August 27, 2013


Whoa! August came and went - and this is my first post for the month. Sadness! Sorry Great Grandma (she's my biggest fan ;o)).

so ... no use dwelling on the past .... I'll get caught up ... and all will be fine again ..... :o)

The first weekend in August was my Birthday Weekend!  To keep in tune with the past few years, I again chose a weekend at the Westin in Bellevue!  Wonderful accommodations - Dan occupies Caden at the pool and the arcade - while I shop a-l-o-n-e - and - a plentiful supply of yummy eateries! Deal! It was a nice break for the three of us since Dan has been working 6 and 7 day work weeks since April (the joys of being self employed!)
We ended our Bellevue weekend with a quick stop down south at my parents to meet my Dad's long lost cousin, whom I've heard stories about for years. Lots of fun looking at old pictures and hearing old stories from my Dad's youth.
We headed home for a few days and then Caden and I headed back to Seattle. On my actual birthday, Caden had an ENT appointment at Seattle Children's. (ya, that's motherhood - whatcha gonna do when the doctor only sees patients on Thursday's?!).  However Caden and I made the best of it and spent some time at U-Village, enjoyed the best cupcakes, and shopped a little too :o)
His appointment went okay - his left ear drum has not completely healed since his ear infection last month - junk!
Following his appointment and our U-village fun we headed down to my parents for three days.  Caden was excited to see my mom "decorated" for my birthday - he was bummed the weekend prior when the house wasn't decorated with "balloons and pinatas" for the family gathering.

 Auntie Lori took us to the Alaska Airline Company store - Caden was Thrilled!  He talked the entire! time we were in the store.
Fun in Gram & Pa's backyard - does Caden look like a rotten 13 year old in the middle picture above? What is going on?! Growing way too quickly! Papa made a campfire in the backyard - Caden was so excited to roast marshmallows - but we quickly realized he had no interest in eating them - he only wanted to catch them on fire.
Serious story time going on here ....
 I spent a good two weeks of August deciding whether or not to change jobs - My pros and cons list was equal on both sides and was a page long ... it was a very hard decision for me, however, I have moved schools and now am at Caden's Elementary :o)
I spent 9 years at the middle school - they were a "family" to me - they watched me grow-up - stuck with me for all my time off with Caden.  My assistant principal and I worked well together - he could give me a task - and I could finish the sentence on what to do. But at the same time I was tiring out - as hard as change is - I needed the change.
My new position means I get to "see" Caden daily - will give me new job experiences - and pays a wee bit more.
I have begun to get settled in this week - and I laugh inside each time I meet a new staff member. Of course they all "know" Caden.  I've been told by several that he's either "adorable, charming, or so polite" - mhhh, if only they really knew Caden  ... as I was going through the decision, interview, acceptance process I heard from Caden at different times over the course of two weeks, "Mom you better not annoy me - Mom, you can't interrupt me - Mom, don't disturb me" ... oh yes, he's so charming and polite (not) ;o)
We canned peaches - the birds got to our tree this year before we could :o(  We were only able to can 13 jars, but that's better then nothing!
 Created yummies with tomatoes and basil from our garden ....
My "assistant" helped me stuff the last LPA newsletter and chilling with cousin Levi after bath...
Caden has clearly outgrown the tractor and is ready for a four wheeler (need funds first) .... he rides the thing standing up on it sideways (see third picture) and is constantly trying to drive it tougher and faster then it is able.
Caden finished 6 weeks of swim lessons. We drove up to Cashmere for lessons (about 15 min) and it was well worth it - the instructors were young girls and of course ate Caden up - he has no fear of the water - and I'm sad summer is over - and lessons have ceased for this year!
 The last session they got to go down the water slide and off the diving board multiple times. Caden loved it!
We went to see Planes - cute movie.
 ... and his imagination continues! (thank you for the cute hat & jacket Aunt Jill - for some reason my email to you bounced back to me). - Love the robe and hat together - quite the ensemble.
Notice his hand on his ear - yep, now the right ear is infected. Ahhh! It started oozing Saturday (so I started drops) I took him to the audiologist after work today for the audiologist to check over his FM system.  I also asked him to look in his right ear - its a mess - looks like we need another round of over the counter antibiotics. Just in time for school to start in a week .... and his left ear still isn't completely healed from his infection in July.
~ it's no wonder all we've heard lately is "what'd you say?"
There's our summer - a quick, fun, eventful 9 weeks :o) - Yes, I know I'm spoiled to have summers off - we are now back to routines, Caden at daycare this week (he starts school next week), the house is quickly falling apart (groceries, laundry and dishes), I feel overwhelmed ... and yet again, my personal assistant isn't arriving, mhhh?!