May 25, 2012

:: A 'Lil Fishin Fun ::

Here we are rollin' into another weekend ... and the Sunday paper from last weekend is still sitting on the kitchen table - unread. Sigh!  Will I ever adjust to "life" without enough hours?!

... anyway, last weekend Caden and I headed to my parents for a little visit and fun with a few of our LP Friends.
Playing in the empty lots at Grammy & Pa-Pa's
Sunday afternoon we met our LP Family at Bills Fishing Hole in Orting.  The weather was not desirable and I was again reminded why we moved to the dry side of the state.  By the time we left my hair was as wet as if I had just gotten out of the shower. (stupid!)
We still had fun ... and I know Caden had fun because he didnt want to leave!
Caden has "fished" a couple of times in the river with Dan ... but his attention span is awful and it's been at least a year since he "fished". 
First cast into the trout pond and Caden had a fish within 10 seconds.  Okay, so the trout pond is a false interpretation of fishing - maybe bad parenting :o) 
Caden was catching too many fish ... Fish we weren't going to eat ... Finally we took the hook off the pole and Caden was content with just casting .... never realized the hook was gone.
I LOVED the look on Caden's face each time he caught a fish ... and reeled it in. Priceless!
... and I was thrilled Pa-Pa was there to do the "fishing duties". I'm not into all that fish business ... Eww! Thank You Pa-Pa!
Caden had fun playing with his buddy Ayden again ... you may remember Ayden from the "Boot Wash".  ... and I've decided these boys are a magnet to rain and puddles!
I know. Picture overload. These facial expressions are just too much not to share!
Cutest Little Fisherman!
Enjoy your weekend!  Hopefully yours is three days as well :o)

May 12, 2012

:: Sometimes I Remember & Sometimes I Forget ::

I've had this post brewing in my head for several days now ... and what better time to write it then for my 400th Post! Wow!

I'm excited that I have found a few summer programs for Mr. Caden. I love having the summers off, but with Caden being an only child and only one other family with kids in our neighborhood (somehow we live in a senior community - I missed the imaginary sign at the entrance) our days can become very long!  It seems as if "play dates" aren't as simple as they were when I was growing up

... anyway, I was excited to find a couple programs for Caden ... one being "rocket science" and the other "beginning karate".  As I was filling out the registration paperwork, I paused - then stopped - on the line that said, "Does the child have any medical conditions".

I thought to myself, "ugh - sometimes I remember and sometimes I forget".  Caden loves to read the Mercer Mayer books at bedtime.  I forgot is one of his faves.  Five Years have gone by since we've entered our "normal" .... as Caden gets older the medical appointments at Seattle Children's get less and less.  His family knows him ... his friends know him. We have our "new (lp)" family ... and this is our life - he's Caden and not a condition.

It continues to be my job to educate ... but at the same time I'm thinking ... mhh, here is a five year old kid perfectly capable of doing fine in both these classes, so what do they need to know.
I summed it up as this, "dwarfism - shortened limbs, needs assistance in restroom" Simple and to the point.

... because really I see him as Caden!

As Mother's Day arrives I hope I am teaching Caden what he needs to know to be successful, confident and capable in an "average height" world. I know he will have his "bad" days growing up. I did. Dan did. What kid doesn't?!

Dan's brother, Abe & his wife Marie are expecting their first child in September.  The other night at bedtime I was talking with Caden about his new cousin and asked if he thought it was neat that he was going to have a boy cousin.

His reply was, "Ya, Mom. and the baby will be small when it is born. but then it will grow super fast and be bigger then me, because my bones grow slow"

... his tone of voice was matter of fact ... no disappointment ... just the facts.

He nailed it, I nor Dan had explained this to Caden before ... and it was then I knew ... that I'm doing okay!

Caden is a strong willed kid!  Some would call it spoiled and others would call it bossy. As far as I'm concerned ... as long as he gets his point across, its ok.  I mean after all; Caden has a strong willed Dad who always has to "win" every discussion and a Mom who insisted on mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup & relish.

... Thank You to those of you who continue to follow us. Have become part of our family ... and continue to see Caden as Caden! ... 400 Posts. Wow!

... because most days, "I just forget".

(scroll down for three more posts ... I'm on a roll tonight) :o)

** Mom's Day at School **

Caden's teacher put on the cutest little Mother's Day Celebration yesterday at school.  The kiddo's "pampered" their Mom's by putting nail polish on us, styling our hair and making us crowns.
Caden was excited to show me the sand table ... as well as the rest of his fun things at school.
After playtime and our pampering, the kids performed a couple of cute songs for us Momma's.  This video cracks me up because Caden seems so bored with all this singing business. If you listen closely, at one point, you hear the teacher ask him why he isn't driving ... he replies, I am ... No. I think he was zoning out :o)
The beautiful butterfly with adorable hands and feet!  Of course Caden's are the cutest :o)
These preschool teachers deserve such credit. Seriously, I couldn't deal ... but there is a lot of cuteness going on here!
After school we continued our special day with a yummy lunch and then went to the park to play.
Happy Mothers Day! ... and Happy Spring!

A "Hole" New Smile

I had NO control over these last few days ... they didn't go as planned ... but we rolled with it.
Our childcare provider called Wednesday night to say she couldn't watch Caden because of an illness in her family.
Dan is crazy busy with work (working 7 days a week - we'll save that gripe from here) and we had no one else to watch Caden.  So I had to take Thursday and Friday off work.

I took Caden to preschool Thursday morning. He was fine. Ran to work to do a couple of things then went back to pick him up. When I pulled up, his teacher was carrying him from the playground into the classroom.  I figured he fell again, no big deal.
Nope, I get into his classroom, and he had thrown up all over the playground :o(  His teacher set him down and he was visibly swaying, he was so dizzy.
We headed home ... I got him comfy on the couch and he threw up five more times. He said he was dizzy and his head hurt ... then he fell asleep for two and a half hours.  (There's something pathetically cute when our kiddo's are sick!)

He woke up wanting lunch ... but we started with juice.  Within in 20 minutes he was eating chicken nuggets and soup (I tried to persuade him from the solids so soon ...but he was determined).  He held it down and an hour and a half later we were outside playing.
He was fine ... and has been fine since.  I hope it was/is nothing neurological ... and only a quick bug. Just seems weird he got better within hours?!

Since he was fine ... we headed to Costco that evening ... that was the plan after school, but obviously we were delayed.
Caden wanted a sugary churro from Costco (remember he was just emptying his stomach 7 hours prior-go figure!) and he ate it on the way home.

As we were  going down the final street to our house I glanced in my mirror at him ... and looked again ... I said "Caden, Smile at me" .... "you lost your tooth" ... he was clueless :o)

Yep. He's officially a big boy ... and the kicker ... we dont' have the tooth. He Really Lost it ... I think he ate it with his churro.
A "Hole" New Smile
... and how come he looks ten in these pictures?! rgh!
We left a note for the tooth fairy, explaining we really lost the tooth
... and the tooth fairy left Caden $2.00

Here's to hoping he grabs the next one in time ... and doesn't eat it as well!

That's a few too many out of the norms for one day!!!

~ Apple Blossom Wrap Up ~

In case you missed us, my computer decided to stop working last week :o( ... but my awesome brother in law drove (2 1/2 hours) over last night and fixed it all up for me. Thank You Uncle Chris ... and Caden was thrilled to have his playmate here for a short visit.

Anyway. last weekend we wrapped up Apple Blossom.  I'm thinking next year I may be attending the parade solo ... Caden informed me that the Disneyland Parade is much better. Ya. I get it. Apparently the Wenatchee parade isn't cutting it anymore. Spoiled kid!
I really don't come up with his creations ... the umbrella and all the blankets in the wagon, his doing.

Telling me the princesses are coming, because I told him we could leave after we saw the princesses.
I love Spring here!  I know I've said that before ... but I just can't get enough of it.  Fresh cut lilac's, pretty green hills.  Love it! We had a yummy dinner last Saturday to go along with Cinco de Mayo.
Sunday we headed down to the park to the food fair.  $10.00 for a grease loaded corn dog and french fries that weren't even that good.  Seriously.  After we got home I got thinking about it more. Ridiculous. But it's good family fun, supports our city and a chance to take in the wonderful weather. and I guess it is only once a year. I'm over it :o)
.. till next year ... and I may just be looking for a new parade buddy. sigh!

May 4, 2012

Love a Parade

It's Apple Blossom Time ... Last weekend was the kiddie parade ~ my parents came over to join in on the fun. Dan & Pa-Pa went golfing and Grammy, Caden and I went to the kiddie parade.
It was super sunny ... and Caden felt he needed shade.  I can't come up with his creative play and ideas ... kickin' it under the umbrella playing with his cars and Mom's phone, while waiting for the parade to begin. ... and yes, Grammy just happened to have the yoga mat in her trunk for Caden to play on.
I love a parade!  ...
After the parade we met the boys at one of the wineries.  They had a fun plasma car that Caden fell in love with. .... can you predict how the rest of the story goes?! Yes, Sunday morning Caden and Grammy went to the store - and now Caden has his own Plasma car (spoiled boy). He loves it ... and it makes momma nervous!  Time to stock up on the bandaids and gauze!
Have a Great Weekend ... I'm looking forward to another parade (yes, I'm a dork!)