April 14, 2013

::Caden's Writing::

The amount of knowledge and skills kids learn in Kindergarten is amazing!  It has been so fun to watch Caden's academic growth this year.  I enjoy seeing his writing that he brings home each week.   The writing assignment I pulled out of his backpack last week is definitely a keeper:

"I am at the doctor. I am having the sleep medicine. The doctors are taking my picture."

My kid is a nut! I love it!  Clearly he loves the doctor, and has yet to realize that most kids have never had anesthesia once, yet alone 13 times, as he has.
I also love the "challenge" of trying to read his writing. During writing workshop the teacher does not help the kids.  The students are encouraged to sound out the words themselves.  He's come a long way!!!

Here's a few photos of Mr. Goofball before bed the other night. Dan chose to turn on the irrigation water/sprinklers for the first time this year just as I was tucking Caden into bed ... two minutes later the sprinkler is hitting his window, and I have a kid who's over the moon excited ... so much for bed on time.
Have a Great Week!

April 10, 2013

{The Month of March} ... Yard Fun, Easter, Adventures ...

{For Sadness} I only blogged once during March - Caden's Birthday.  I let the blog slip ~ It's taken the last three nights to go through my pictures for the month. Lesson learned = don't get behind again.

Here's what we've been up to ::Grab a snack, it's a long one:: 

We have been fortunate to have an early spring. It's safe to say we aren't complaining!  We have been able to get a jump start on the yard for the year and are loving it!  The grass has been thatched and one of the trees in the parkway has been cut down.  The roots were "lifting" the sidewalk.
We've been to more birthday parties, painted "furniture" for Gram, and waited on the stump for Dan to get home from work.
Caden's imagination, as always, is in full force ... and I have to look the other way!
We attended the home show, where the tractors were the favorite. Caden doesn't seem to understand that our yard just isn't large enough to accommodate a real tractor.
We've made cupcakes with our friends, enjoyed Grandma & Grandpa's extended birthday weekend visit, and went on many walks {shall I say, I walk - he drives}.
More yard work - gotta get that stump out & Support your Schools - it's Levy time in Wenatchee.
We've been playing with our birthday gifts.  The Polar Express is fun ... and the Lego's (not pictured) have taken over the house!
Fun was had dying Easter Eggs ... and of course a "nice" picture of the finished product was refused ...
...this is what I got {little sh**!}
Caden received his second semester report card during March.  He continues to improve.  I guess all of our hard work is paying off.   His comments from his teacher were: 
"Caden is so much fun to work with and is a conscientious student.  His effort shows in his classroom work and willingness to learn new things.  He is an attentive listener and follows the teacher's directions.  He can work independently without reminders from the teacher, which is difficult for many kindergartners.  He always tries his best at school and is an example for other students.  Academically, Caden is at or above standard in the areas of reading and math.  He is working towards end of the year standard in writing. Caden is making consistent progress and is on his way to being ready and prepared for First Grade." 
{Mhh, is that MY kid she is talking about} I guess it's all about how they behave outside of the home that matters, correct? :o)

Caden was THRILLED to be selected Start Student the week before Spring Break.  Each day there was a different activity. Monday - Share the "About Me" poster. Which we had to create over the weekend. Caden's answers are quite funny.
Tuesday, he brought his favorite book for the teacher to read. Wednesday, the kids drew pictures of Caden and the teacher compiled a cute book for Caden with the drawings. Thursday, he brought a sharing item. He chose his Polar Express ... and Friday he got to bring treats to share with the class.
I was able to pick him up from school that Friday. He was very cute walking out with his Star Student hat. He was so proud.
After picking up my "Star Student" from school we headed west. It was Easter weekend and the start of Spring Break {wahoo!}.  We had just under three hours to get to a very important celebration. Great Grandpa's 85th Birthday!!!  Caden had fun seeing "all the family", yes, there are a bunch of us and he had fun taking pictures with Gram's phone.
We spent Easter weekend at Grammy & Pa-Pa's.  Caden participated in their neighborhood Egg Hunt, but only under one condition. He insisted that Pa-Pa hold his hand and help him.
After mass chaos of several children retrieving a lawn full of eggs ... Caden looked in his basket perplexed. I think he was thinking WTH, how did I only end up with 11 eggs?   He later told Pa-Pa, "papa, next year don't hold my hand because it slows me down" ....Too funny! Cause really, I think you were the one that insisted Pa hold your hand :o)
Caden likes using Grammy's phone because it has a cord, in which he called Dad a few times (Dan stayed home to work).  Kickin it on Gram's couch and riding a horse he has clearly outgrown ... which used to be mine and my brothers horse some 30+ years ago.
Gram says some funny stuff ... at Gram & Pa's house it's okay with Gram if he destroys his room .... and a decent Seattle day.
"Helping" Pa in the yard.
Dying Easter Eggs ... round two ... with Grams glasses on
Easter Morning ....
Easter Egg Hunt Round Two ... which I forgot about the Seattle "dew". It was wet and freezing at 7:30 am. Cold 'lil fingers.
...wrapping up the hunt and more Easter goodies from Gram
One last lap and time to head back to Wenatchee ...
Just to arrive home and find that the rabbit left eggs there too {hunt #3} This rabbit left a golden egg with clues in it. After five "stops" from each clue ...
... Caden found the Lego Harry Potter Game for the X-Box.  We know how the rest of Dan & Caden's evening was spent.
Spring break means getting to stay up late on a weeknight to go golfing with Dad.
Keeping "score", filling the divets, and running back to the cart.  Who knows why he thinks he has to run back to the cart each time?!
There was still a bit of light left at the end of the round so they hit the driving range.
I love walking up to my front porch this time of year. I wish  they didn't bloom out so quickly... a new airplane came in the mail from Gram & Pa and creating another Lego "boat".
After being home for a few days of Spring Break we headed back to Seattle ... with a stop at the Gap Outlet.  I think I've trained him well :o)
We also went to the museum of flight store, Caden had a Visa gift card from a photo shoot at his pediatrician's office (more info on that later). He couldn't wait to spend the money, in which he wanted yet another model airplane.
We got in a lot of "retail therapy" and headed to Bellevue for dinner.  I love how Caden is "feeling" the music in this little video.
The next morning Caden had a follow up appointment on his head and neck with the neurosurgeon. The last couple of months Caden has had constant (at least 4-5 days a week) leg and hand pain.  It is usually in the late afternoon and evening. Which is suggestive of muscle fatigue. However sometimes when he wakes up in the morning he also complains of "pain" in his legs and hands.  I have wondered if maybe he could have some "numbness" occurring and at 6 years old I am not sure that he can tell the difference between numbness and pain.
First he had an MRI with anesthesia. Caden was excited to get to have the "bubble gum" mask. Should we be concerned at age 6 my kid loves anesthesia? :o)  He keeps the mask and takes it home with him each time. He did well with the anesthesia ... waking up ...
After his MRI we went back to the hotel for a few, then headed back over to see the neurosurgeon. While we waited for the doctor to come in Caden played "school". I'm always amazed how quickly the anesthesia wears off.  
His spinal compression does not look any worse then his MRI a few years ago. He still has adequate spinal fluid flow. The doctor does not feel that Caden has any numbness occurring. That is good, however, it solidifies that Caden's pain is caused from muscle weakness. There isn't much we can do about that other then ibuprofen (which I dislike giving him multiple times a week).
I am hoping I can get a few more suggestions and answers when we see the LPA Medical Advisory Board Doctors at the National Conference in July. ... in which I've been pricing this last week. Oh goodness!

After we were done at the doctor's we came out to crappy rain! It was time to head east!  I was glad to be back home and enjoy my last few days of break on our sunny side of  the mountains! Love that blue sky!
It's dandelion picking time .... I truly try and treasure the fact that my son brings me flowers ... even though they are "weeds" :o).  We picked up our Bountiful Basket on Saturday. Bountiful Baskets is a weekly produce co-op.  I have come to discover it in the last couple of months and I love it. Only $15 a week.  They drop off at Caden's elementary which is close enough for us to walk.  Caden brought our fruits and veggies home in his tractor ... gotta love it!
Whoa?! You still with me?! Clearly Caden wasn't Sunday night. Spring Break was over, and I don't think he was to happy about it. When I went in to check if he had fallen asleep I found him with his blanket over his face (don't worry, he could breathe, he had his CPAP on) :o)
It takes a lot to stay caught up on our happenings ... but I know someday I will look back and treasure these pictures! ... and if Caden doesn't enjoy it, maybe his wife will.

Hopefully spring has sprung in your neck of the woods?! Enjoy!