November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I attended Caden's "Thanksgiving Feast" at school earlier this week.  There are very few pictures to share. a: I was given strict instructions, "Mom, just come to my school today and watch me, but don't talk to me" (they grow up so fast) and b: I cant share pictures of all the other kiddo's online.
... and I did get to talk to him :o) But I made sure not to embarrass him with a lot of photos.
The Cutest Little Indian (even when he's pouting)

I'm Thankful to have this adorable little boy! 
Caden had a blast after dinner carving away at the carcass of the turkey. Totally disgusting but he loved it!
We stayed in town this year (hooray) ... my parents have come to visit ... and tomorrow kicks off the Christmas season ... Nuts!

I hope you had a restful and "Thankful" Day!  I am thankful to each of you who read this blog and continue on in this journey of life with us!

November 20, 2012

The First School Picture

Many of you know the "traditional school picture” just isn’t my style. However I must say there is something adorable about the first Kindergarten school picture!
Caden has learned to like Kindergarten. When I asked him the other day what his favorite part of Kindergarten was, he replied with “recess”. Homework is still a struggle for him and a struggle for me. I have a hard time enforcing 15-20 minutes of homework a night when he is already in school all day … but we keep on trying.

Here are a few recent conversations I’ve had with Caden that have me laughing:
  • I suggested he do something. His response, “ok. I’ll keep that in mind”.
  • One evening he wanted to watch a show on TV while playing with his cars on the floor. Dan wanted to watch a show as well. The two “five” year olds were bickering over the TV. Dan told Caden, “you cant look at the TV and look at your cars at the same time – pick one”. Caden’s response was, “yes I can Dad because I have two eyes”.
  • On a recent overnight adventure I didn’t bring Caden’s CPAP. He told me, “it will be okay if I don’t wear my mask tonight, I will just drink a lot of mile to keep me healthy”.
  • While playing with Lego’s he tells me, “I’m becoming an expert on Lego’s”.
  • While making muffins last night Caden asked, “are we were having Turkey on Thanksgiving?” I said, “ yes, it’s in the fridge do you want to see it?” His reply, “Is it DEAD?”
We were recently in the Lego store. Caden was building at the Lego table and I noticed a man from afar watching Caden. He got closer and struck up conversation with me regarding Caden and his size. I wasn’t offended by his questioning, educating is part of my job. One of the questions he asked was, “is it challenging?” It kind of caught me off guard. Yes, raising Caden is challenging. But it has nothing to do with his size. It has to do with his sassy, devilish, attitude :o). I think I know who he gets that from!

Wishing you a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

November 4, 2012

Fall Fun!

It's Amazing!  A 5 Year Old finds the FUN in raking leaves!
 ... and I tried not to vomit thinking about the potential amount of bird poop and bugs on these leaves ...
Have a Great Week!