February 25, 2013

{iPhone Dump - Volume 7}

silly Boy ... sick boy asleep at the doctor ... baking
Lego Gap & Lego Lego store
Papa Murphy's best creation ... Mini Murph's
baking (aka, making a mess!) ... Starbucks ... asleep at dinner
birthday party fun
bowling fun ... another day at school
Saturday goodness ... working like Dad ... flexible
innocent ... yard work ... awesome tulips on a sunny day!
silly kid ... WAY too much stuff to return to school in one day
first bike ride of the year
golf time ... crazy driver ... finished product (Dan made the table & bench)
goof ball ... spring is near ...South is coming to Wenatchee :o)
watching cousin Levi (5 months is work - he makes 5 years seem easy :o))
100th day of school ... the dreaded homework ... school work
  (I am playing Lego's with Dad. It is fun. I like playing Lego's)

7th tooth lost
That's a Busy Five Weeks .... Enjoy your week!

February 19, 2013


24 Kids with LOTS of sugar ... whoa those kindergarten teachers are amazing!  Only a few pictures from Caden's Valentine party ~ because, he's too cool for Mom at school.
 The after effects of all that sugar! One smiley bouncing off the walls excited kid!
A Valentine from Mom and Dad - Gee more Lego's.  Have I mentioned that I feel as if I am living inside Lego Land?!

It's Been A While ...

... since I've taken out my Camera (not the iPhone) and "followed" Caden around. So ~ that's just what I did the weekend before last.

If only we could all lay on the couch with video games in hand and block out everyone else's noise?! To be Five!
 It has been wonderful to be outside and not be all bundled up! Hoping the snow is gone for the year!
Caden is convinced it's time to start mowing the grass, planting the garden, and digging in the dirt. Not too fast buddy - the ground is still frozen.
 Love his determination!
and Another Year of McQueen! 
 Hoping you can see spring on your horizon as well! We are loving it!