December 28, 2012

{Christmas Adventures}

The halls were decked, presents were wrapped, the reindeer food was put out and the cookies and milk were left .... now to tucker into bed and anxiously await for Santa's arrival.
Santa "knew" we wouldn't be at our house on Christmas morning so he made his arrival the morning of the 22nd.
Caden slept until 6:30 ... and "patiently" waited for Dan and I to get out of bed to head out and see what the big 'ol man left him.
He was happy to finally receive his trains he has asked for each time we've been to Target the past three months.
One happy spoiled boy!
We spent the rest of our "Christmas" playing. Dan and Caden put together their new Lego pirate ship boats. Yes, both "five" year olds each got a lego boat from the Pirates of the Carribean.
Love the Kindergarten art gift!  I made a good dinner then we went out to look at Christmas lights.

Sunday we headed to my parents ... Christmas Eve we gathered with my Mom's extended side of the family. Of course Caden was the star of the show and ate up all of the attention. He was spoiled with lots of gifts and was happy to get the "big train" he threw an absolute fit for in Toys R Us several months ago.
Christmas Eve night Caden awoke about 1:00 - he had had a bit of a cough during the day, however in the middle of the night it turned into a full blown asthma attack :o( It was the worst he has had in a couple of years - extreme coughing  eyes rolling back, lack of air ... everything. Ahh!. I was thinking oh no not another repeat from four years ago. Thank goodness I brought his nebulizer. We got him calmed down but it was a crappy rest of the night for he and I.
Christmas morning we opened gifts with my parents, brother and sister in law. Of course Caden was again generously spoiled!
In the afternoon we headed north to Dan's parents ... and you know the rest ... yes, Mr. Spoiled received more gifts.
Jenny made a wonderful dinner ... then it was time to depart. Caden was done! We headed to Willows Lodge .. love it!  If you've been following for long you know this has become a yearly tradition. Dan and I were married at Willows and it is fun to return each year.  Caden will tell you it is his favorite hotel as well. We scored a room upgrade and settled in. Caden slept through the night - with no coughing - that was the best gift! Hooray ...
Sadly our time at Willows had come to an end ... 
it was time to start our trek back home ... but not before a stop at Bellevue Square :o) Caden's Lego gift certificate was burning a whole in Caden's (aka Dan's) pocket. They bought one more lego set (cause clearly he "they" needed it) ~ and then we headed home.

It was a good Christmas .... who knew one could score so many lego's in just four days - a very lucky boy!

'til Next Year Lollipop

Elf, Lollipop, spent his last couple days with us atop the tree and eating doughnuts, while leaving reindeer food ....
He left for the North Pole Christmas Eve and there he will rest until next year ....he left Caden a note with a photo from each of his daily shenanigans.  
Having Lollipop around was fun ...till next year!

December 25, 2012

December 21, 2012

*Catching up with December*

December has got away from me ... Here is a little of what we have been up to ...

Caden is starting to "like" Baby Levi. At first he didn't want much to do with him and would very vocally state, "I'm not playing with him until he is a kid" or "I'm not playing with him until he is five and I'm five". Yes, doesn't make much sense ... but apparently to the five year old it does.
We painted Christmas tree ornaments for the Grandparents. Caden defiantly has Dan's attention to detail and  "worker hands". Caden always wants to be building, creating or inventing.  Hopefully it pays off for him as well as us someday. Until then Dan and I will continue to attempt to be "patient" with him as he destroys the garage weekly :o)
We had a very nice early December ... the sunshine was awesome! Especially after our smokey fall! The "challenge" of taking "good" pictures of Caden grows greater with each month. 
Picking out our Christmas tree was quite easy.  I'm always baffled with how easy it is with Dan. We usually have a tree picked out within 15 minutes.
Growing up my parents would spend hours looking for that "perfect tree" ... sometimes we would end up at two or three tree lots in one day ... and if we went into the woods to cut it down. Forget it!  It was an all day adventure ... I just don't get it Mom?! :o)
Building "gingerbread house" #1 of 3.
Abe, Marie, Caden & Baby Levi calling Grandpa on Facetime ...
I was lucky to be able to attend Caden's gingerbread house party at school. He was excited for weeks prior that he was going to get to wear his jammies to school. He also got to bring a pillow and they watched the Polar Express. He is growing up so quickly. It is so fun to watch him interact with his friends and ham it up for his teacher (picture @ right his teacher took).  When it was time for me to head back to work I asked him for a hug and he said no, and shy'd away. He's just too cool for Mom.
This past Sunday we headed to Bellevue ... Caden had a Genetics/Orthopedics appointment at Seattle Children's. Of course we made it into a fun adventure. We had a great time meeting up with Reynold's for dinner.  Caden and Grace have such a similar personality ... it's a little scary :o)
After dinner we headed outside to the yucky rain to watch snowflake lane.  Despite the fact that is was pouring, we still had a fun, festive time. Caden actually enjoyed the music this year.
We stayed at the Westin and hit the mall Monday morning before Caden's appointment.  The mall was a zoo on Sunday so it was nice to have it to "ourselves" Monday morning.
Caden didn't want to see Santa, and we didn't push it ... however he was intrigued as to why the reindeer were held up with wires ... in which we told him, so they wouldn't get tired hanging out there all day. I love the five year old's mind :o)
The appointment went well. No concerns. Caden's hand and leg pain haven't gotten worse or better since our last visit ... so no surgical intervention needed at this time. He was very silly for the doctors and kept them quite entertained with his "stories".

The snow has arrived! I'm not sure I'm loving it ... but I will go with it ... and wait patiently for our beautiful spring to arrive!
Caden on the other hand loves the snow! He wants to be out there 24/7 and cant get enough of shoveling. We found a snow shovel (at the grocery store of all places) that is just his size. ... shovel away!

It's tough keeping the energizer bunny occupied over winter break ... we hit up the craft store yesterday for some inside fun!
I hope you are staying warm wherever you are! ~ Happy Holidays!