June 26, 2013

Just a Little over a Week in ...

We are twelve days into summer break ... and it just may be a long summer!  Caden doesn't have the words "relax" or "take a break" in his vocabulary. We have been on the go since school ended ....
No time to regroup from the school year ...He wanted to create a fort on the first stay home day.
 We've rode the little train
We've "camped" on the deck ... which included ice wrapped around his noggin.  He kept tripping this particular day. ... and we've went on a few walks, which included repairing the tractor en route. 
We headed to the Seattle side and Caden saw the "coolest" thing on the way, a train pulling part of an airplane. You would have thought it was Christmas, he was so excited.
 While in Seattle we met our buddy Ayden at the Everett Children's Museum - totally neat place!
 We stayed at the Bellevue Hotel ... since the next morning we had an appointment at Children's.  A sleep doctor follow up.  They checked his CPAP, looked at the report and proclaimed Caden a STAR for wearing his CPAP nightly for almost a year (it only took 4 years to get him to start wearing it). Good Job buddy!
 We ended our Seattle adventure by meeting Gram for lunch then a little Retail Therapy at Bell Square!
We've had four play dates ....
 .... and met Aunt Louise & Uncle Greg who were in town visiting.  Caden had fun talking their ears off, showing them the little train track and hanging out at Pyubs.
Caden got to be the first kiddo (out of coincidence) to put his handprint on the candy store wall at Pybus ... and we attended the official Grand Opening at Pybus.  The man talking in the far right picture is Mike Walker, the one we have to thank for the wonderful establishment.
 ... and the best part of Caden's summer so far - a Wii U.  We are in the process of selling our boat that we don't use. To keep Caden from freaking out about the boat leaving, Dan told Caden we would buy him the new Lego Chase McCain game and the Wii to play it on.  Spoiled Kid!
The true fun starts this weekend .... Caden and I head to the other side of the US to see our friends in Washington DC at Little People Convention. Cant Wait!

June 15, 2013

::The Graduate::

This school year went FAST! .... it seemed like it just got rolling, then it was over ... Good for me, because I am fortunate enough to have the summer off .... Bad for me, because Caden is done with Kindergarten.  This was such an amazing year of growth for Caden ... he went from struggling in a few academic areas to finishing the year "at standard" and slightly "above standard" in reading.  
His teacher was nothing but amazing! She handled all of our worries with grace and urgency.  She adored Caden to pieces and Caden respected her and acted like an angel in class (unlike at home).
She set the bar so high this year, I fear next year ... she has assured me his teacher next year is going to be just as good. We will see.
Of course we had to honor his wonderful teacher! ... and since I'm addicted to our new market, the choice of this years gift was obvious ... Pybus Bucks, Adorable wood coins in $5.00 denominations.
I whipped up this cute little tag - stuck 10 coins in a jar ... and an adorable gift was done!
As was the music program, I also scored front row seats for Kindergarten Graduation through the online auction on Facebook.  I wasn't so sure I agreed with Kindergarten graduation ... seemed a little like a Hallmark Holiday to me, however of course I went with it - and oh my goodness ... cuteness overload.
Caden's Teacher & Principal .... both great individuals!  We couldn't be luckier!
After graduation, they had refreshments, treats and social time.  I couldn't stay :-(  I had to get back to work, as it was also the last day of school in my building.  I left the camera with Dan - he did good :-)

Saying his goodbyes ...
... and he's off to First Grade!
After I got off work, Dan headed to work ... and Caden and I headed to South ...
... and had a little fun ...
One Busy Day!
Next Stop :::: First Grade :::

**I also did a catch up post last night ... scroll down to see**

June 14, 2013

**Adios Kindergarten**

Somehow nine months have zoomed by and we have a Kindergarten Graduate!
... all the details to come tomorrow :o)  

**Ooops ... Behind Again! ... Memorial Day and the weeks in between**

This time of the year the weather in our little town is the BEST!  I can't get enough of it ... between awesome weather and the craziness of another year at work wrapping up, back to back weekends to Seattle, Dan being super busy (means more bookkeeping for me) at work and school functions for Caden ... I've had very little time to blog.
Haging out at Pybus (yes, we've been weekly :-)) ... signing Great Grandma's card
Memorial Day weekend also happened to be Dan's birthday weekend. We headed west to visit his family.  He golfed with his Uncle and brother Saturday, which meant Caden and I got in retail therapy!
.... only to return to our hotel four hours later to find two pigeons got in our room and pooped allover. Disgusting! I freaked!  Caden was annoyed with me that I left the door open a crack ... never did I think birds would fly inside.  ugh ..... the most disgusting thing ever! The hotel was great in getting it cleaned up, new linens everywhere and they steam cleaned the carpets.
After the pigeon fiasco we headed to Dan's parents to meet up with Dan ... and the rest of the family. Grandpa wanted a picture of his three grand-kids together. The first attempt was a lost cause. Caden was more then uncooperative.
The second attempt ... a little better ...
Mhh, I'm not sure how I managed to marry into this family.  What a bunch of clowns :-)
The next morning Dan opened his gifts ... Lego's and Batman & Captain America t-shirts. Caden shopped and Dan loved it (mhhh, I have two boys).
Of course it was raining ... I think it rains when we visit to remind me why I moved east!
A Fun Weekend!
Ninja Caden, building a boat, and being silly.
Caden loves to bring in the garbage cans on garbage day ... this particular day he got sidetracked with them and used them for parallel parking. I honestly think if Caden was given the opportunity he would pass his drivers test at age 6.
Caden had his school BBQ and celebration of learning a couple weeks ago which parents were invited to ... oodles of cuteness. His elementary is celebrating 60 years (YES! they need a new building!) - to celebrate they created a fish mural along the fence.  All 500+ kids painted a fish - so cool and cute!
Sharing his work with us!
heading to school, kickin it on the tractor and his very first yearbook
Our good friends treated Dan and I to the Kenny Chesney concert two weeks ago. It was so fun to get out, the concert was great (love Kenny!!) and I cant remember the last time I stayed out till 2 in the morning ... to be 21 again! ~ thank you Tanya & Jim!
Endless Imagination!
Playing with Cousin Levi
Taking in an Apple Sox game on a fabulous night!
Riding his bike to Pybus & locking it in the bike racks ...he was so proud
Whew! All that in just less then a month. No wonder I never have a spare moment. Have a great weekend! ... and did I mention DC is less then two weeks away. Yikes!!!