August 23, 2011

Fun at the Little Train

We were excited that AJ & his Mama came to visit their family in town this weekend ~ because they also squeezed in time to play with us. Caden was excited to show AJ the little train.
 It is so nice to talk to another LP Mommy ... they just "get it" ... you can talk about tonsils, adenoids, decompressions, sleep studies, clothes, etc .... and they aren't lost and thinking, "what the heck are you rattling off?!"  and it's so nice for Caden to be able to run around and play with a buddy "his size" :o)
We look forward to AJ coming to play again!

I walked in to check on Caden in the bath. I could hear him carrying on a conversation with someone or something - apparently Mickey and Minnie needed their own bubble bath.
 ... and Goofy and Donald as well ~ Silly Kid!
Hope you are having a good week! 

August 18, 2011

Starbucks Settlement

Some of you might remember this post: It's Been a Long Three Days.  I'm happy to report that I found this article today: Starbucks to Pay $75,000 to Settle EEOC Disability Discrimination Suit.

I guess the only thing I would have to say to this manager is, the next time someone wants a stool, give them the darn stool ... simple.

It is unfortunate Starbucks is only providing more extensive ADA training in the El Paso area and not the entire corporation. But I guess some is better then none.

... and did I mention I think I've only made two visits to Starbucks since May. That's BIG for me.  Two times because Caden requested the visits. What am I going to tell the four year old? I don't think ignorance and discrimination are something he needs to know about at such a young age.

Thanks to those of you who also reduced your Starbucks visits :o)

August 16, 2011

Last Day of Summer :o(

Grammy & Pa-Pa came over for a visit this past weekend.  We had fun going to the Applesox Game (sadly, the only one we made it to this season) ...
and we had fun at the park ....
and fun attempting to fly our kite. Even though it really wasn't windy enough, but Caden thought it was.

And Today, Caden and I had our last day of summer fun together!  Caden doesn't start preschool for a few weeks, but I go back to work tomorrow.
How I wish I could stay home and "play" everyday. But the reality of it is, I HAVE to work outside of the home.  I'll suck it up and remind myself I am lucky to have a job and lucky to have a job that allows me to have 8 weeks off over the summer. 

We had a fun last day of summer vacation ... walk, picnic lunch, baskin & robbins, played in the water, picked tomatoes, a bike ride ... and I think the highlight of the day was Caden watching the garbage man.  Seriously, the garbage man is a celebrity to Caden.  The garbage man waves at Caden and toots his horn and Caden waves back. Too darn funny!
We picked the tomatoes out of the garden and washed them in his swimming pool and picked a few peaches off of the tree. Then we took some tomatoes and peaches to the neighbors.  Lightening McQueen served as the perfect delivery vehicle :o) 
one tired, sweaty boy ... after a darn good bike ride. He amazes me on his bike and also scares the crap out me. yikes!
Enjoy the rest of your week!

August 12, 2011


As we wind down our summer :o(  there are still a few things left on Caden's list that we agreed we would do this summer .... one of them being bowling.  He has played bowling on the wii, downloaded a few bowling apps on my iPad, but never bowled for real. 
I've been putting it off, in hopes Dan could go with us.  Now with the kitchen mess, it just wasn't going to happen .... so Caden and I set off on our adventure this morning :o)

He Loved It! ... I was so impressed ~ Mr. Determined was set on carrying the ball all by himself!
Love the fist pump in the picture on the right ~
Our scores ... keep in mind its been at least 15 years since I've bowled ... Needless to say I have room for improvement.
Caden wanted to play a second game.  There was no one else there (guess no one goes bowling at 11:00 in the morning) and of course Caden charmed the lady working and she let him bowl a second game free of charge. 
He decided he didn't want to use the ramp.  I love achons ... check out how he rolled the ball without the ramp.  Gotta Love it.  I wish the picture on the right wasn't blurry, but he was running at me, showing me he was number one.
 I think it is safe to say we will be bowling again!
 A few random pics .... Reading the adorable postcard from Caty :o) .... loving my sunflowers! ....
 ... and did you know busses can fly on top of airplanes.  According to Caden with a little tape, they can?!
Have a Great Weekend!

August 11, 2011

Our Weekend Adventure!

It was my Birthday Weekend ....  and I planned it:

Friday afternoon we headed to my parents for dinner and to stay the night.  Caden cracked us all up, looking in my Mom's ear and saying "hey, what's in there? It looks like a cave".
Apparently the four year old felt I needed help opening my gifts?!
Saturday morning it was time to head out to watch the Blue Angels.  It really is nice of them to visit every year for my Birthday :0)  Ok, not really for me, but since I was born on Seafair Sunday the Blue Angels always fall within a few days of my day.
I love Caden's expression watching the Blue Angels take off. Have I mentioned the best $13.00 I ever spent was on these headphones!  I'm sure you have noticed they have come in handy more then once!
Following the Blue Angels we headed to Bellevue to stay at the Westin .... Love that place. Which I could stay there every night.  We had a yummy dinner and the boys had fun in the Arcade.
Of course with Caden in tow, a trip to the Lego store was necessary as well as a Jamba Juice.  I think he knows Bell Square better then I. Yes, I know, we've created this monster :0)
Of course Top Pot was in order Sunday morning!
Then it was off to the LPA picnic in Everett.  My Mom joined us as well.  Caden fell asleep on the way there ~ so between being woke up and having Grammy there, it took him a good two hours to decide to play.  But once he did, the cuteness was pretty darn cute!  We were happy to see his new buddy AJ. These two are adorable!
Saying Goodbye .... Too cute!
After the picnic we visited Dan's family for a bit and then headed to Scot's to stay the night.  Monday morning we dropped Dan off at his parents and Caden and I headed to Children's. 

Caden had a routine follow up appointment with Genetics & Skeletal Dysplasia.  The check up went well. Caden is in the 50th percentile for weight, height and head size on the LP charts. So he's an average Little Person :0)  No new news was given outside of what the Doctors shared in Anaheim.  We are doing a follow up MRI in October to check his spinal column.  As he does complain occasionally of hand pain but is showing no other neurological symptoms.

After the appointment we headed back to pick up Dan, had a late lunch and then went to Marymoor Park in Redmond.
Apparently, Daddy in the train is really funny!
Then it was time to head home ... back to the reality of a kitchen that is still in pieces - blech!  My Mom bought me a new lens for my camera and Dan bought me a new monitor for my computer.  Overall it was a good birthday weekend :0)