April 22, 2012

A Golf Adventure

We started out the morning with outside chores ... had a late lunch early dinner at Garlinis ... then headed to the golf course.
Caden has never been golfing before ... Dan wanted to go golfing ... but knew that since he has been working ten hour days, including yesterday, he needed to spend some time with the kiddo. So, he took Caden and I golfing with him.   He only played nine holes ... and that was plenty for me :o) ... as time goes on the boys can go themselves and I will get in some alone time, perfectly fine by me!
The "clown" at the golf course ... what an adventure.  Because, you know, the bucket goes on your head while you watch everyone else hit at the driving range.
 .. and driving the golf cart - the most fun a five year old can have!  
 It was a gorgeous day on the course! I am digging these record high temperatures! 
I have a feeling Caden is going to want to go with Dan each time he goes golfing in the future.
Tomorrow, back to work - ugh! Why can't the weekends be three days?  We've played too much the past two weekends and it is starting to show - I need a housekeeper!!

April 21, 2012

Touch a Truck

Hard to believe it has been a year already, since Touch a Truck. Caden loved the event last year and has made reference to it several times the past year.  Caden was excited all week, knowing that touch a truck was coming.
However, after only being there for five minutes this morning, he was ready to leave. Mommy wasn't having that.  I knew he had too much fun last year to be ready to go in five minutes.  Caden is easily overwhelmed and intimidated, especially with lots of noise and people ... so we sat on the curb ...played with our little garbage trucks ... had a snack ... watched all the action. and Finally, 45 minutes later he was ready to join in on the fun ... 
 ... and two hours later he was running from vehicle to vehicle ... and three house later we were finally leaving ... I'm glad I was persistent that we stayed.
A little fun "driving" the garbage truck ... honking the horn ... and "emptying" the can into the truck.
 Again, he spent the most time checking out the ambulance.
 Playing in the SWAT vehicle.
 Driving the school bus.
 Driving the Forklift ... and Loving the Race Car. The guys who owned the car were getting a kick out of watching Caden imagining that he was racing. Too much!
 In awe over the fire truck.
 An attempt to get a cute picture on the front of the truck ... he wasn't having it.
"Flying" the police helicopter.   The helicopter took off and landed while we were there. Caden thought that rocked. (no pictures-since I was holding him up to see). and no, that blue sky is not "photoshopped". Our weather has been amazing! Love it!
Looking forward to another sunny outside day tomorrow - Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

April 16, 2012

•Tractor Time•

Our awesome spring weather continued into Sunday. Caden and I went on a little hike.  We didn't make it to the top, but we did good for two novice hikers ~
Our neighbors stopped by a couple of weeks ago to see if we were interested in buying their tractor. Their daughter who is a couple years older then Caden rarely drove the tractor (It's in new condition) and they were ready to get it out of their garage.  At the time I said probably not (knowing Dan didn't want another object in the garage).  I told Dan about it and thought we were done talking about it.
Dan asked me Saturday if they still had the tractor ...
$40.00 plus a new battery later, Mr. C has new wheels.
Caden couldn't be more thrilled ... and when Dan starts complaining again about all the sh** in the garage I will remind him, he said the tractor was ok :o)
After seeing this video Pa-Pa is really going to think Caden is ready for a junior dragster. (not so quick pa-pa!)
... and I'm sure the neighbors are thinking, "great, another vehicle for that kid to wreck havoc on in the neighborhood" ... he.he.he!
I hope spring is popping through wherever you are! ~ Have a Great Week!

April 14, 2012

Sunny Saturday

 Today was Caden's perfect kind of day ~ 75% of it was outside ~ and it involved walks, cars, water and dirt.
The irrigation water was turned on this morning. Caden has been anxiously awaiting to fill up his pool.  I was thinking more like waiting until June. He not so much. The water was on and he was ready to fill 'er up.  The air temp was only about 70 today and that water was Cold! Cold to the point it hurt to stick my hand in it. Only he could come up with this awesome outfit.  At first he wanted to take all his clothes off and go in the water (nut!). I told him he had to wear swim shorts -
 I think he will kill me in the future for posting these - but I couldn't resist
Late this afternoon we cleaned up our mess. Headed out to dinner ... then hit the park after dinner. It was too nice to head inside!

 We love that Spring is Here!

April 11, 2012

≈ Mind of his Own ≈

"Mom, I have to go in the train room and relax" - Caden
Independent Funny Five Year Old ... who knows more then his Mommy about that silly phone!

April 8, 2012

Spring Break & Easter

Our Spring Break was low key this year ... we spent last weekend at my parents ... Caden had fun playing with Grammy & Pa-Pa, and he was spoiled with more birthday gifts when Great Grandma & Grandpa came over to visit. I love that my Mom still has this silly little horse ride on toy from when Mark & I were younger. 
Monday morning Caden and I headed to Bellevue.  The weather was junk Saturday & Sunday, but Monday turned out to be gorgeous!  We went to Bell Square - Caden needed to go to the Cars Store (Disney Store), Lego Store and the Work Store (Apple Store) and Mommy needed to hit a few stores as well. We had a yummy lunch at Cheesecake Factory and then headed over to Bellevue Park. The hands over the face is him protesting more pictures and yes, that is my kid washing his "motorcycle" in the fountain ... we don't get to city parks very often ... we are used to the river .. ha.ha ... :0)
The rest of the week I tried to get caught up on "life" ... I finally got the file cabinet and desk cleaned out and a few other projects done ... but it seems like there is always more ... sigh!
 These are the reactions I get to, "Caden, can you please smile nice by the colors?" ... forget it, smarty pants!
Oh so careful with the colors 
 Our Easter Pretties
We must get outside for at least an hour a day ... or this kid makes me bonkers ... I'm on the hunt for a summer day camp or some sort of summer activity ... otherwise it might be a very long summer ... more energy then I can handle ...
 Chillin with Dad ... 
 We finally rode over the "black bridge". Caden asked several times last spring & summer if we could ride our bikes over "that black bridge".  It never happened ... after the kitchen flood and various other reasons we were never able to coordinate with Dan for us to ride the loop trail with Caden in the seat on Dan's bike.
Yesterday I asked Caden if he wanted to ride over the bridge himself. He was all for it ... He rode, I walked ... we only did a segment of the trail ... he is no where near ready for the whole loop ... but the portion he did, he rocked!
  ... the bridge is in sight and he made it to the top!
Yes, I know his helmet is a hot mess ... and really serves no purpose.  His red one he got with his bike is too tight. This helmet is an old one of mine ... the goal is to get a helmet that "fits" by the summer ... oh, the challenges of an achon head :o)

Yes, must release more energy!

Checking out his Easter Basket from the "rabbit".
 ... and hunting for eggs at 8:30 this morning. I was able to hold him off for an hour and a half. If he had his way we would have been out there at 7:00.
Caden rocked the hunt this year ... I think the Easter Bunny needs to kick it up a notch next year in her hiding skills.

 ... and if all else fails, get out the hammer to crack the eggs. The Easter Bunny even left her fur in the "golden egg".
 We had a yummy breakfast of carrot, rabbit, egg and flower shaped pancakes.
 .. then it was time to start prepping for dinner. Of course Caden wanted to help. For some reason he found the ham to be hilarious.
 We ended our fun day with strawberry shortcake ... and then put the crazy kiddo to bed!
 It goes quick ... can't believe this was five years ago!  He's grown into a monster ~
Have a great week!