December 31, 2011

Wrapping Up 2011

Wow! How did we just wrap up the last week of 2011?! CRAZY! ~ and amazingly our last week was pretty darn relaxing ....

What is wrong with me?!  Life with a four year old is not relaxing. Clearly my definition of relaxing has changed over the last four years.  How about this ... we had no appointments, no work, no school, no travel  ... we stayed home, ran a few errands here and there ... Four days of housework and play.  I'll take it!

... did you ever know waiting for the garbage man to come down the street could be so exciting?
 ... a little playtime with our buddy.  Looking for Care Bears in the clouds. I dont think they succeeded ...
Yes, we still live in North Central Washington ... and yes we are rolling into January ... and I know, it's crazy ~ We don't have any snow!  The snow we received back in November came and totally melted.  This is so out of the ordinary ... We played outside this week, at times without a coat. NUTS!  I'm loving it. Caden is loving it ... and I hope come August we don't regret all this lovin of the sunny weather when we are dealing with a drought. ... but for now we will continue to enjoy every minute of it!
I don't love that Caden is into guns.  I despise it. But Dan says it is okay. and I guess when you see the cuteness of Dan & Caden playing in their own little imaginary world ... I guess I think it is a little okay?!
Mr. Caden was more excited to try out my new food processor then I was. He's been begging all week. So today we made Salsa ... and while we were in the kitchen we also made cupcakes.
we took another walk ...
Kickin it while playing the x-box ....
 Wrapping up the year with a yummy dinner & margaritas!

 ....I finally got with the times .... Yes, the kids at school would give me a hard time about my old school flip phone (really, I didn't see any wrong with it) :o)  Dan bought me an iPhone for Christmas.  So ... here's a little iPhone photo dump for you.  
Oh, you should see the attention we get in the store now ... with his own little cart ... sigh!

Wishing you a WONDERFUL 2012 ~ Thank you for all of your kind comments and your continued reading of our adventures!

December 27, 2011

Christmas Travels

Friday we headed to the Seattle side of the state to spend the Holiday with our family.  We spent Friday & Saturday at my parents.  As soon as we arrived Caden wanted to open his presents.  Poor Kid, we confused him since Santa came to our house early.  Don't know how many more years we can try and pull that one off.
My parents gave in and said he could open one present, of course he was insistent on the one he picked being the biggest one under the tree.
Yes, his very own set of real golf clubs ~

We toured the Christmas lights in my parents neighborhood ... but Caden was less then impressed. He was much more interested in wanting to eat all the cookies I made.
My Dad & Dan went golfing on Saturday while my Mom prepared for our Christmas Eve gathering ... my Mom's side of the family is 30 plus people.  It was fun watching my Mom deal with Caden wanting to help each step of the way ;o)

It was quite a feat to get Caden to take a nap .... but I was so glad he did. It made for a much happier boy that night.  He was so excited for "all of our family" to come over.  His silliness was in full force.
At one point during the day Caden looked around and said, "I have so many presents because so many people love me and I'm the cutest boy in the whole world". Love his confidence ... if only he can keep that level of confidence through out life :o)
I'm digging that Caden got his very own shopping cart just his size.  I'm hoping this will make our trips to the grocery store easier.  He always insist on pushing the shopping cart on his own ...which makes me crazy!
We all had fun watching Caden and Cousin Caroline play ... they only see each other once a year. But it is pretty darn cute ... and we recruited Cousin Kristina to help the kiddo's make smores (Thanks Kristina!)
Santa (otherwise known as Grammy & Pa-Pa) arrived at my Mom's house Christmas morning.  One Spoiled kid!
After breakfast we headed North to Dan's parents. Caden was thrilled to get the boat from Cars2.  We left the Disney store a couple weeks ago in tears because he couldn't have that boat.  Santa (this time known as Uncle Chris) came through.
I think these two are on Christmas Overload Wind Down. Two tired kiddo's!
Christmas night we stayed at Willows.  This has become a tradition for us, not intentionally, just kind of the way it has worked out.  When we checked in they offered us an upgrade to the nicest suite ... and when we got to our room there was a card, bottle of wine and cheese platter. The card thanked us for our multiple stays. Score!
I love it there ... and someone else does as well!  Caden slept till 8:30 Monday morning (which is unheard of) ~ we ate breakfast ~ and then walked around the grounds.
We would have loved to stay one more night ... but it was time to get back to reality and head home.

Thank you to our family who spoiled Caden rotten this weekend!  Our house is bursting at the seams ... I think we have enough inventory to open our own Toys R Us store ... and for those who gave the little bugger money, Thank You!!! ~ we will use it for Dallas this year ~ much appreciated!!!