November 30, 2011

•Turkey Day Weekend•

Busy! It was a jam packed five days of very little relaxation.  I don't know where I ever got the idea that holidays are relaxing. Clearly a false interpretation.  The majority of our five days off work were fun .... but busy!

My parents came in to town Wednesday night to spend Thanksgiving with us.  We headed to Leavenworth for dinner.  To our surprise the town was already lit up for Christmas ... Love it! ... and we enjoyed a yummy dinner at South
Caden had a blast pulling Grammy up and down the ski hill. We weren't prepared to "play". We didn't have snow pants, gloves, boots or sleds. But that didn't stop the two "four" year olds :o)  Grammy slid down the hill on her bottom and Caden sat on her lap. 
I spent Thursday in the kitchen ... Dan was feeling a wee bit lazy after several hours on the couch watching football ... so they hit the yard to rake some leaves (amazingly our snow has melted! ... for now)
The "traditional" picture. I'm sure my Mom has these same olive pics of me at age four. ... and yes, Caden raked in his jammies and put on different jammies for dinner. It was just that kind of stay home day ...
Dan and my Dad went golfing Friday. Caden had an ear check with the pediatrician and we had lunch and did a little shopping with Grammy.

Saturday Dan worked on more finishing touches in our house.  Our new pantry is installed ... now to find the time to fill it up (one more thing on the to-do list)  ... of course Mr. C was right there to help.
Our friends the Mock's came to visit on Saturday. We had fun hanging out, watching the Apple Cup and making fajitas accompanied with yum 'o margaritas.

Sunday we headed to Seattle. We stayed at Uncle Scot's Sunday night. Headed to the mall for dinner and a little retail therapy. 
Caden had new ear tubes put in Monday.  Our check in time wasn't until 11am. Which meant no food after 4 am and no clear liquids after 7am. I was seriously dreading this day!  I even attempted to reschedule in hopes the next appointment we would get called for an earlier check in ... but the doctors next available wasn't until the end of January. Couldn't wait that long! So we had to go with it.
Caden proved me wrong and did amazing! Dan was more hungry and whiney for food then Caden was.  Caden only got whiney a few times and that wasn't about food but was about how much longer he had to wait. They didn't take him back to anesthesia until a little after 1:00. Superstar!
Watching a little TV.
The placement of the tubes went fine ... however he woke up from the anesthesia miserably! In the past he's never had a problem coming off the anesthesia.  But this time they woke him up and he had to stay in the OR until anesthesia cleared him to the floor, in which anesthesia got called to an emergency. So he was awake, waiting in a room and didn't know where his mom and dad were. He was so upset when they brought him back to us.  Hard for this Momma bear not to get angry! 

He said his head hurt and he looked pretty rummy. I asked if he could have Tylenol and the nurse said he had a dose at 12:30.  He was still with Dan and I at 12:30 - he was not given Tylenol.  It was around 1:10  that I went back with him to the operating room.  She then said, "well they must have given it to him through an IV". I said, "he didn't have an IV". Then she said, "well maybe it was a suppository".  Bottom Line ... I'm not sure when or if he received the Tylenol. This is why I preach stay with your kiddo as much as you can while they are in the hospital ... only you can be the best advocate for your child. AHH!!! (Blood is boiling again!)

Anyway, He fell back asleep for about a half an hour, woke up on his own and looked better.  One of his first requests was a Top Pot doughnut ....
So ...Of course that was our first stop once we were discharged!
We got home about 8:00 Monday night, time enough to unpack and prepare for the four day work week.  Caden really wanted to get our Christmas tree last night after work & school/childcare. Dad was up for it ... so off we went. 
He was so eager to help with everything ~ so excited to see the village ~ and I'd have to say I'm loving the whole Santa thing this year.  I mention that Santa is watching him from the North Pole with his telescope and it turns Caden's behavior right around :o)
There is more decorating to be done this weekend ~ I'm in denial that we are right smack in the middle of the Holiday Season. CRAZY!

November 20, 2011

Saturday Fun

I wasn't very excited to wake up Saturday morning and see that it was snowing again ... but somebody else was .... It's gonna be a long one, it's not even December yet ... Since it is the season, Caden eagerly circled about !Every! item in the Lego catalog that he "needs".
Mr. Ornery and Dad have had an ongoing battle the last few days of who can get the remote(s) first.  Before Dan woke up Saturday morning Caden had the controllers collected .... and anxiously awaited for Dad to wake up so he could show him he already got the remotes. (little sh**!).
Since it was a yucky day outside we decided to go bowling. Caden has frequently asked since we went bowling in the summer, if we could go again.  He Loves It!  ... and Dan and I really have NO experience bowling. Kind of funny!
 ... and here's a little snip it of our bowling fun!
... yes, he bounces around the entire time (exhausting!) :o)

November 16, 2011

He's Been Waiting for This ~

Since Caden got his car in March I've heard numerous times, "I cant wait for it to snow, I'm gonna push the snow with my car". Clearly, no concept of a rear wheel sports car versus 4 wheel drive.

As soon as I saw the first flake around noon today, I could hear in my head the words I would hear when I picked him up from daycare today  ...

Sure enough, "Mom, we need to go home and drive my car" .... he couldn't get in the house and get his boots out fast enough!
 Slightly annoyed that he is stuck
Moving Again ...
 Tired of getting stuck ... onto shoveling!
Stay Warm ~ lows are forecasted in the teens this weekend ~ How can it be?!

November 13, 2011

{raking Leaves with a Four year old}

raking leaves took three times as long as if Mommy had done it solo .... but was more fun for him then any toy he had in the house.
(would you guess he has a double ear infection, runny nose & cough?)

Happy Fall!