October 1, 2011

~October IS Dwarfism Awareness Month~

How can it be October again?!  I've blogged about it here and here .... and here I go again ...

As Caden grows older, I focus less and less on his dwarfism.  His medical appointments are less frequent.  There are things he does that are related to him being little, but to me they have become nothing out of the ordinary. Caden is an only child ... I have no one to compare him to, nor do I need to compare him to anyone.  To me he is CADEN.  He does what he does and he is who he is.

However, society reminds me he may be a little "different" then the average height child. For example; when he trips, flys forward, scuffs his knee and gets right back up.  All the while I am still walking, saying, "c'mon buddy, get back up, we gotta go".  I look up to realize I have three or four people looking at me with a look on their face that implies, "geez, lady aren't you gonna help the kid up?"  I think I may have heard them gasp as well as Caden fell forward.  Little do they know that's just how we roll.  The comment that gets me most is the one I just heard last weekend at Costco. Caden is pushing the cart through the store (because we all know, if it has wheels, Caden MUST push it).  A lady walks by us and says, "oh baby, you are so young, you be careful".  It's a good thing Caden was still in motion, otherwise if I hadn't had to follow him I kindly would have replied, "he's four and a half" ....

It's society that reminds me just how rare dwarfism is.  As Caden's Mommy, it's my job to educate. Educate that Caden is a person.  He's not a mythical creature, he isn't less intelligent then any other four year old and he can do just about anything he wants ~ he may just go about it in a little different way.

Here we go ....
  • There are over 200 distinct forms of dwarfism and skeletal dysplasias.
  • People with dwarfism are generally not taller than 4' 10" at adult height. The typical height range is 2'8" to 4'5".
  • Eighty percent of people with dwarfism have average-height parents and siblings.
  • There are an estimated 30,000 people in the United States and 651,000 internationally with a type of dwarfism.
  • In July 2009 the word "midget" was declared inappropriate and offensive. Preferable terms are: having dwarfism, short stature, little person, lp, and the medical terminology use of dwarf. A person's name is always the most preferred.
  • Skeletal Dysplasias affect bone growth, but generally do not affect cognitive abilities.
  • Don't treat people with dwarfism according to their height, instead of their age or ability.  Little people are attorneys, teachers, engineers and doctors. 
I am a lucky to have Caden ... even though some days I feel as if I'm going to loose my marbles ~ what parent doesn't?  Caden asked me yesterday, "Mom, are you loosing your marbles?" (Little Sh**)!  I've never shed a tear over the fact that he is little ... I've only embraced it.   It is my hope that I am doing a good job raising Caden, instilling the confidence and knowledge in him that he needs to grow up accepting that he is little.  I know he will have his *bad* days, but what kid doesn't?!

At four and a half he "gets" bits and pieces that he is "little". At four years old no way is he capable of grasping the whole concept.   He will talk about doing something when he is bigger/older, then he will end it with , "but, Mom, I'm always going to be little, and that's ok". I told him the other day that Oliver (his buddy at daycare) was four just like him. Caden corrected me to say, "but Mom, Oliver isn't the same as me because Oliver is bigger then me, remember I'm little" :o)

I am thankful for my LP family!  I have met some of the best people because of Caden.  Friendships I would not be fortunate to have if I wasn't Caden's Mom.  I am thankful for the LPA. ... and thankful for my parents who just purchased Caden's lifetime membership to the LPA (seriously best gift ever!) ... and thankful for the National Conventions ~ 9 months 'til Dallas :o)

The Puget Sound Chapter of the LPA has an awesome promotion going on with Caffe Ladro (in the Seattle Area) for the month of October.  Hop on over to the website for a bit more knowledge on dwarfism and you might see a cute kiddo or two pictured there as well :o)

THANK  YOU to my friends, family and readers who continue to read my blog, share my blog with others and share your knowledge of dwarfism ~ together we are making an easier life for Caden!


LM said...

Every child should be so fortunate to have a mom like you who is there child's biggest fan, advocate and positive role model!

Thanks for sharing.

- auntie weez

The Bankesters said...

Caden is a trip! He is definitely 300% BOY!

I'm with you on the tripping. We have gone to giving Ian's a score out of 10 for the trip and landing. But like Caden he's up and at em with an "I'm OK" and brush himself off. I know that we get looks like what in the world kind of Mom are you but it is just everyday stuff with us. The school has gotten used to it to, they don't flinch when he falls now.

I'm thankful too for the family Ian has brought into our lives.


jodijojo said...

Thanks for sharing! Alex and I are big Caden fans!!! Hope to see you again!

Anonymous said...

What a great blog. You know that we (the family) all think Caden is very special as we think all the children in the familly are special.
You and Dan have done a great job in taackling whatever problems you have been faced with.
Caden is a lucky little boy!
Aunt Jill and
Uncle Tony

Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

Seriously I just got chills! So perfectly said!!!! I am still new to the LPA community (Lyla being 1year old). I have to tell you before she was born I always thought some people were assholes....saying things that shouldn't be said...making stupid comments. You know those IDIOTS!!!! Anyway, I have come to the conclusion now that Lyla is here and reading all our LPA friend's blogs about rudeness. That I was right all along! Some people just plain SUCK!!!!! This is why my Lyla was born to me! I will not hold back for one second on STUPIDITY! You want to say something stupid... well this girl will tell you how stupid you are and I will not hold back! I love your blog and Caden is so precious. His personality shines through in every photo you take of him. The LPA is an amazing community and I too feel very fortunate to be a part of it! I did cry when I first found out about Lyla for 4 days. After that I was like.....this is my daughter and she will be wonderful and I never looked back after that. She is the BEST thing to ever come into my life! I feel very blessed! Thank you so much for the Dwarfism stats. I will post them on my blog too! You know what they say.....STRENGTH IN NUMBERS!!!! Have a great night! Hugs and kisses being sent your way from LONG ISLAND! xoxoxoxoxoxoo

Gayle said...

Hello Trish and family! I'm following your blog now so I will get updates regularly. Missing you and your kiddo. Ian misses having his car buddy to hang with. I was looking forward to playdates where we could trade kids and sanity time this year!

Natalie said...

I am BEGGING you to please, please advocate for this sweet young girl with dwarfism. She is living in a terrible mental institution in Eastern Europe, just because she is a little person. http://reecesrainbow.org/lauren105
I really, really want to see her find her forever family. If she is not adopted, she will spend the rest of her life in that institution. Please, please share her story!!!

Emily said...

Great post Trish! Caden is awesome. I LOVE the Cafe Ladro promotion! I wish I could get my hands on one of those cups! Thanks for such an informative post...you are a great advocate!

Kim said...

I am SOOOO behind. Ok. First of all congrats on the potty training. If it makes you feel better Pres wears Pull ups to bed still. He is the world's most SOUND sleeper. Seriously-the smoke alarms went off in his room and he did not even turn over. So before I go to bed I try to take him to pee, but there are at least two nights a week his pull up is wet. And I just don't have the time or patience in the morning to change sheets. Ugh.
I love the new garbage truck. He is just the most super cute thing ever. At five now Preston corrects anyone that thinks he is younger. Like Caden, he is very confident and likes being small. He just now wants people to know that he is five (almost 6 geez)!
Like CAden Pres is also an only child so they are also a bit more on the spoiled side no? lol
I thank God daily for getting Preston. I'd never have you in my life and that would be a shame. I love our LP family so much.

Unknown said...

Trisha, you are amazing! And Caden seems like such a ham! You both inspire me every time I visit your blog.