February 22, 2012

What we've been up to ...

We've been hanging out at home alot .... In the nine years of Dan being self-employed, this has been our slowest winter E.V.E.R .... and the bank account is showing it!  No big recent adventures ~ here's a little of what we've been up to.

Making playdough ... found this recipe.  It smells so yummy! ... and Caden thought it was fun to make it himself ~ and we only made one color ~ then Mommy doesn't fret about the colors getting mixed. Perfect!
Playtime fun!  I love that after several years he still loves his Cozy Coupe car. Always coming up with new imaginative ways to play with it. On this particular day he would only drive to rooms in the house rather then walk to them .... and when he would take a potty break, he would tell me, "Mom, hurry, I have to hurry, my car is running".
Hot chocolate in his Anaheim mug (he picked out himself last summer at Nationals) ... and getting ready to make Valentine cookies .... Trucks included (on the counter - really?!)
Do you see the cookieness oozing from Caden in these pictures .... yes, its cute at first ... but after a three or four day weekend home with this kid, the cookieness wears on you and it becomes rather frustrating when everything is a joke .... oh his poor teachers (I'm sorry)!
I had so much fun creating his Valentines this year (yes, I'm in the wrong business) .... and I couldn't get enough of his cute card envelope when I picked him up from preschool.
When we got home from work/daycare ... he was excited to see Grammy sent him a package ... then we both found it hilarious that Grammy bought him the same Valentines Day book as last year (Grammy?!). 
Mom & Dad bought him his own M&M dispenser and then we had fun going through his Valentines from Daycare and School!  That's a lot of Valentines for one little boy!
Friday night I talked Dan into heading to Leavenworth, yes you know why, for South :o)  It was dumping wet gloppy snow ... we were drenched but Caden had fun and I enjoyed our dinner and happy hour juice.
Fun at the park ... and fun with toys ... what more could a boy want?!
... and me! I'm ready for Spring, for more reasons then one!!!

February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

.... as we were gathering cookies, valentines, backpacks etc this morning to get out of the house I was explaining to Caden what to do with his valentines ....  I told him his friends will give him valentines in return. His response, "ya, Mom, because I'm cute right?".  (Love it! I hope that attitude takes him far ~ he's gonna need it.)
More to come later!

February 7, 2012

• Weekend Fun •

Two weekends ago was very low key. We had three stay home days and didn't do much ... I should have savored those three days a little bit more ... because this past weekend was busy and full of fun!

April and AJ were in town this weekend and came over to play Saturday morning. We took the boys to lunch. We let them pick ... and of course they picked the golden arches.  We are sad that April and AJ are leaving Washington state in a few weeks to move back down to Southern Cal :o(  It is so fun watching AJ and Caden play together.
I think them moving justifies another trip to Disneyland ASAP ~ we will adopt AJ for the weekend!
 Love these two! 
I took another fun Momtography class with Mary on Saturday!  Mary is my inspiration ... what she has built in six years is pretty darn neat!

After my afternoon of alone Mommy time at "school" it was time to switch into Super Bowl food mood.  I hit the grocery store Saturday night (whatever happened to the bar scene on a Saturday night ~ clearly I'm getting old!) ... and started making yummy food Sunday morning.  Somehow I forgot to snap a pitch of the finished "snacks" ... I must have been too busy talking.
Caden was HAPPY to see the sun this weekend. The snow is slowly disappearing.  This child LOVES playing outside. He seriously would stay out there from sun up to sun down if we would let him.
YES, he even insisted on eating his Super Bowl snacks on the front porch so he could, "watch the sun". Gotta Love It!
It was a good weekend ... even though Dan's "boyfriend" ... oh sorry ... Brady didn't win ... we had fun razzin him about that one :o)

Hopefully spring is near where ever you are ... we are Ready!