... I had to get out the door early!
I passed his teacher at the end of the day. She said Caden had a great first day, that he was very polite and so smart .... as long as he's polite at school, that's all that matters - whew :o)

September 2, 2013

One Last Summer Weekend!

Thursday night was the annual Bring Your School Supplies & Ice Cream Social Evening for Caden.  Since I am now at Caden's school, I was able to sneak a peek in his classroom on Thursday, during the day. I adore that his teacher placed him at a table with kids he knows (she had asked me who he might want to sit by - I didn't think she would put him with all of them).
Caden was less then thrilled about going to the ice cream social - and I still believe he is in denial that school starts tomorrow.  He asked me today if he really has school tomorrow, if it is a half day, and if he will have recess ... my un-academic kid. I predict another long year of homework battles!
My pictures of the evening were very few - since I was only able to hang with he and Dan for about 5 minutes then I had to get back to work (I'm quickly learning the pros and cons to being at the same school as C).
This weekend was jam packed in an attempt to absorb every remaining minute of summer!  We had a family slumber party Friday night, Caden stayed up till 11 (which he thought was way cool), and we watched Harry Potter (is he really old enough for that? Dan says, yes).
Saturday morning we headed down to Pybus, and Caden had a friend over to play .... we rode the little train ... one last time for the year.
Sunday, Caden and Dan picked huge carrots  (and other veggies) from our garden , we did yard work,
 ... and we went golfing with Dan ...
 Could we live anywhere better?!
Today, we slowly got back to reality - $200.00 was spent at the grocery store ... Meals have to be planned and lunches have to be made this week - Junk!
... and the kid ... he's still a wee bit nutty ... 90 degrees out and he is inside with rain boots playing X-Box.
Tomorrow he is a FIRST grader!

I'm going to pout now - adios summer!