August 27, 2012

... and so it begins ...

Tonight was the entrance to our Elementary journey!  I feel like with Caden starting Kindergarten our lives will need to be more structured then before.  Bedtimes enforced, homework enforced, more selective scheduling in doctor appointments, evening school events & activites, etc ....

Yes, that is correct. Mr. Caden is starting KINDERGARTEN.  They have a slow progression into the first day. Grades 1-12 start this Wednesday - however Kinder is a little different. Caden's first day of class isn't until the end of next week.

Tonight the Elementary adventure began with "Meet the Teacher" - however with Caden's 504 we've already met the teacher - LP Perk :o) as well as an ice cream social.  We loaded up our school supplies and we were on our way. 

No one told me you had to take out a small loan to purchase the list of school supplies. Yes, this picture below was the entire kinder supply list. Nothing pictured is in addition to the list ...
Caden rocked tonight. I was concerned he might be "clingy" but that wasn't the case. He had fun checking out his classroom and sitting at his desk (he moved too quickly for me to get a picture).

His buddy, Isaiah, from preschool two years ago was excited to see him ... when Isaiah saw Caden he came running over to him and said, "Oh, I'm so glad my best friend is in this class-I was a little scared-but now I'm happy to see Caden".
There is also another little boy in Caden's class who Caden sometimes attends daycare with - he was excited to see Caden as well.
A Mom in Caden's class asked if Caden was the one with the Lightening McQueen car - they see Caden driving it around town and her little boy wants one.
We saw the nurse from Caden's pediatrician ... Several of the staff members know Caden ... We saw our neighbors ... and most importantly Caden found Oliver ... his best buddy who he's gone to daycare with for several years. ..
After the kids had their ice cream Caden and Oliver wanted to show each other their classrooms (its a good thing they aren't in the same class-for the teachers sake).  As we went back into Caden's classroom his teacher says, "I'm amazed how many people know Caden".

When we were heading to our car I was watching a couple of older boys (maybe fourth or fifth grade) conversing. Looking at Caden - whispering - looking.  Caden of course was oblivious. I politely said, "Hi Boys". It caught them off guard ... I told Caden to say hi to the boys in which he did - and they said hi back. The first of many instances. I hope to instill in Caden to not be afraid to say "hi" when people are looking at him and to speak up as to why he is small.

These next few months will contain many firsts .... I'm ready for the ride ... and Lucky to Have My Kid ... Mr. Social!!!!

August 26, 2012

::No Corn on the Cob Here::

In just over three months Caden has lost FOUR teeth! Is this normal? He's only five and a half - The dentist doesn't seem concerned ~ so we will roll with it.

 He won't be eating Corn on the Cob anytime soon!
Have a Great Week!

August 25, 2012

•Canning Peaches & Caden Quotes•

Our Peach Tree produced more peaches then ever this year. I figure well over 200 ~ Last weekend I took on the feat of canning peaches.
32 Jars Later ... I was done!  We had more peaches, more supplies, but enough was enough.  Canning is time consuming and I was done with it ...

... and onto Caden.  The things that come out of his mouth lately crack me up! Seriously, where does he come up with it all. I've been jotting a few of them down .. They are just too funny not to remember:

On my birthday I asked him if he was going to buy me flowers. His response, "No, Mom. I don't buy flowers for girls. I know how to deal with girls".

When he lost his third tooth he claimed he couldn't wear his sleep machine (CPAP) because he couldn't put his tooth under his pillow with his sleep machine on (nice try buddy!)

Dan was watching the Olympic Male Gymnast competition.  On the uneven bars Caden says, "Wow, that guys a good flipper".

I think he's had enough of the 90+ degree temps. While trying to get him to go outside last weekend he tells me, "Summers too hot it burns my buns".

While walking through the women's underwear department at Target, he looks at all the bra's and while giggling says, "wow, that's alot of breastes holders" (it starts so young!)

He had his bug collector out a couple of weeks ago ... I told him he couldn't collect bugs because we were leaving to go out of town.  He told me he would bring them with him.  Then I told him the Rolly Polley's (potato bugs) needed to stay with their family. Then I headed into the backyard.  When I came back out to the front yard he told me (while holding the bug collector-with three bugs), "Mom, it's okay I got a Mom, Dad and a little brother. See they have a family".

Trying to get him to bed last week ... I tell him, "Mommy has to go back to work. Summer vacation is over". His reply, "nu-uh my summer isn't over".  - he got me.

That sums up one Five year old who I think just one day may become a lawyer or a politician :o)

August 14, 2012

:: Pickin' Peaches ::

We picked our first round of peaches off the tree on Sunday ~ I'm not sure who was more excited - Dan or Caden!  The fun they were having earned these pictures a post of their own.
I'm not really one who loves "posed" pictures  - but Caden was hamming it up and Dan jumped in on the fun :o)
Do ya feel like you're looking at an advertisement in a tourist magazine? ... "Fresh Washington Peaches" :o)
More peaches to pick and to can this coming weekend!
Scroll on down for two more posts tonight ..." wrappin' it up" and an "iphone dump".

:: Wrapin' it Up ::

Eight weeks have come and gone .... It's the eve of my return to work. Amazing how fast it goes! It's safe to say we were Busy! The bank account shows it ... and all my "to-do's" didn't get finished ... but there's always next summer ... !  Many memories were made and I guess that is more important then those deep cleaning projects anyway (right?!)

More evidence that we've been busy is my lack of blog posts ... Let's catch up (scroll down to the next post for my most recent iPhone dump) .... 
AJ came to visit his grandparents ... which also meant he got to visit Caden (twice in one week - more pics in the iPhone dump below).  It is so much fun to watch these kiddos play together. It is evident they are both only children. Their personalities are cloned!
My birthday weekend was two weekends ago ... We headed west to Seattle.  I hadn't been Downtown Seattle for quite sometime. Caden had never visited Downtown ... and it was on my summer to do list. This kid is a magnet for arcades ... visiting the arcade wasn't on our list ... but he found it.
Mother nature came through and gave us gorgeous weather. It isn't very often you see a cloud free sky in Seattle.

After spending a few hours in Seattle ~ we headed back across the bridge to check in to my dream home away from home (aka the Westin).  Uncle Chris met Dan & Caden to play and I got to shop solo for two hours - hooray! Caden awoke bright and early Saturday morning ....
....ready to see these guys!
I love that Caden loves the Blue Angels as much as I do!.. it's so nice they come every year for my birthday (that is why they come - right?!)

After the Blue Angels we headed over to the Museum of Flight. Caden is on a serious airplane kick again!  He may just be a pilot someday :o)
... then we headed to my parents for dinner and a little fun outside. I'm still bitter that Caden gets his blow up pool on the grass ~ the power of a grandchild ;o)

Sunday morning my Dad & Dan went golfing while my Mom and I went shopping and then to visit my grandparents.  Caden had fun playing the organ with Great Grandpa. I'm pretty certain I have this same picture of Grandpa and I some 30 years ago :o)
On my actual birthday Dan, Caden and I went out to dinner and the boys gave me my gift. This wrap job seriously takes the cake.  Brown masking paper and blue painters tape.  Dan may just have found himself a winter job at the gift wrap kiosk at the mall - love it!
A little bowling fun mid last week - These 100 degree temps are getting a bit excessive.  We must stay inside mid afternoons or Caden runs around in circles outside screaming "I'm burning up" ... yes, he's a little bit Hollywood!
Yesterday we headed up to Chelan to visit our good friends who are vacationing up there.  Dan, Jim & Kristian went golfing .... Caden & Lilly swam ... and Tanya and I had Mommy Juice! Today I am reminded why I dont' drink alot of Mommy juice - ugh!
Caden LOVED the pool.  I'm regretting not signing him up for swim lessons this summer.  I couldn't get him out of the pool ... He was purple lipped and shivery when he finally decided to call it a night.
It's always an adventure with the Mock's! We had a good time and Caden thought it was awesome that he got to ride his scooter in the dark!
You may have noticed Caden's new smile ... Yep tooth number three out!  Although, I'm not so sure tooth number three was quite ready ... he bonked his mouth/teeth on his Lightning McQueen car while playing "bumper cars" last week with the neighbor girl who was on his John Deere - Good Gravy!  I took him to the dentist ... all will be fine. 

One Expensive Summer! Lots of adventures .... one trip to the ER for a concussion and one tooth knocked out!
... However at bedtime when Dan and I were telling Caden summer vacation is over ... he corrected Dad and said, "nu-uh, I still have summer vacation" ... and he is correct. He still has a couple weeks ~ but he'll be with the sitter - smarty!