September 25, 2011

Potty Reward

Caden has had his eye on a particular garbage truck that Chrissy's (child care) sister has.  He's been buggin me to buy it for him for weeks.  So, when he finally decided to consistently wear big boy underwear for one week I told him we could order the truck.  It isn't exactly the same one that he wanted ... sorry, not spending $70.00 for a garbage truck.  I found a similar one for $20.00.  It has the "side car" (side lift for the garbage can) and that is what was most important to Caden. Because ... lets not forget he already has two large garbage trucks.  But I was told those ones weren't as good because they didn't have the "side arm".

It was a lonnnnggg week last week waiting for that UPS man to get here .... Finally, Friday when we got home from work/school it was waiting on the porch.  You would have thought it was Christmas, he was so excited.

... and did I mention he didnt have one accident last week and went poop in the potty as well :o)  He makes it seem so simple now.  Too bad it only took him four years to figure it out.  ~ and I must say it was nice going to Costco today and not having to buy pull-ups! Hooray!
...It even went to bed with him Friday night.
Sadly Caden woke up at 2:30 am Friday night hollering for me ... he had vomited everywhere :0(  Continued into Saturday afternoon.  He went to bed last night with a fever .... but woke up at 5:30 this morning, ready for the day ... and has been fine all day today.
As awful as it sounds it was kind of nice having him mellow and resting all day yesterday ... because today his "personality" is back in full swing! Thank Goodness he is taking a nap ... this Momma needed a break!

Have a Great Week!

September 18, 2011

**Four and a Half & Finally **

so ... slightly embarrassed to share ... I'm finally convinced that Caden is potty trained. YES friends ... Four and a Half! I know it's a parenting failure this hasn't happened sooner. I was really fearing we were going to reach five.

Way back in January 2009 I bought Caden his potty chair. If you search the blog you will see many posts making reference to Caden going potty. We tried bribes, no underwear, charts, our pediatrician and Ortho doctors tried to tell him, etc.  He would wear "big boy underwear" but then after an accident he was discouraged and it would take a few weeks to get him to try again.  He doesn't have to be potty trained for him to attend his sitters or preschool ... I thought about telling him anyway, that he had to be, but knowing my child he would say fine, then I don't want to go to Chrissy's or school ... then I would be the one up the creek without the paddle :o).  I spent a good portion of the summer working on it ... but it was a loosing battle.

It was always my belief not to make it a discipline thing.  People would tell me, "when he's ready, he will do it".  I was convinced my stubborn child was never going to oblige .... but FINALLY, last Saturday during "rest" time he yelled to me had to go potty ... and he did ... and now a week later I think we might just be there :o) A few accidents, but he is willing to try again after the accident.  I seriously think I am the happiest person in this house ~ finally! accomplishing this milestone. ... and I'm so relieved he will not be going to Kindergarten in pull-ups! 

As we were going to the store last Sunday, I hear from the backseat, C: "Mom, you are proud of me". Me, "ya, why buddy". C:"Because I'm going potty in the potty now". Then as we were going through the store, from the shopping cart he tells me, "Mom, I think we can throw away my pull-ups, because I've learned to go potty".   :o) 

Typing this seems so ridiculous! Because now, it seems so easy. It seems likes this should have happened a year ago ... but clearly he wasn't ready ... and now he is. Someone please comment and tell me my child is not the oldest kid in history to be potty trained ... even though I fear he is. sigh!

Alrighty ... what else have we been up to. We've been settling back into our school year routine (blech!). The majority of last weekend was spent indoors.  Our sky was filled with crappy, smokey air. Not good for Caden's asthma. Not that he cared too much, he was content making "forts".
... and I've been living in this "fun".  Our "flood" has resulted in the kitchen, dining room, family room and living room being re-done. Not because it had to be ... but because Dan wanted it to be.  I'm totally on board with it. It will be nice when it is done. I'm just hoping not to loose my sanity in the meantime!  The amount of money we received from insurance is allowing us to re-finish our kitchen cabinets, paint the interior, and re-floor the four rooms with hardwood (and carpet in a few areas), as well as a new microwave and new family room furniture.  Really! we didn't get that much money from insurance.  Dan did all the demo/repair work himself and is doing the install and painting himself.  Yes, I'm lucky to have a live in handy man :o) The only negative is it takes longer because he has a day job too :o(
Of course, Caden thinks it's neat that Daddy is doing all this work.  ... dont' you wish you could squat like that :o)
The weather today was Perfect!  Caden and I spent the majority of it outside!  I sure hope he has this determination and drive when he is 12 and still thinks its "cool" to do chores and help Mom in the yard!
... and he created his own car wash. Driving his car down the middle of the parkway with the sprinklers on. Silly Boy!
Have a Great Week!

September 6, 2011

Meet the Teacher & First Day of Pre-School

Last Thursday, Caden had his "meet the teacher" day.  Since I've been back to work he's been asking daily, "when do I get to go to school?"  He even told me, "I wish I could go every day". So wish I had that recorded for when he is about 14 and is tired of school :o)

Caden is again attending preschool 3 mornings a week this year.  We would have liked for him to attend the four day a week class ... but since Dan and I have to provide transportation, four days would be stretching it since we also have to work.  Caden has a different teacher this year who is new to the district.  She is young and energetic. I think she will be a perfect fit for Caden.

Dan picked Caden up from Chrissy's (our sitter) and I met the boys at school.  I only have two pictures to show for it. Dan was giving me a hard time for taking pictures ... rgh!  So what if I'm the only parent in there with a camera.  Those other parents are just missing out.
I love that he had homework to turn in on the first day ...
Today was Caden's first day of pre-school. Dan took him to school ... he said he seemed a little nervous and timid, but thought he was fine.
Dan took these two cute pictures ...
When I got there to pick him up he was happily playing with one of the the Para's (teacher's assistant) he had in class last year.  So cute!
When he spotted me he came walking towards me with all the confidence in the world, grabbed his pack, said goodbye to his teacher, and he was good to go ...
 He found a stick on the way to the car ... drug it along ... sang, "Sunday. Monday. -Tuesday. Wednesday. -...." as we crossed the street, and hammed it up.
I asked a few questions about his day, but of course he didn't feel like answering them.  However, I knew it was a good day, just by his mood. Hooray!

After we got home from Chrissy's ~ evidently there was work to be done on his car. I was told his car was broke and it was going to be a few weeks before the man can get the parts. I will treasure these days of the little car and little imagination... because I think before I know it he will be coming home from school, 16 years old and working on his real car. AGH!

September 5, 2011

Caden's First "Pet"

I am not an animal person ... much less a bug person. Eww! So when I was pulling weeds yesterday morning and I heard Caden talking to someone, and turn around to see it is a "rolley polley" in his little hand, my first thought was to freak and vomit. 

However, I held it together ... kept telling myself, "he's a boy, it's just a potato bug, it could be worse ...a frog or a snake, this is the first of many bugs". Instead of freaking I offered to help make a home for Caden's new "friend".
Caden's compassion for the "rolley polley" was pretty darn precious.  He carried the bug house around with him everywhere yesterday.  Put the box in the back of his Lightening McQueen car and drove it around. Insisted we bring the stroller on our walk so the bug could come with us in the stroller, took it in the car with us to get lunch and dinner and insisted we bring our food back home and eat out back so the bug wouldn't have to wait in the car ... that was after I informed him the box with the bug could not come into the restaurant with us. (my kitchen is fully disassembled, hence the eating out multiple meals. ugh!)

I overheard him on several occasions opening the box and saying, "how you doing in here little buddy?" or "are you okay?" or "are you hungry?".  He wanted to give the bug some of his juice but I convinced him to stick to water for the bug.
During quiet/rest time Caden was laying on my bed watching a movie, while I was doing work on the computer. I heard him talking to "rolley polley" only to turn around and find that he had the bug out of the box and in his hand ...on. my. bed. OH, buddy, the bug HAS to stay in the box.

Sadly, we convinced him tonight that the "rolley polley" needed to go back to see his family. Dan told Caden the bug had a "family reunion" to get too. (I had to keep a straight face on that one). Courageously Caden let the bug back into the rocks tonight. Caden said he was a little sad ... but I told him we can find "rolley polley's" brother or sister tomorrow, to live in the box for a while.

Whew .... this parenthood stuff :o) .... and NO, this does not mean he needs a dog or other animal/reptile as a pet. Those of you heading to the pet store can turn around and head back home.

~ here's a little snip-it of what else we've been up to. Since I'm back at work and our house is a disaster (Dan has turned the kitchen flood into quite the home improvement project ~ yes! it will be all good in the end ... I just have to "keep looking at the light at the end of the tunnel") I haven't had my camera out much :o(
... someone starts his last year of preschool tomorrow. Stay tuned :o)