July 31, 2013

{What Summer is all About}

We've been keeping busy since returning from Washington DC .... July consisted of: 
Mowing the grass, staying in jammies all day ... and seeing Monsters University with Dad.
 Buying a new kiddie pool and picking radishes from the garden.
 Dentist and Orthodontist visits ... and homework (yes, I'm mean!)
 Hanging out at the nursery, sorting through Dr. Bills (hate it!) and resting in the shade.
 "Remodeling" his playhouse.
 Impromptu trips to Leavenworth. 
 Visiting the guys at work (and "helping"), peeing outside (naughty!) and playing Lego's.
 A FUN trip to Chelan ...
... to see our friends! (yes, family - that's Kristian & Lily all grown up - nuts!)
 Tractor "Chillin'" sometimes in Jammies and Doctor Visits for an ear infection resulting in a burst ear drum :-(
 More fun with Friends! and gorgeous blue skies!
 Bowling Fun.
 Fun swimming with Friends ... and telling stories.
 Silly glasses, "snorkeling" and presents in the mail from Aunties.
 Mommy Juice, building towers and waiting patiently.
 Being silly, more goofy glasses and attempting to grocery shop with a large obstacle in the cart.
 Swim lessons - he's rocking them! (we will LOOSE that life jacket), HEAT and shivers.
 Taking the piggy bank to the coin counting machine so he could buy a new toy.
 Seeing Despicable Me 2 and showing Grammy & Pa his fish at school.
 Washing trucks in jammies while Mommy admires the flowers.
Having fun at Pybus.
Attending more swim lessons.
 Having fun with Cousin Levi.
More water fun and  hanging out with Three Wise Men.
 Attempting the diving board, "I think I will sit instead - that's high up"
 ... and watching thunder clouds. 
Unfortunately we have another wildfire burning 10 miles south of us.  Hoping the smokey skies we've had the last few days, don't stay long!

... and that's what Summer is all about!  Only three weeks left ~ we're going to continue to make the best of it!