March 27, 2012

Yard Time & Well Child Check

Last weekend was gorgeous! I thought it was our official start of amazing spring weather ... but it is cloudy today, so maybe not.
Nonetheless, Dan rented a thatcher and we got to work on the yard. Caden has been anticipating the first mowing of the year. I really thought he would outgrow this whole mower faze, but not the case. Waiting patiently on the step ... with his mower "warming" up as well.
Dan brought his motorcycles out of storage a couple of weekends ago, "monkey saw, so monkey do ..."  Caden had to get his "motorcycle" out of storage this weekend.
He has been working so hard on his balance bike ... we've told him when he can master his balance bike and when he turns six he can get a motorcycle with an engine ... he's determined (scary!)
On the way back from our ever so long "ride" he ran out of "energy" and had to sit in the middle of the sidewalk to take a break. Will he ever understand that he has to turn around or he isn't going to make it back?!
After our Saturday yard "chores" Dan went golfing and C and I hit up the park ... along with the rest of the town (crowded!)
Sunday was going to be another day of chores ... I started on the inside ... after an hour of Dan being outside ... he came in and said he was done (not *done*, but didnt want to do anymore for the day) ... so we went for a drive instead (unfortunately the chores didn't do themselves while we were gone. Grocery shopping at 8:30 on a Sunday night sucks ... and folding clothes at 10:30pm, ya sucks even more!).  We headed up towards Quincy to Ancient Lakes.  It was a gorgeous day and Caden couldn't get enough of the dirt and rocks!
He would have thrown rocks all day if we let him ... and yes, he's using an ice scraper as a shovel. We didn't think to bring sand toys.

Caden had his five year well child check last week ... He did stellar on the pediatrician's question and answer session. Knew his address and phone number ... wrote his name, drew a person, counted to 10, etc.  He did well on the vision check and passed the right side hearing test and failed the left side (but we already knew that).  On the achon charts he is just above the 50th percentile for height and weight.
He had been anticipating the shots ... he knew when he turned five he had to get more shots.  The day of the appointment he told me to call the doctor and change his appointment to "100 thousand days". Nice try buddy. When it was time for the shots he was screaming and crying so loud I don't think he even felt the actual shots. It took myself and the nurse to hold him down while the other nurse gave him the shot. Amazing!
Anyway, now he knows he is five and has his shots so he is good to go for Kindergarten.  I am repeatedly asked if it is time to go to Kindergarten yet?

He received his second semester report card today and is doing well ... He received all 3's and +'s ... his teachers comments were, "Caden has been progressing very nicely. His handwriting and fine motor control has come a very long way. His name is completely legible and he is able to write it on his own, with out it written in front of him.  Caden is going to do very well in Kindergarten."

Where did my baby go?! We've come a long way in Five Years! ... okay, enough Mommy bragging.  Counting down the days till Spring Break! ... enjoy the rest of your week.

March 18, 2012

Happy Fifth Birthday Caden

Five?! I get it ... they grow up fast ... but really, five years?  When Dan left for work Friday morning, I said, "can you believe it was almost five years ago to the hour that I called you to tell you my water had broke?"  Neither one of us can believe it ... They haven't been five easy years ... but they've been worth it! 
Caden was spoiled with tons of love and treats Friday & Saturday!

I took Friday off work so I could prepare for his special day and join him at school for snack time.  I didn't want to be so tired on Saturday that I "missed" my sons birthday.  I know some may disagree with me for taking the day off for that ... but it's the reason I have a low key job ... and the reason I am given personal days ...

When I walked into his class on Friday he was wearing the most adorable birthday hat and sticker ... we had fun sharing his cupcakes with his class and he was excited to show me his work ...
 ... and then he got to pick from the "treasure box". On special days, the special student gets to pick two toys from the treasure box ... and Friday was obviously Caden's special day.
It was also "share" day and Caden chose to share a little car of his.  Here's the funniest thing about the 40 minutes I spent with Caden at school ... He was quiet, shy and listened ... the whole time I'm observing him I'm thinking, he must be embarrassed because I'm here or he must be embarrassed because it's his birthday.  So when the kiddos went outside for play time I asked his teacher, "is he always so quiet" ... and she said yes. WAIT ... hold on ... I don't even get it ...I'm still laughing as I'm typing this.  When my kid is with me he doesn't shu* up!  She says he has occasional crazy days but most days he is quiet and shy. ... it's a mystery ... and I'm a bit jealous :o)
Saturday morning ... Caden's actual birthday ... we woke to a small layer of snow. Serious?! I am so over the snow ... thank goodness it melted by afternoon.   However, Caden thought it was a great gift ... he picked McDonald's (puke) for breakfast ...
Caden has been excited for his birthday since last summer when he decided he wanted to have a "bowling birthday".  
We were saddened a few of his friends from school had the flu and couldn't join us (and I also became fearful when the momma's called to tell me so ... considering Caden plays with the kiddos - but we dodged the germ bugs, whew).  ... and my Dad awoke with the flu as well Saturday morning (junk) ... we missed him and my grandparents ~ but will make it up soon ...
 A little of my "fun" I created ...
 Caden had a blast!!! I will let the pictures explain themselves ..
 ... and we've grown up a little ... we didn't freak this year when it was time to sing "Happy Birthday" ...
 After our birthday party fun .... we continued the celebration back at our house with our family ... to open more gifts, have a yummy dinner and end the day with cheesecake ...
 ... more presents, because you know, our closets haven't burst yet ... and Rubbermaid loves that I need to go buy more plastic storage bins (sigh!)
 Caden asked if I was going to make him his own cake again this year ... I guess this has become a tradition ... and as you can see, he couldn't wait to bust into it ...
 ... Grammy came over with Uncle Mark & Aunt Deborah since Pa-Pa was sick and the passes were yucky ... and then flew home today.  I was in the bedroom getting ready this morning and I hear Caden calling me, I walk out to the most sheepish grin and Grammy telling him, "Caden, don't call her", Grammy gave him and her cupcakes for breakfast ... Caden knew it was wrong and Grammy thought it was great ... where do these Grammy's find these "rules"?!  Lovin the grin ...cupcake for breakfast.
Today was low key ... We had lunch in Leavenworth (yes, at South) ... and played with all of Caden's new toys.  You gotta love that one of his favorite gifts is the Playmobil Hospital ... and yes, he knows what all the medical equipment is used for. Love him!
Thank you to all of our friends and family who sent birthday love to Caden ... again I am thankful for our new "family" we have met these past five years.  Caden is so lucky to be loved by so many!

It was a great weekend ... it made all the work worth it!  Since yesterday was Caden's special day he got to stay up as late as he wanted ... I think he made it till about 9:30 ... when he finally went to bed he told me, "I'm really tired, that was a busy day ... that's cool I'm five now".  

Happy Fifth Birthday Caden! ... we love you to the moon & back!