October 31, 2011

•Happy Halloween•

Caden had his costume party at school on Friday ...  he didn't want a new costume .... and decided he wanted to wear his dragon costume (from last year) to school.  I was having issues with this at first ... I'm thinkin' no way can you wear the same costume twice .... where is the fun in that? ... but I got over it and realized he saved me forty plus bucks.
I made these fun popcorn hands a couple of years ago and made them again this year for Caden to take to school.
NO time for Mom or pictures ... I'll take what I can get ~
Opening up his Halloween Mail (I didn't know Halloween was a gift giving holiday? I guess when you are cute any holiday means gifts?! Thank You Family!)
More Fall Fun ... I made these cute pumpkin rice krispie treats for Caden to take to daycare ...
He even scored a Halloween fun pack from Chrissy today ... complete with vampire teeth :o)

I think the highlight/anticipation of Caden's day was riding the little train.  It's been fun to watch him grow with this train.  Two years ago we went to ride the train and he wanted nothing to do with it ... now he runs to it :o)
and while the boys rode the train ... I absorbed some sun ... and this awesome view!
For Trick 'O Treating Caden decided to wear his bone jammies and be a skeleton ... how appropriate for a LP :o)  He's all about the bones.
Mr. Caden didn't love trick 'o treating this year.  We only went to a handful of houses. He could care less about the candy. He was much more content pushing/running his wagon around the neighborhood. 
Once we got home ... each time the doorbell rang with another trick o'treater  he would say, "Mom, don't give away all that candy. Save some for me". Little sh** realized he didn't need to go trick o'treating. Mom & Dad had/have candy in that big bowl by the doorway already.  .... he's smarter then I know.

... and this my friends are the best pictures you are going to get of Caden on the front porch this year in his costume. It just wasn't worth the argument :o)
He's had it with me .... Happy Halloween!

October 26, 2011

Grab a Coffee ....

I had this post all typed last night ~ hit publish and it crashed on me and I lost it. AHHH! So annoying, an hour and a half lost! Anyway! Grab your Coffee and get comfy. This is a long one.

These last two and a half weeks have been C.R.A.Z.Y! During that time we have went over the mountains and back twice, stayed in hotels and still tried to maintain our usual daily routines (school, work, daycare, etc). It's no wonder I cant kick this stupid cold I've had!

Two weekends ago Caden and I vacated our house while Dan finished installing and started the staining process of the hardwood floors.  Of course, Caden was thrilled to head to Grammy & Pa-Pa's. The "rules" are different there.  He has learned how to "manipulate" Grammy into going to Target and manages to score a new toy each time. The little bugger has even got so smart to decide he wants it to be only him & Gram that go to the store. That way I'm not there to say "no".
And of course he is always happy to "help" Pa-Pa mow the grass and play with all of Pa-Pa's lawn tools.

We headed back home on Sunday, unpacked and repacked our suitcases, grabbed our laundry and headed to a hotel in town for two nights.  Doing laundry at the end of the hall was a little reminiscent of my college days ~ minus the cute boys and alcohol. Ya- not so much fun ... but Caden thought it was great!

I had Caden’s Parent-Teacher conference during this week as well. Caden is doing good in class ~ minus the attention he likes to draw from the teacher. “I see you Mrs. C”, “Mrs. C, what are you doing?” He also likes to tell her when he has already done an assignment (same curriculum as last years class). I can just picture his big brown eyes and little mouth popping off – sigh!

Caden did well on his fall assessment identifying/recognizing shapes, colors, letters & numbers. The teacher was quite impressed. However he doesn’t do well coloring in the lines or writing his letters. For as well as he does on his recognition the teacher feels he should do better on his coloring and writing. As she was explaining this I started thinking about how Caden frequently complains about his hands hurting and that at his last Ortho checkup in August the doctors had said Caden has a lot of laxity in his wrists and fingers. I wondered if maybe since his wrists are “floppy” if it makes it harder to stop at the line while coloring... Harder to control his wrist? Also, causing his wrists to flop when writing his letters. His teacher says he holds his pencil well.
I have since talked to his Orthopedic doctor and his teacher again. The doctor feels that my “logic” makes since ... Although she hasn’t really heard of another LP patient dealing with this. His teacher is going to have the occupational therapist at school evaluate him. I’m not too concerned because he is only four .... But at the same time if there is “help” available to help him strengthen his wrists and improve his writing skills I will take it.
My question to other LP parents ... Have your little ones experienced similar problems with writing/coloring and “floppy” wrists?

Tuesday night we stayed at home and unpacked and repacked our suitcases again ~We left Wednesday after work to head back to Seattle. Caden had an MRI with anesthesia first thing Thursday morning. He did quite well! Didn’t ask for breakfast or juice ... Waited patiently ... Flirted with the nurses ... Didn’t freak when it was time to go to the table or put on the mask. When he awoke from the anesthesia he devoured a couple bags of animal crackers and we were on our way. As we were walking down the hall he says, “wow, that was fun”. Goofy Kid!

They are adding onto Seattle Children's. The steel workers have been writing on the beams get well wishes to the long term patients at Children's so they can view it out their windows ... how cute!
Next up we had an appointment with the ENT. Caden’s right tube has fallen out – junk. This set only lasted 11 months. We have an appointment in a few weeks for new tubes. I also shared with the ENT that Caden has been saying, “what’d you say” a lot. I wasn’t sure if it was a game Caden was playing or if he really couldn’t hear. So he sent us over to audiology. Caden did well with the check and had fun playing games with the nurses. However the outcome was not great. In the left ear he has limited hearing at the highest range and lowest range. In the right ear he has a moderate hearing loss :o( We are hoping that the new tubes will help correct his hearing. We will have his hearing checked again a few weeks after his new set are in.

Yes, Three hours after waking up from the anesthesia we were on our way to U-Village for a little play time, lunch and retail therapy. Caden was buzzin all around. Who would have know he had been knocked out earlier in the morning ... superstar!
Then it was time to go back over to Children's ...Our final appointment was with the neurosurgeon to follow up on the MRI from the morning. His bone has not grown back since his decompression surgery two years ago. (Good News) He has limited spinal fluid “flow” behind his spinal cord, and the “flow” in the front of his cord is okay. So not ideal, but okay for an achon.

We spent Friday & Saturday night with Grammy & Pa-Pa again. Caden had fun picking out party favors for Gram's birthday. We celebrated early since we won't be with Grammy on her actual birthday this Friday.
Saturday we headed up to the Fall Festival at Camp Korey for a LPA Puget Sound Event. To say that Caden had FUN is an understatement! Remember, I'm the Mom who cringes as the Play-Doh colors are mixed ...
Spying Miss Julie ....
Seriously. The weather sucked! Pouring Rain, Gray Skies, Windy ... Reconfirmed why I moved to this side of the mountains!
Caden was excited to go through the corn maze which included a fire pit in the center of the maze to create smores.
This kid has never been so muddy ... mud all the way to his ears. When we took off his boots at the car, water poured out of them.
These two boys "hammed" it up.  Caden clearly turned the "boot wash" into the "body wash"
Sad to say goodbye to Julie and the fun!  As we pulled out of the parking lot Caden was waving and saying, "Bye Camp Korey, see you next year".
Back at home I'm trying to get caught up on "life" ... and Caden has been having fun playing outside in our non-rainy weather.
Pumpkin Carving Time ...
I think the days of the posed pictures of Caden sitting on the front porch in his costume are long gone. This kid doesn' sit still for a minute.  He also hasn't decided what he wants to be for Halloween.  He changes his mind daily.
He thinks it is hilarious to re-arrange my pumpkins on the front porch and create "pumpkin traffic" - Ornery Kid!
I am READY for my house to be complete ... I'm tired of the extra work it creates and tired of living in disarray ... it shouldn't be too much longer - hooray!