January 31, 2013

Adios January!

What a Month!  I haven't been around much because I haven't had anything nice to say :o)

Our weather this month was crappy, cold & cloudy.

My car never was "fixed".  They couldn't seem to find the problem.  So I'm not driving after dark and staying in town with it for a while … in fear it may act up again.

Caden got the flu.  Did you know you could still get influenza even with the flu shot? I didn't.  Apparently the flu vaccine was only a 53-60% match this season.  Caden had a fever of 101 or higher for SIX solid days.  He had very little appetite and missed five days of school.  We went to the pediatrician twice during the week. According to the pediatrician the fever should only last 3-5 days.  A complete blood workup was done, in fear a secondary infection had developed. But all came back okay.

Caden has been the least bit excited to go to school recently. It started the week before he was sick and now the last few days since he has returned to school. He isn't loving a couple of the activities they do in class. Its frustrating for me because I think they demand too much of these kinders at such a young age.  Caden has an awesome teacher but she can only do so much.  22 kindergartners with one teacher makes it hard. No para's in the class. It's a joke!
His teacher said not wanting to go to school is common this time of year because the kids realize this is their reality, and yes, they do have to go to school everyday.  They also really ramp up the learning and expectations this time of year.
I ask Caden if he's doing his best? He say's yes. Then I tell him that's all that matters - but that doesn't work for him. 

He is struggling with his hearing. I've been working with the school since November to get his FM hearing system ordered. It still hasn't arrived.  I might have to find my boxing gloves soon :o(

I've always thought of our neighborhood as a safe neighborhood. However within the last month we have had three homes broken into (one in which the family was home) and five cars prowled .... One in which they siphoned the gas out of Dan's truck. Seriously!? It hasn't made sleeping easy!

…and did I mention the fun of being self employed and waiting for contractors to mail the sub-contractors their checks. Hello, we have bills to pay as well! Sigh?!

I promise I will return with a much better attitude! We had a beautiful sunrise this morning.  I hope this means February can only get better! 

January 17, 2013

::iPhone Unloaded - Volume 6::

Keeping in tune with the winter blues ... or cabin fever ... it's all the same right?! A little iPhone Unload ....

  ...making a TV ... which later turned into a house ...
...oh yes, Gram, he's an "angel"... snow shovel to the eye ... another "mountain" created

 ...WHY do I try to clean out his room when he is home? .... a gorgeous day ...
...making his own sandwich ... a goof! ... making Amy Roloff Mac n Cheese ...

...smirk ... shy (ya right!) ... 16 degrees and insistent on playing outside (brrr!) ...

January 14, 2013

**Battling the Winter Blues**

We headed up to Leavenworth a week ago Friday ... we didn't make it up during the Christmas season, since Dan was busy with work .... he promised me a trip after the first of the year (he could do without Leavenworth). Of course we ate dinner at none other then South! Yum!
Then headed out for a little sledding fun! It wasn't our best adventure ... there was no fresh snow and the sled hill was way too icy! ... however spoiled boy had fun being pulled around in the sled on the level ground.
... after our yummy dinner and snow play the boys felt they needed ice cream ...
Winter is tough here ... it's been cold these last couple weeks ... highs in the 20's this past week ... and no fresh snow.  It's hard for the three of us not to go stir crazy over one another on the weekends ... but we survive by ....
doing homework & playing with the neighbors
making brownies & having yummy snacks
and playing Lego's ... That never gets old (for one five year old anyway)
If it wasn't for this gorgeous sunshine I just may loose my marbles!
Have a great week ... hopefully it's warm wherever you are!

{Tow Truck}

I went to leave for work Friday morning and my car was dead :o(  Dan and Caden had to take me to work, which Caden thought was just great!Dan had a light day at work .... so he was able to try a few things on my car ... but nothing worked.
We ended up having to call the tow truck once we were all home from work & school ... Caden's imagination was in full swing as we were waiting for the tow truck!!! (I'm glad I had my phone in hand to capture these pictures) Apparently Lightening died as well ...
watching the tow truck hook up my car ...
 ... I love that my child manages to bring out the positive in every life event ... My car is still in the shop ... and I will keep dreaming of a new car ~ if only I had millions!

January 1, 2013

:: Happy New Year ::

2013?! Nuts!  We started out our year with yet another adventure (seems to be the key word "adventure" since giving birth to Caden) ...

Caden has been wanting to go sledding ~ I've been waiting for Dan to be able to go with us ~ however there are pro's and con's to Dan being self employed ... this last week has been one of those "con's".

On our way to the store yesterday we passed all the kids sledding and Caden said, "Mom, Winter Bacation is going to be over and I'm going to be the only kid who didn't go sledding."

... so I sucked it up today, put on my brave face and took the bugger sledding! I'm so fearful he's gonna break his neck ... if I had my way he would be wrapped in gauze with a full face helmet :o)

Fuzzy Pictures from the iPhone ... left my camera at home (it was safer there).
Warning :o) ~Turn the volume down before playing. My voice is kind of obnoxious.
Best Wishes for a Great 2013!!!