May 16, 2013

::Cutest Fish You'll Ever See::

Caden had his first school music program tonight!

The PTSA offered 20 front row tickets on their Facebook page for $5.00 each.  Hello?! Awesome fundraiser idea.  There is always a sucker (aka; me) out there who will jump on that in a heartbeat!  My "time" on FB for once was time well spent (ha, Dan), I scored two before they were all bought up. $10.00 later Dan and I rocked the front row ... and for 30 minutes I got to watch the cutest 'lil fish sing their hearts out! It doesn't get much cuter!
 It is so fun to watch Caden run around with his buddies and be squirley.  

 "fishies" on their way in ... they were so proud!
 90+ Kindergartners ~ the Class of 2025 
 Program started at 6:30 - Caden goes to bed at 7 - I think we were keeping him awake :o)  - stop yawning buddy!
I just adore Caden's teacher! She has set the bar high for next year ~ I hope Caden's 1st grade teacher is just as wonderful!
We finished off the evening at Blue Spoon!
Have a Great Weekend!

May 12, 2013

{{Welcome Pybus}}

I love living here in Wenatchee ... however the winters are tough and the retail therapy as well as restaurant options can often be discouraging.  
However our springs, summers and falls are gorgeous and our town is small enough to not have the traffic of a metropolitan city.  We go to the store and see people we know and can go for walks without worrying about freaks. Caden is enrolled in a great school with a learning community that accepts him. Because of those positives, we choose to stay here.
We have a gorgeous waterfront along the Columbia River.  We have a great bicycle loop trail along the river, and a few wonderful parks.  When we moved here 11 years ago there was talk of development along the waterfront.  Condo's, Retail, Restaurants, etc.  ... then the economy plunged and that all went by the wayside.  The mobile home park along the waterfront was removed and a new river road was put it - but the rest of the plans failed :o(  Dan and I were bummed~

For years Dan and I have craved that something Wonderful! .... 
 ... and  yesterday, that crave became a Reality!

A business man, by the name of Mike Walker pitched in tons of his own money to help financially develop and support a Public Market, here in Wenatchee. A Public Market along that gorgeous waterfront and connected to that loop trail. An old steel building has been renovated into a gorgeous market. Now, here in Wenatchee, we have the gift of the Pybus Public Market.  If you would like to read more about our newest destination you can click here or here.
Fresh fruits, and veggies, specialty shops and a few restaurants .... 

can I tell you, it gets better?! Have you been reading here long? Yes, Wenatchee now has it's very own South!  Its fun to head into Leavenworth, but now I have it a few mere minutes from my house. I'm not sure this is going to be a good thing ... and they will have the same happy hour specials as the Leavenworth location :o)
Yes - impossible to get a good picture with the kid - above is his scary face.
To make the day even better ... We talked with Mike Walker, Dan has done work for him ... and I was given the opportunity to personally THANK him for giving us such a wonderful place in our very own little city and introduce Caden to Mr. Walker, the man who allowed such a great establishment to exist!
Wenatchee has alot of opportunity for growth. However we have a lot of residents here who do not believe it that growth.  They have never left Wenatchee, they don't know what opportunities are out there. We have tons of senior citizens, afraid of change. I am so thankful for Mr. Walker. I hope his initiative and a economy that is slowly turning around will allow our waterfront to continue to grow ... and continue with the vision that was that of 11 years ago, when we moved here.

As I was veggin out last night, I was thinking I can't wait to go back to Pybus, thinking it would be a few weeks ... then I realized, wait, we don't have to drive two hours, this greatness is in our own backyard!  I think Dan may be putting a hold on our bank account during Caden's and I's time off this summer - I know where Caden and I will be spending our free time!

An awesome Mother's Day weekend it was! Wishing my Mom, Grandma and Mother in law a wonderful Mother's day ... I can't wait for each of you to come visit our new treasure in Wenatchee :o)

::What We've Been Up To::

I find it amazing, the older Caden gets it seems like the less free time I have. I always envisioned that the older he got the more free time I would have = fail!  There is always an event or adventure on the horizon ~ Here is what we've been up to the last week few weeks:

I really wish tulips or gerbera's grew as weeds - instead I receive dandelions daily. It's the thought that counts right?!  Who says handymen needs trucks? Caden's sports car seems to carry brooms, rakes and shovels just fine.
We've been spending tons of time outside lately.  Our weather has been unseasonably warm!  It seems to be the season of birthday parties as well.
We attended the third annual touch a truck. It was a hit as always, and again the highlight was the garbage truck.
I'm so lucky to have "help" with everything I do.  The front walk flowers are planted ... it took a little longer then usual this year, because of my "help".  Caden's mind is always racing .... he is constantly thinking about what Lego creation he is going to build next.
Apparently homework gets done better while laying on the kitchen table.  It isn't worth the battle, as long as it gets done!  We attended the Apple Blossom food fair.  We loved the mini doughnuts - they were especially good because Caden's teacher made them. She was volunteering in the Young Life trailer.  Caden couldn't believe his teacher knew how to make doughnuts. Such a celebrity in his eyes :o)
Washing the wagon ...
Apple Blossom Youth Parade ... 
Riding the little train.
"Helping" Dad in the yard
Apple Blossom Grand Parade

Followin' in his Ma-ma's foot steps, camera in tow :o)
Little Train Again ...
Picking up our Bountiful Basket ... If they are in your area, try it out - it is worth it! In our town the deliver to Caden's elementary right down the road. He has fun bringing the produce home in the back of his tractor.

Another Birthday Party ...
Last week, I hung out with Caden's class for 30 minutes so his teacher could attend the staff appreciation lunch. Whoa, I knew his teacher was amazing ... after flying solo with these kids, I left thinking she has super hero powers :o)  24 five and six year olds for a mere 30 minutes confirmed I could never be a kindergarten teacher.  Caden didn't know I was going to hang with his class. When I showed up he was quite perplexed, he kept looking at me, I think he was thinking "how the heck is my MOM the Teacher?!" :o)
Our teacher appreciation gift for Caden's awesome teacher and a goofy kid with Dad's paint mask on ...
My most favorite time of the year ... the Lilac is in full bloom and my evening walks are gorgeous!
Have a Great Week!