June 28, 2012

Golf & Park Fun

Caden was excited to again go golfing with Dan. These boys are too much.  I really feel like I'm with two kids!  They bicker like brothers :o)
Keeping Score
Patience Dan ... he's only five ...

Summer Fun at the Water Park
Even though he would rather ride his bike then play in the water.
Caden and I's summer kicks into high gear tomorrow as we head out for a week of adventures!
... latest iPhone dump is below ...

**iPhone Unloaded**

Our Life in Pictures the last two months:
work (in his jammies) to help leave sub notes. a cute lunch date. free entertainment at Home Depot.
all cleaned up. get lost mom (does it look like he's flipping me off?!). helping dad edge.

yardwork. packed for Seattle. neighbor fun.
"relaxing". blue spoon for dad's birthday

"relaxing". tired. silly!
park fun. pretty peone

neighbor friend fun. two monkeys in a window.
yummy goodness. waiting for the "seattle doctor"

fun at grandma & grandpas. chores. more chores.
heading to daycare. yumminess@ the checkstand. silly mommy. silly caden.

second tooth out. didn't eat this one. dad forgot his hat.
ready to golf. heaven in a glass.

cutest hands & feet
neighbor fun. silly kid. cute buns!

aplet & cotlet tour fun!